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I need prayer for CNA training that I have registered for.
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Please pray for me and my family. My stepson, Zach, has gotten himself into serious trouble and is now in the hospital. Many legal issues involved. My family needs Jesus and we are falling apart please pray for my family and ask God to work in our hearts and cause us to truly turn to Him. Help!!!!!

Pray for my husband Corey, my son Geoff, Caleb, and daughter Olivia we need prayer!
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1. Pray for my son Nathan. Just found out he was hurt very badly 9 months ago (unable to go into detail) and he needs God to heal Him and reveal Himself to him. He needs Jesus!
2. Victory in my family. My wife Sharon, and kids Josiah, Laurisah, Alex (her son) and Robbie (her husband), Felicity, and Nathan to serve God from their hearts and that God will deal with them. They need wisdom and guidance and an increased desire for personal prayer themselves.
3. I have been asking for prayer for increased vision, understanding and direction from God concerning His will.
4. Pray for help as a father, husband, and leader in my church and River Valley area. I need a lot more wisdom
5. Help with my fear of people, and fear in general
6. Help as I am working through past rejection, self-perception, confidence issues. I need God confidence.
7. Help as I need right, pure, faith filled thinking,emotions in all areas of my life, within my family, personal thought life, and toward other people.
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