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Hello. I'm Dina
I come to you to ask for a support in prayer about job.
I graduated in 2018 in chemical engineering in south Africa
I really need a job.
I pray for the grace of God to be upon me.
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Please lift my family and I in prayer today that today is a day of calm, peace and joy. That God will bless us financially and take away our burdens. That He will place a hedge of protection around us from anything that would disrupt our joy and peace through the day. That He will ease my fears and anxieties and help me to enjoy all the blessings He has given us today with a merry heart. Let it be a day of laughter, smiles and peace!
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Could you pls help me pray that my husband immigration papers get approve soon, that we get the call from immigration that we been waiting for. My spouse and I have been doing the long distance relationship for the past 3 years and we are believing this will be the year that we can lived in the same country as a family. So if you could pls join us in pray we would be forever thankful.
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Hope to be promoted
1 prayers
Tk can forgive his family. Growing up they were extremely mean to him. He has so many scars as a older adult. No will to live, drug addiction, severe depression. He needs many prayers. For his lost soul. He has no faith. He can forgive for his own self worth. Thank you
3 prayers
Asking for prayersfor an unspoken request. Thank you.
3 prayers
Total Knee Replacement Surgery mid-March (insurance and healing)
2 prayers
Please pray for our family that we find our next rental home. I don't know where else to go but here; we've been denied a couple of our rental applications due to my not so good credit score and my husband is very upset with me - he has told me that I've put our family (we have 3 kids) in this situation, possibly being homeless soon. We currently live in a rental home but the landlord is moving back into this property at the beginning of April. I know & believe that God is greater than all our circumstances & trust that He will provide but with all the stress that's taking a toll on my husband & I, putting my family in this predicament which is no fault of theirs, I feel like I'm at my wits end with no solution or answers in sight. Please pray that I will have guidance, enlightenment & answers. Thank you everyone!
3 prayers
A family member is in hospice and it’s anytime now that she will be with Jesus. Please pray that surrounding family are able to have peace about loosing her and that they can feel the presence of Jesus in the room. Also that they can become close to Jesus and look to him for help.
3 prayers
Jesus let Joey see your love for him. Bring life back into his heart and soul. Let him and his wife to become one again. Joey is a very broken man. Heal him where he is broken. Send a strong Christian man to him Lord. I pray this in your precious Name Jesus the hope of us all.
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