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This video sums up what my life has been like for the past 4+years…This experience had left me feeling a number of things but a few emotions in particular stand out, EMBARRASSMENT, SHAME, ISOLATED, SORROWFUL, ANGER & BEWILDERED…Initially when this whole thing started it appeared to have stemmed from a isolated incident that happened at work…I was physically assaulted while working on a trillion $$ federally funded project…It appeared that that my oppressors where motivated by their anger towards me for having filed a formal complaint with several different Worker’s Rights Organizations, and although I still do believed these individuals where involved…I had no clue as to how deep this thing actually went…I kept asking God all of the wrong questions and although God gave me the right answers to MY questions, I did not get a clear understanding of this situation until I stopped trying to control the answers…and so one day while praying I went over the processes of elimination of the Who?
2 prayers
God bless my son. He has been through so very much..... Heal him Lord. Heal his heart, his eyes, his mind. Bless him, Favor him, Cover him. I lift him up. Thank you Jesus, in your name Amen
1 prayers
My oldest son just left for his first deployment. Please pray for him and my family . Also in need of prayers for job protection. Thank u
3 prayers
Please pray that God touches my husband's heart
2 prayers
I am with of special needs mental & physical I am person of anxiety disorder in need of Gods guidance& strength
6 prayers
So thankful to see SIXTEEN PEOPLE join with me in this grossly sinful heartbreaking situation. Thanks and God's blessing upon ALL of you!
FOR INFORMATION see "[To] Those Who Have The Faith to Believe This is Not Over," posted about 18-20 hours ago (as of the time of this posting), at around the beginning of today's (Jan 21) prayer requests. Please help me pray throigh the demonic snares/deception/lust/anger of my wife.
4 prayers
Friend hit rock bottom. Going in for surgery. Needed an intervention from disastrous lifestyle. May God use this to bring him back and heal him, mind, soul, spirit and body.
7 prayers
I come to God broken, but know He will heal me because that's His will. Pray please I see God transform the hostility towards me at work into a joyful, positive, peaceful, workplace where we build each other up, forgive one another, speak kindly towards each other and about each other. I need 'God's favor to surround me like a shield' so that I look forward to going to work and have nice friendships there, too. In Jesus' name, amen.
8 prayers
I've really messed up my life with drugs/alcohol. Lost jobs, relationships, family connections etc. I'm at my bottom and trying Jesus which I should have done from the start. Please pray for courage to stay clean/sober and to help others
6 prayers
Please pray for me i just need some prayer and i need to stop acting childish, God help me amen. God bless you prayer warriors.
7 prayers

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