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Yesterday was my daughter in-laws due date .please pray for her Jess and my son Evan as they await the birth of their daughter .pray for a smooth delivery health of the mom and baby ..and Evan and his excitement. And anxiety of course at this new adventure. Bless them God ..they love you ..Praise you for this miracle
2 prayers
Please agree with me in prayer as I go through this major brokenness in my life right now. an injury has left me unable to stand for longer than a minute and I'm a widow in need of God's power to move here where I'm alone. Thank you all and God bless
1 prayers
He's my father and is a Pastor and acts no where like Jesus. He cheated on my mom with his current wife. He's so hypocritical and constantly talks about politics. I'm so done with this man. God help him.
3 prayers
I am sick and need prayers
3 prayers
So God just had a huge argument with husband he left I was in pain tonight said I snapped at him I really wasn’t trying to just was in a huge amount of pain here. So he gets made at me says I’m lucky and stuff bought up stuff I got accused for which I never even did. Thank his father for that created a huge lie why I don’t know. I told him I didn’t do these things as well as his mom and they both think I did I’m just crushed here. God he’s this mad at me right now told me we are done and we are over God I feel so alone right now I keep fighting for my marriage but I feel like I’m losing please help amen
2 prayers
Please join me in praying for my 3 children’s salvation.
I have one son that has gone astray. He is so lost right now. I pray he wakes up to the lies and returns to God and his family. I pray for my other 2 that their faith will increase and they will stay strong in the Lord, especially our youngest. I feel like he is not a strong Christian. Pray for wisdom for us as parents. Pray that we will see a change soon.
Pray for blessings over our family. We trust you Lord. Great is your faithfulness. Thank you for praying with me.
4 prayers
Dear God help me to find a job I love
6 prayers
Please pray that Angie would come to salvation in Jesus Christ and Jesus would heal her kidney issue which appears to be getting very serious and her bladder issue,angie only wants her mom,kids and friend around,thanks
5 prayers
racing thoughts would end in jesus name, my medication would work. I've
been suffering with this for a while. Please pray
8 prayers
For God's will to make things happen in His timing. And if I upset him I'm sorry and pray that he forgives me. I believe in my heart that God will bring us together. Lord please help me out to be more patient with You and life. Amen. No one's perfect and we all have a past and have done dumb things. God bless you.
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