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I ask God to help me completely forgive and forget in mind and heart. I felt our friends and family has abandoned us in our times of deep financial needs. We have been open and helped others in their needs without them asking in whatever way we can, out of the goodness of our hearts. Now, we have no one to turn to and struggling. Lord help me focus on the cross and your goodness not on people, and continue to reach out and help with our time and presence . You are our provider. Through your grace and mercy that are new every morning, our family will overcome. Keep and strengthen our family together. Thank you, Lord. Amen.
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Lord, I pray for your financial provisions for our family. I thank God that I just started work after a long time but salary is not enough for our daily, monthly expenses. I claim in Jesus Name we will keep our car and house, provisions for our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. I pray for my husband to earn. For strength, peace of mind, to keep the faith and heart as I am anxious of our situation. I surrender everything to you Lord. You know our needs. I thank you Lord for you are our Shepherd, our provider inspite of our circumstances you are in control. I also pray for all the prayer requests submitted. God grant everyone your peace, mercy and grace, provisions for every needs. Thank you. Amen.
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Praying for a miracle. After being financially ruined over the past 5 years due to a series of very challenging circumstances, my husband and I are having to declare bankruptcy. We feel defeated by life. We were always finaincially stable and secure, living below our means, and then I was injured, leaving me unable to work, he lost his job, and had to have surgery for a life threatening condition. It has taken a toll on every aspect of our lives, especially our marriage. It feels like no matter what we do to better our situation, we fail miserably. I’m afraid there may be no “try” left.
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My mom has a slip disc in her back and is making her stay back from work and not allowing her to do much. Please pray for her back to heal and for her not to be in pain.
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I had a wonderful job, however I quit because I felt bullied by my manager and her BFF at work. This has caused me use up all my savings and left me feeling very depressed. Please pray for me that I will find another job, thank you.
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I have been married for about 9 years and still having so many problems. I need God's direction as i have been considering separation more this days due to all the problems we have. the only thing keeping me back is the kids. Please pray for peace for me, direction and the strength I need to keep holding on to this marriage if this is really God's will.
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Good day everyone . I come here daily to pray and ask God to Bless each and everyone of you . he knows you all by name and knows all your needs I will continue to pray for you all . for work . health . stress etc today I would like to ask for your prayers as well . Im 66 years old and I have to work . I have been very slow at my hair/barber shop I work alone it just a very small business with the slow economy I have lost many clients . pray I can make enough to keep my door open and pay the bills . Thank you God Bless you all and your family
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Please pray for me as I look for a career position again and that God will provide. We need this for our family.
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Pray for healing of a friendship made a huge mistake and regret doing pray for recencieliation and we can talk things out and that i can be forgiven and pray that i can draw closer to god
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Please pray that my daughter and I will come back together and heal. I feel the relationship is broken, she is angry and hates me. I feel failure as a parent even though my best intentions. I want my daughter back. I am hurting so badly. Please pray that this relationship will heal. I had to put down rules and now there is such a distance. She doesn't love as a mom, she doesn't respect me as a mom. I yelled at her in anger. Please pray that she heals from the hurt in her. Thank you.
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