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We love our son-in-law but we found out yesterday that he has on numerous occasions been contacting girls on dating websites. Our daughter is devastated. We really don't know how to help handle this in our family. Please pray our daughter will have mercy and find understanding and forgiveness. Please pray for our son-in-law that he will find God in his heart that will put away these desires that will ruin his marriage. Please pray for this marriage that God will have His hand on this couple and heal the hurt, prepare hearts for forgiveness and for their desire to follow God, not the ways of the world. Thank you and we know only God can take a situation that is bad and make good out of it somehow, someway.
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My Uncle Jim is about to meet the Lord. Please pray
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Just did not want to resist posting again. My wife has gone bonkers. Adultery, lies upon lies, everything in Galatians 5:19-21. Lord stop her. She WASposting things of GOD on FaceBook and then fell hard. Evil. Please. There is not enough room to explain here. The Lord CAN turn the heart of a sinner. I pray for sirrowful repentance and full confession . Lord pleaSe THWART every single sinful act, lie, every unrighteous plan and overwhelmingly convict, CONVINCR her of the horrible degree of wickedness she is doing! Open/turn her heart. At this point, Father, Son, Spirit, if YOU ALONE do not do something, she will not turn! Plesse care about this, Father.
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Dear Prayer Family, Please pray with me my van will be repaired today even though I do not have the money to pay for repairs until next month. I know God works miracles in our behalf as we believe in His power and love to help us along...please also pray that when repairs are made I will be called for another good paying Job so I can rescue my so from a negative and destructive situation this spring. Please ALWAYS keep America high on your prayer list as we were once a greater nation with morals and ethics...and concern and love for ALL our neighbors. We are becoming a Godless nation with much reverence for ALL of Gods 10 Commandments. Religion must not be regulated or dictated by Government by force. ..however by the dictates of the individual conscience. May God help us see and accept HIS TRUTH...not "traditions " of ANY mortal man in place of a Thus Faith THE GOD of Creation. Thank you.
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My family is going through a very difficult time. Today is going to be especially hard. Please pray.
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Please pray for Celestino this morning in the Dentist office extracting teeth.
Thank you and may Abba Father bless you!!
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My schools financial aide on a grant is charging me after I was told it was alright to drop classes. May this balance be readjusted as it was, since I only dropped a few because they were not needed.
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as mine concurrently I will be praying for yours and unite with you.

Prayer requests:
Salvation and redication for my son Seth and his little girls. A strong hedge of protection around them always. Deliverance of all that is not of God.

As for myself break curses and healing. Am finished with school may they process my requirements and mail out degree/diploma asap. Also, all of a sudden financial aide dept is trying to charge me because I dropped a couple of classes I didn't need and its a large amount although I was assured this would not happen.Please Lord take this and resolve it. That the classes I will take go well especially paralegal, that I kept and a couple of others.

May all legal, letters, motions etc filed this month, go through smoothly and be addressed as a priority with a victory.

Full time permanent employment by April and secure a home. I will go where God takes me.

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My fiance was removed from his home at age 3 (due to severe neglect) and spent the next three years in several foster care homes before being adopted at the age of 6. He experienced abuse in foster care and also some extremely harsh parenting without much affection from his adoptive parents. He struggles with self-worth, feeling worthy, and feeling secure that I'm here for him no matter what. His adoptive parents did attend church and it was a Christian home so he is saved and knows the Lord. For that, I am very grateful. Asking for prayers for healing, for his mind to be at peace and to focus on positive thoughts, and for feelings of self worth so that he can see the wonderful, sensitive, and caring person that I do. Thanks so much!
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I just got laid off from the corporate company I have worked for nearly 15 years a week ago. My husband and I have planned to commit ourself to do a missionary work in two years. We are also striving to be a debt free. As I have started a 30 day challenge prayer to dedicate this year to the Lord, My prayer is that God will place me a new job to use me for His glory. With this job, He will provide to meet our needs and our visions. God will fill me in with an attitude of compassion and patience to my love ones.
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