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We have a very important meeting on Friday regarding our international adoption application. Please pray that the Lord's will be done, that the hearts of those in decision-making positions would be softened, and for patience for our family.
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I am a physician looking for job. Please pray that God will make a way for me and establish me in my Career, lead me aright to make the right choice and bless the works of my hand. Amen. Thank you
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Please pray the specialist I have been referred to finds nothing serious wrong and no surgeries or other treatment are needed and God makes the issue goes away on its own. Thank you
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Please pray for my teenage daughter. After her confiding in me, it is clear she is frightened and lacks courage. Of out respect for her, I will not share any details. God knows what is really happening and I ask for people to pray that she will seek out God first. I encouraged her to say one simple phrase when she needs it: "Jesus, help me!!!". May God protect her, give her strength and courage and most of all, wisdom to make the right decision.
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I am the only believer in my family. Please pray that our heavenly father saves my husband and parents.
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Please pray for my sister in laws sister. She was found this morning in bed barely breathing. She is currently in the ICU on oxygen and a heart monitor. She was just recently diagnosed with Cancer. Please pray that God not only heals her but is with her family as they go through this.
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Our house is scheduled to give possession over to the new owners at noon, but the bank hasn't given the lawyer the necessary paperwork. Please pray that the bank will provide the required info asap so that the sale can proceed.
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Please pray for a girl that was in an accident and is in critical condition with a brain injury. I believe our Lord can create Miracles with enough people praying for it!
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Please pray for my friend rebecca as she is undergoing cancer treatment for metastic breast cancer in tijuana Mexico after being told there is nothing more they can do for her here.
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Hi Everyone! I believe in JESUS and that HE died on the cross for our sins. HE is good and wants the best for us and that we prosper in all aspects. I cry sometimes when people have NDE and they see how beautiful JESUS is and there are no words to describe His love for us. Please pray for my inflammation and healing of my whole body! Lets spread the same love that JESUS has for us and do WWJD to all people on the planet! GOD bless everyone that listens to ShineFm!!!
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