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I'm a public school teacher. There is a teacher shortage nationwide, which I genuinely believe is a result of intentionally shutting God out of our schools. Many of my co-workers, Believers and non-believers alike, are leaving or want to leave the profession because we are regularly experiencing increasingly dark things and we don't know how to cope with them. It has been on my heart for over a year to start a Bible study and I can't ignore it anymore. I need prayer that I can work up the courage for God to use me, that God will establish this ministry, that my co-workers will be receptive to it, and that we will see the spirit of God move in and bless my school.
3 prayers
Please pray for my mom. She has believed the lies of the enemy for her life and his plans. And I'm praying that the enemy must flee in the name of Jesus. That God would speak to her and she would let go of the thoughts and attacks from the enemy. I command all attacks, bondages, chains of the enemy to loose her and her mind in the name of Jesus.
2 prayers
Please pray for the success of my son's safe departure this week from the place he's at now to a more positive, Godly environment where he can receive the help he needs and start his life over again with The Holy Spirit's guiding him this time around. That he be free from all evil associations and destructive habits. He's desperately struggling to find his way out of a life of chaos and confusion. He needs God's guidance, wisdom, and protection at this point in his life as never before. Pray he makes it home. God bless you all, and thank you.
1 prayers
Struggling with doubt, questioning my belief, questioning if God is as loving as they say He is. Divorced by my choice last year, struggling with the adjustment of my new reality. Prayers for my kids as they adjust to divorced parents. Feeling very abandoned (issues from childhood) due to loss of friendships, etc. Needing a new perspective. Want to know God loves me & that I'm not the exception. Want to trust Him completely, fully rely on Him, & not look for fulfillment in other people. I struggle with love addiction by attaching myself to others to give me that love & security I didn't receive in childhood, dealing with love add. withdrawal. I look for others to give me guidance/direction/advice and second guess myself and don't go to God for my issues. Feeling a lot of despair. I have been in this dark pit for a few years now, feeling like there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel. When will I have my "ah-ha" moment that God really does love me as much as it says in the Bible.
4 prayers
May God grant me $300 to get into this 3 bedroom apartment as he is restoring my Marriage of 17 years today 22nd. So we can join back together as a family after a little of 3 1/2 months with five kids. I need your help God save the apartment for us in Jesus name I believe in you Jesus. I miss my Family. I believe it and I receive it in Jesus name Hallelujah. It is done.
5 prayers
Prayer Request from Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA:

Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, love, help, complete healing, full-household salvation, leadership, truth and light, wisdom / knowledge / understanding / discernment, peace / comfort / rest / joy, presence and favor, impenetrable protection, and all that’s good from God above for all of:

The USA (Washington DC); California (Sacramento and Silicon Valley); Israel and Jerusalem; all of the Lord’s churches / groups / denominations / ministries / gatherings world-wide; the Body / Church of Christ; me (Sean) and all my family and relatives; all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills.

Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually save, heal, strengthen, and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins; write our names in His Book of Life; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; and deliver us from all evil and the Evil One. Amen, thank you.
1 prayers
Please pray for the Lord’s complete healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing) and pain / anxiety relief for: me (Sean) and all my family and relatives, Marie G., Jackie and Rich L., Larry P., Walter O. and John, Doe S., Darlene V., John F. Jr., Judy A., Janice U., Toni K. and Cleda, Kipp T., for all who belong to the Lord, all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.
0 prayers
Prayers for my marriage, family and husband Albert. Please save my marriage Dear LORD . For what you have jointed let no man separate. I can not even speak my request anymore for you know what we are going thru. I copied this from a previous post :
Lord God, I come to you tired and worn in need of rest and ask humbly that You convict my husband of his selfishness and soften his heart to COMMIT to You and your plans for his life. Break the chains of negative relationships. Restore love and desire for our marriage and open his eyes to value the covenant vow he made before You and honor that vow till death do us part. Strengthen my faith while I wait Lord. I want my marriage and my family to be healed from past sin. I lay this at your feet. Amen
4 prayers
O Jesus, I surrender myself to You, please take care of everything! My marriage, my legal situation, my finances, my family, my life; I give it all to you. Please show what to do and not to do. Brothers and sisters in Christ please pray that God's will is done in all if the above and in all of our lives. Amen!
2 prayers
Prayer and praise God for he know my every step. For he will and is restoring my marriage in Jesus name. May God cause my anniversary tonight to be a day to remember and so well and my my wife invite me over to stay a night or her stay with me to bring our love back together in Jesus name. Praise God for 17 years or marriage to a loving caring beautiful wife Wendy Thank you God. May Jesus always be the center of our marriage. Mah God restore our family and make it far better then before. Mah God grant us the car and apartment with two or three bedrooms in Jesus name. Hallelujah
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