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Please pray for my neighbor, her son has estranged her. She is trying to over come smoking and depression and she is isolating. I am worried about her. She is on medication for depression and I am worried she is have adverse side affects. I pray for healing and reconciliation in Jesus name. Amen
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Prayer for me and my family for all the difficulty i have in my life. I feel worried in my heart when all i need to feel is hope and faith. I have all my faith in God and i know there is always hope. I just feeling overwhelmed right now. My son is in jail hes been there for 8 months he goes to court on Friday to try for a early release. His release date is june 21 he is there because of a bad relationship he was in and his mouth was what got him in trouble. I just pray that it works out for him. I need some prayers that it will get better. Pray for my job that it will ease up instead of getting harder. The only thing in my life that has gained strenght is my love and faith in God. Thank you everyone and God bless. Could you also pray for my health I go see a cardiologist next week. Thank you .
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Prayers for my work. The enemy is planting seeds of discontent and leaving spirits of offense. Jesus please come to my work and fill it with your presence. The the hearts and minds and fill us with your peace harmony and love
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Pray for me to repent and be delivered from evil l and resist the devil and submit to Jesus .
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Please pray for a lump I recently found on my arm. I do not want to go to the dr. Because I. Know GOS IS THE TRUE HEALER.
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Please pray for my coworkers and me. There is a lot of bickering, bullying, negativity, and rudeness between two of the cashiers and the other two. I am getting to the point where I feel like maybe I am the problem. I feel like this is still where God wants me to be, but quite often it is so tough.
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My husband and I need prayer regarding childcare for our 2 young children. The daycare they would be going to is very expensive, and we are looking to have my husband work part time and be off work in the afternoons so I can go to work. Either way it is a financial hardship and huge decision for our family.
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I recently had a baby and was really looking forward to nursing him as I did with my daughter. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to due to low supply and getting a late start to really trying due to other set backs. I felt I used all the resources available to me to help me establish this relationship, but in the end I have had to stop trying. I need prayer to come to terms with the reality and just enjoy my baby. He is such a blessing.
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Please pray for me I am very depressed. I am having problems in my marriage and I feel so discouraged. I am very disappointed in myself that I let my spouse take advantage and treat me the way he does. Thank you
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Ronnie is being admitted to UTMB in Galveston for possible kidney failure after a kidney transplant a few months ago.
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