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Please let today be good. No bad. Please send good news.
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Please pray for my parents’ broken relationship. It’s giving me anxiety.
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Dear Lord I pray that we Love like you and we fear you and only You Lord and that we uphold your word and do what is right In Jesus Name amen and amen
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I pray he's where and who he's supposed to be with in life. Selfishly, I want to be part of his life, part of his happiness and by his side for the rest of our lives,but now I don't think I'm good for him.

I guess he's with her because he's supposed to be with her. She was there for him during hard times and their love obviously is real since they got back together after these years. She's perfect and is every thing I'm not.

I hope her and her sons are good to him and that they'll care for, love a d cherish him for the rest of their lives. I wish for happiness, goodness, joy, blessings and love to fill him and overwhelm his life. He's been through so much and he does deserve that.

Most importantly, guide him and them to you and what way you can God. And help me learn to accept what may come next with this.
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I know there's more important prayers but I'm somewhat worried and stressed. First it's about how I'm not saving enough money and rebuilding my savings quick enough. And now I'm trying to figure out ways to make money to rebuild my savings.

Then I have a house warming party coming up next month. I'm afraid no one will come or no one will get me the things I need. I've gotten a good portion of things over time when I could, but there's something I haven't. And I'm worried none of my old friends will come or they won't like my new friends.

I just want everything to work out. And I also am thinking of making small batches of thank you cookies for my guests, but I'll need help.

I always overthink, overanalyze and become anxious but I really don't think anyone will come.
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I know that many would already have "moved on" from this, but there are a small number of us who have a terrible time recovering from this type of betrayal and I just need your prayers. Probably most will not understand, even those tens of thousands who have gone through this. She has moved on via using a handful of younger men, and still claims Christ. We have a 3 year old son, and for my own mental health, I have chosen NOT to co-parent. I believe I am going God's Way, not the world's , and that is by doing my best to COMPLETELY break communication from her. It has made me way more patient with my little son, but I am still in shambles. It feels like I am just waiting to die. I am SO humiliated and intimidated by her betrayal, and , just, words can not describe the clinical depression this has thrown me into. It is no longer a matter of me letting it go. It now has ME. I need God to commune with me, to enlighten my understanding, to give me wisdom and hope. He says He will avenge.
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I have a friend I think is schitzophrenic. She is homeless and thinks that the money I gave her for food had been treated with a substance to poison her. I would never do this. She has cut all ties with me. She is delusional and thinks that many churches today are working with the church of Satan to sell drugs and bring about the end times. Please pray for her deliverance. She is also into worshipping Angels associated with the Hay House. Pray that God ressurect the Christian, caring, sane woman I once knew.
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our bosses lie to employees, promise wages they don't deliver, look down on those who make less money than they do, and treat laborers as disposable. But I need work. Please pray that I work unto the Glory of God, that I impress my boss, but that I find better work soon.
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my friend is ten years younger than me and is under the influence of a Wiccan Priestess who is renting out a room to him. He has shown me magic books she has given him, and he is very into many, many drugs. Please pray that God break her influence over him and bring him to complete salvation. Pray for his protection from occult forces.
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Please pray that I will be able to pay back my student loans soon. Don’t know what to do right now or how I am going to pay them off. Would love to not be in debt anymore. Prayers for me to trust in God for Him to provide what I need. I need a financial miracle and blessings.
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