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Please pray for my back that the pain and whatever injury I may have goes away and is healed. I have never had pain like this before. We think it may be sciatica from doing a somewhat strenuous walk the other day. I pray very soon by His stripes I am healed. That I may continue on to be pain free and well enough to live a long life to do God's Will. In the name of Jesus. Amen
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Please join in agreement with my friend, who earlier tonight wrote, "I am still praying that she will come to her senses also before it is too late for your marriage to be reconciled." PLEASE. This is absolutely doomed unless God convinces my adulterous wife. She changed in a short span of time. All sins in Galatians 5::19-21, plus lying, false witness. HOLY SPIRIT OVERCOME HER WITH IRRESISTABLE POWER. SICKEN HER UNTO REPENTAN:E. BREAK EVERY BOND WITH THE UNGODLY. BREAK THE EVIL ADULTEROUS BOND WITH LEO HALL!!! REVEAL THE HIDEOUSNESS OF WHAT SHE CHOSE TO BECOME EVERY TIME SHE LOOKS IN THE MIRROR. BE WHO YOU CLAIM TO BE, FATHER, RISE UP AND ACT FOR THE CAUSE OF US WHO ARE BETRAYED, HURT, LIED TO! MERCY! CONVICT! MERCY!!!!!!!
3 prayers
The relationship I'm in has been a long one. we got pregnant with our son before we got married, we got divorced before we had our daughter, i have know god for a while but the man i love has not really had god in his life. he knows who god is but is very against him, he has hurt me physically in the past over not letting him destroy my bible. he is addicted to drinking and other women. i recently took my kids and left and i felt that god was telling me that i needed to fight for him, that he needs to be loved and forgiven like Jesus has for me, for my sins. so i went back. tonight we got into a fight after he had been drinking and he told me i needed to leave so i did, i had to call the cops to get my children from him. i whole heartedly believe that i'm not suppose to give up on him, but i'm quickly loosing my strength. I'm asking that you help me lift this man i love up to the lord jesus, that he see gods light and know he is loved and forgiven, and that my family would be restored.
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Please pray for Grant he left house angry
4 prayers
I am praying for guidance and resolution for a customer service issue that I experienced today that really upset me and cost me a lot of hard-earned money. The service that I paid for were not delivered as promised. I pray that the customer service folks will be receptive and correct the issue in a timely and fair manner, and that I will be as courteous as possible. Thank you and Amen!
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God help our country. We are in mixed emotions good and bad and this country is so divided right now. God help us all and God help this new leader and God forbid anything bad happens during this time being amen. God put Your hand on our country please we all need You amen and amen. God bless this country abundantly and mightily amen. We need You Jesus in these times. If it's Your will to come back soon then come back please Jesus. Amen and Amen. God bless you all and God bless America. Amen.
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My children and I are going through alot. We need prayers for strength to go through the trials that God has us going through right now. To give us all strength no matter what happens.for the Lord's will to be done but please pray he keeps our family together and keep our bond going stronger than ever. Please pray for our enemies the ones who are attacking us to feel gods presence for him to be made known to them that we are protected and kept safe in his loving arms. For them to be drawn closer to the Lord and find him in their hearts. And for healing for my littlest daughter.
4 prayers
I need prayer for help in God helping me change my behavior and way I interact with my spouse. My husband thinks I do not like him, I do not listen or want his opinion. I do not mean to make it seem that way. The more I talk and communicate with him the worse things get. Only Jesus can help. Amen
7 prayers
Please help us pray for Raymond. He is an autistic child who has been missing for the past 5 hrs. May the Lord bring him home safe. Please lord hear or prayers.
8 prayers
I just need some prayer because i have been so down the past few days, it just seems like a huge gray cloud over me right now and i am just so depressed. I have dealt with depression for over 12 years now and am just dealing with it off and on. I just wish everyone would get outta my way and stop and think what they say to me. I get so down over people and words anymore and it bothers me always. I left my church a little over 2 months ago and have not been back since then and i don't know if that's where God wants me anymore, but then i ran into someone from church the other day and they told me that i am missed at the church and that people have been asking about me. God help me i need some guidance and and some wisdom and some answers please Lord. God bless you all prayer saints and thank you for praying. I need a lot of prayer right now amen.
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