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Praying for a positive breakthrough and Gods Favor and financial blessings for Lelands immediate housing and employment needs so he has a safe, secure and stable place to reside. Praying Gods protection over him and he is surrounded, encouraged and offered assistance by Godly mentors, friends and family who love and care about him.
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Asking prayer for my father, David Wieczorek. First asking for prayer that if he is not saved, that he would accept Jesus as his saviour. Second, I am asking for prayer for his health. Lately he is always cold. Has problems with his legs at times. His right arm doesn't have the strength it used to. He is coughing a lot lately as well. Please pray that God would give my Dad healing of his body. I have lost to many dear to me lately and don't want to lose my Dad. Thank you & God bless.
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He is on straight commission. Asking for prayer the lords blesses him with customers over the next few Months.
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Please say a prayer for my mom Carol. She is going on Friday for a biopsy to rule out breast cancer. Thank you!
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Please pray that my wife and I find a way to begin to work out our issues soon. Pray that I find a job near our home so I can be there. Pray that GOD will work in our lives to heal the wounds between us. Pray for GOD's grace and healing in our marriage and friendship and relationship. Thank you. GOD Bless You all.
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Please pray for my friend Debbie, she has covid and pneumonia. Please pray for complete healing. Thank you guys!🙏🏻❤️
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I ask God every night to take me in my sleep. Then I wake up, recognize God must not be finished with me yet because I am still here. I go through my day doing the best I can to find his plans for me. I try to let go of the pain, but by the end of the day I am back laying in bed making the same request. It is not my right to ask for my journey to end, it is not my place to want out, every day is a blessing from Him. At the same time I end each day the same. I am requesting prayers for God to place peace in my heart. I am asking God to help me let go in a healthy way that will bring Glory to the gifts he has given me.
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I am working very hard to start a business out of my home so I no longer have to work for someone else or go into an office. I’m asking for prayer that God opens the right doors and brings the right people into my life to further this goal.
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Please help my husband is somewhere else. I love him want him to come home he’s looking at where he’s at for a apartment please do not allow this barrier to happen plus there is another women in the mix. God I have been so stressed out about this. I wish he would go back to the other state God. Please let him reconsider and not stay where he’s at God I’m begging for your help please intervene and stop him from getting a place down there please help otherwise I’ll lose the love of my life please help amen
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God praying husband does not stay where he is at he left few months ago. Praying he just goes back to where he was don’t let him get an apartment that means we are really not doing good. Please let him go back to where he was before he flew there. Please don’t let him stay down there and get a place I’m praying for your help do not allow to happen God amen
Please help quickly and he comes back amen
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