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I ask that God touch her as she is dealing with medical issues. Times are rough on her family financially. I pray that God will heal her and all is well. Please pray for her.
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I'm Oct he was told he has B Cell lymphoma and we will be giving him 6 treatments. For the past few months he's has had stomach issues and not been able to eat. He has lost almost 70 lbs. In Dec he had a test and it showed the mass was significantly small then it was at first. Praise God for his loving hand and guidance through this is. . As we approach the last chemo treatment on Tues I ask that God touch him and bleed him. They say that if his blood count is good for 2 weeks they will consider it in remission. Then we have a gall bladder surgery and things should be done. Pray that all goes well.
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Dear Father Heaven, it has been a hard beginning to the new year for my family. I ask for healing for my son Thomas, as his back has been injured and he is in terrible pain at times, keeping him from being able to work and care for his family. Also for my daughter Samantha who has been ill with Crohnes Disease and was hospitalized, keeping her from working and caring for her family. My daughter Christina has a broken heart, as she has just list her long time friend and pet Barnaby, causing her loneliness and depression. My elderly mother Arlene lost her life long friend of almost 70 years, and suffering from depressionand loneliness. My brother in law has cancer and is untreatable at this time, and needs your healing. My nephew has just had cancer surgury and needs healing so he may stay with his young family. My daughter in law Jasmine is trying to quit smokinf and facing gallbladder surgury, please help and heal her. Please heal them Father in Jesus name Amen
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I long for God to use me so I can be faithful to him but I don't know what my strengths and spiritual gifts are. I have grandiose dreams of saving as many souls as possible and making tons of money for the sole purpose of promoting the gospel among the 2 billion people in this world who have never even heard of Christ. I get frustrated because I'm really awkward with people and the thought of bringing even one soul to Christ is overwhelming because of the spiritual warfare involved. I have also been given extreme experiences with mental illness/demonic oppression that are crippling and downright traumatic and painful. I guess I just feel frustrated I desperately want souls to be saved but see very little fruit of that in my life and ministry. I long for power with God to bless others and see others saved but get extremely frustrated by pain and struggles in my life. Please pray God would grant me the desires of my heart concerning the increase of his kingdom.That I won't give up
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Asking God to send me my soulmate, the person of my Dreams, I desire marriage this year
3 prayers
Praying for Nancy to feel better, take away sickness, that she feel energetic, I also pray to take away any cough or phlem of sickness I may have, to feel motivated and have Vitality
4 prayers
There is a very special person to me in The Lord. I may have an opportunity to bless this person in a major way in the future. God knows all the details please pray his will be done his kingdom come concerning this situation. If his answer is no please pray that I would accept his pre ordained perfect will for me and this person. Please pray that I would be pliable in my life to do what is his highest for me for the increase of his kingdom.
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It's in my heart to write a book on faith and mental illness. It burns passionately within me to share the gospel in written form with the illness I've been through to reach others for him. Please pray that God gives time diligence and discipline all for his glory and the salvation of souls.
4 prayers
Me again.
My wife's adultery was exposed Nov 22.
I am still accused of domestic assault, and have a No Contact order.
MORE THAN LIKELY my wife right now is communicating with Leo Hall, in my house, her last known adultery partner. I would ask you RIGHT NOW if you have the faith, thar God would SEVER, BREAK, DESTROY THE unrighteous unholy bond with Leo Hall, and thwart any/all their schemes, that my wife would undoubetly know thar God is actively working against her mant sudden sins. She SUDDENLY changed in 3 weeks in Oct/Nov. Mid-life crisis, sexual exhileration at the prospect of , at 40, seducing 20something kids , drinking , revelling in it, drunk driving, vulgarity, please join with me right NOW in praying against their communication, that God bring it all to NAUGHT, that The Holy Ghost would MOVE with overwheleming conviction. Sickening revelation of the seriousness of the sin she is doing!
I am telling you there are demonic entities. She CHANGED.
4 prayers
My mom gets so worn out and tired and works so hard. Please pray God would give her peace and joy in her life in him. That he would cultivate Christlike beauty in her.
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