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I don't feel I have a right to this as I have asked many times and I don't seem to be able to get it right. I need a deeper connection with Jesus and I wish for my children and husband to find that as well. I seem to go along for a while being faithful and doing the WWJD thing. But then when times change I go back to the ways of the world. "I can do it myself" attitude. I know I cannot but I flounder like a fish. I want to always be with Jesus...I just don't know how to stay there.
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I really hate to ask..
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For God to heal me from any pain and illness. For my family dad, mom, two brothers and myself have a more deeper and personal relationship with Jesus. For God to give me direction in my life. For my spiritual life and to have a Christian boyfriend age 29. For my brother Joshua to seek a relationship with Jesus. For my brother Isreal that Jesus fills his life with love, peace and wisdom. And for his spiritual life. For God to keep my family safe and protected.
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Please pray that God would soften his heart and he would begin to let God work in his life. Thank you!❤️
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Please pray for Allan from Selah. He has been having some health issues and having a colonoscopy today.
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I just want you to know how much my family
Appreciates y’all praying for my sister(grace) her husband Don. He passed away this morning from Covid and organ failure. . Your prayers meant a lot to us . In knowing that Don is not suffering anymore he is in Heaven. Have a bless day 🙏
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Hey, guys, this is Chey (pronounced SHY)!!! So, as some people may remember from a previous popwe prayer request email, I had once sought prayer on the fact that I was born disabled and cannot walk and I've always wanted to be able to walk, my decision to share that crazy prayer request was inspired by Matthew's song Walking Miracles, and on Tuesday, 6/23, I went to my first church worship night of my church The Hope, and my BFF Hannah had prophesied that night before we separated that I will grow stronger and stronger and can eventually walk like everyone else, so I'm just fervently praying for that specific prophesy to happen...
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Please pray for my 4 sons, Johnny adopted, has ADHD, Gregg, Christoper who is gay, and Tom also gay. Their sister Nancy is a devoted Christian Thank the LORD. They all gave their hearts to Jesus when very young and I have been praying for years for them to return to God.
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COVID has been a battle. My mother woke up in the arms of Jesus Memorial Day and our sweet dog followed her there. Then 3 weeks later we started on a new journey when we were told that Jack has stage 3 rectal cancer. (5 years earlier my brother died of bladder cancer) God is good and kind and we know He is with us. We are asking for prayers of healing and for our doctors/nurses as we all follow the right course of action. Thank you.
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My name is Kaylynn heart is very cold and hard and empty And distant and blind and stiff right now. I need Jesus to break it, soften it, and replace it. I can’t see Him the way I’m supposed to, I can’t truly repent by myself and I can’t open my eyes and heart alone. I also can’t love people the way I should, even my own family. I need Jesus to save me.
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