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Please pray for A in general. Thank you
2 prayers
I have to complete my serve safe and get it done soon. I don’t do the best at computer learning please Lord encourage me to believe in me.
1 prayers
Prayers for me as have lots of fears that I am getting too old and too late for me to get married and have a baby. Prayers for me to meet my Prince Charming soon and he will come into my life. Prayers for a man to think I am his princess. I am scared that I will be single forever and never have a husband or baby. I am scared that no man will ever want me or love me or be interested in me. I am scared that no man will like my personality of being shy and quiet except for around kids I am not that way or me being a vegetarian. I am scared that I will be single and alone and lonely forever and I will never have a man to share my life with. I am scared that I must be invisible and not beautiful or good enough for any because no man ever notices me or even knows I exist. I am scared I will never meet my Prince and he will never find me. I am scared that I will never have my first kiss or date or ever have a boyfriend. I am scared that no man will ever propose to me and want to marry me.
1 prayers
Jacob H goes through a growth spurt. He is barely 5ft. Dr say he is done growing. The lord has the last say
1 prayers
please pray that i can hear from my finance' soon that he can come home that the Lord will bless our wedding and marriage thank you God bless you.
2 prayers
I still saved?
4 prayers
To restore my salvation. Assurance of salvation.
3 prayers
Father God .Our family has been hit hard by Satan he keeps coming at us over and over again I would ask would you please restore our family we all love each other so much and Satan wants to pull us apart one by one . Please block him from any more evil in our family. And I would ask if you would show me what I’m to do next please . Please continue to protect myself Mark and Collins you put this family together your self .And we have so much love for each other, thank you lord a Jesus . I love you Amen
5 prayers
Jesus you said no prayers too small for you we could ask anything I’m asking for the health of my sister‘s dog he has just been diagnosed with diabetes and she is frantic. you know my sister Kimmy she loves you very much. PleaseHelp him get well guide the doctors as they prescribe medicine for him thank you for all the prayers you have answered is in your name I ask. Amen
6 prayers
Please agree with me an pray that stacy and smy self sherry relationship be restored an stacy will be my man / boyfriend again . An we will be together again soon. Thank you so much.
3 prayers

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