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My foster son has severe behavior issues and we have wondered in the past if we could handle them. When he was young kid he was in our care for 2.5 years and we thought we were going to adopt him--he thought we were his parents. He was reunified and back with his b-mom for 5 years. We got a call after our licence just expired that she was in jail and was likely to be there too long for her to keep her parental rights. Could we be there for him again?
He has been changed by the life she gave him.
We just got evidence that he has been steeling product from our business multiple times. I am sure there are more than the ones I now have evidence to. If his other behaviors weren't enough to make us wonder if the child we love so much could actually stay with us now we add that to the table.
In addition tonight should be my last night in this house we are moving--nothing bad there except that it is always hard to do that.
One of my cats has to be put down very soon. +
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Tomorrow I'm running In a track and field torment! Please pray that I do well!!! I would like to win a gold metal! But even if I don't I will have fun. Thank You!
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That Blue Cross Blur Shield of Michigan
Pay for everything. Concerning my accident, When I lifted something wrong
and Injured myself!
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My friend has been suffering from excruciating stomach pain and face swelling. She has visited many Drs and no one has answers for her. These issues come up randomly which interferes with her plans and overall joy. She has been dealing with this for a long time and has prayed to God for answers and healing. She needs prayer intercessors. Please pray for my friend. Thank you!
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Dear lord,
May you bless me with my families, friends with love, happiness and care for each others.
Help me and K to do the righteousness.
Please help me to get hire for this job. Thank you for everything. In Jesus name, I pray Amen
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Thank you so very much for ALL OF THE PRAYERS and PLEASE keep praying for my family and marriage. Prayers for my husband Albert we have been married for 24 years. Touch his heart, open his eyes, and speak to him and bring understanding and tenderness of heart and place in his heart the desire to rebuild our FAMILY AND MARRIAGE . Because he knows life is better with his family and wife. That he remembers our love and the life we have built together , for what you have joined together no man can separate. Dear Lord for you know how much I LOVE HIM and all that he has done for his family please bring him back to his family and marriage !This is not him ! Bless him with your shield of armor so that he can fight these demons . He is still home . The fact that he has not left is what gives me hope dear LORD! I surrender my husband and family to you Lord ! Protect and defend this marriage and place a hedge of protection over our home and children. That the kids forgive their dad. Amen.
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Dawn is healing really well from her cervical neck fusion surgery. Please pray she will heal emotionally and physicologically, also. She needs to be prepared to go back to teach in a hostile environment this August in a school where she was bullied and harassed last year. She is a beautiful young new
Christian and is so very compassionate for others. I feel so sad to see her have to struggle with anxiety and fear of reprisal from those in administration at her school where she teaches. Her Father and I feel powerless and know only the Holy Spirit can solve this issue. Thank you, in Jesus holy and precious name I pray. Amen and Amen.
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Satan always puts a wedge in the place where we are weakest and continues to expand it. He drove a wedge in my family and relationship with my wife. Pray for healing and restoration. Thanks
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Please pray for me. I have two lumps that need to be biopsied. I am a mother with two small children and I lost my mother at a very young age to cancer. I am scared and am having a hard time staying positive.
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Please pray for my niece Starr.
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