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There are court dates coming up
March 29 (Wed)
April 3,
and Apr 6
Please pray for God to fill me completely with Him, The Holy Spirit, that all love, light, and truth, truth from HIS perspective, would flow from me and fill the room.
And just one more plea for my marriage/wayward spouse. This sorrow is causing me not to be able to pray for you guys' requests like I used to fervently do.
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Father I am so paralyzed today for fear & sorrow over marital betrayal and being enemies with my wife. So tired of all the seemingly invincible evil. please work in our destroyed marriage to bring it back from the grave. Please by Your Spirit, or frankly HOWEVER You think best, Father, bring us both to transformation and repentance. Father I can not bear the false witness, the adultery, the shame of not being able to have faith in You, the sense that You are displeased because my faith in You wavers. Please have mercy and dispel all evil. I need a constant communion with You, Father. I can not deal with the pain.
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Please pray for the LORD's guidance & favor in looking for a room to rent as well as for job & ministry opportunity so that we can get our bills caught up as Jehovah Jireh provides.
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Please pray that God would have mercy on me and lift me out of this valley. It's been a long battle. At times I get discouraged and start to lose hope. Working with doctors to find meds that work but nothing is working so far. I need to be there for my family and kids. Thank you.
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Please pray for my daughter. She is 13 and seems to have a hard time dealing with people who may not be so "nice". I have tried to talk to her that not everyone will be nice and sometimes people may just be having a bad day. She is very sensitive and takes things personally. She is also a worrier. She worries worries about everything from school, sports, friends, etc . I am not sure if it's anxiety but it's stressing her out.
2 prayers
I am in desperate need of prayer. My husband is very controlling and critical of me. He puts me down in front of my children and criticizes nearly everything I do. Nothing I do is good enough for him. Its gotten so bad that I start to feel nervous when we are in the same room or when i know when he's coming home from work. I don't want to be married to him anymore but not sure what to do. I would rather die than live like this. I am so afraid of continuing life with him. He has destroyed my self esteem to the point that I feel like dying.
3 prayers
I have been asking for prayers for a job for the past four months as the company I work for was bought out by another company which is located in North Carolina. I was expecting to be unemployed by end of April 2017 but today I found out that my group may be extended until the end of this year. Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray that this extension is approved. I am so grateful for answered prayers. God is so good.
2 prayers
My daughter is in desperate need to have her teeth fixed.. she has insurance... but all the dentist around here demand way to much for a down payment in which we can't manage due to we live basically paycheck to paycheck... if there is a dentist out here with an amazing heart and kind soul who is willing to help in anyway .. it would greatly be appreciated... all prayers welcomed to help us get her dental work done, before it causes worse health conditions. Please someone help
3 prayers
Pray for Cody. Having a procedure on lung that just got more complicated. Pray for the skill and wisdom of the doctor. Pray for comfort for the family.
4 prayers
Shareathon is going on thru Thursday! Pray!
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