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Please pray for my dog Snickers. He's over 100lbs and is unable to use his rear right leg. The vet gave him meds, but he isn't showing any improvement. He needs to be carried in and out throughout the day as he cannot stand on his own. I am so weary. Please pray for healing and wisdom. He's a happy dog who wants to get up and go. It's heartbreaking to see him go through this.
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Could use some prayer tonight please
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She's a sweet young woman I was talking to today at the grocery. She works there and she's having some pain in back and wrist. She feels like her work isn't treating her with respect and she's been there over 8 years now. Please pray for her and that God helps her in miraculous ways. God bless you saints and thank you.
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Her and her husband both have good jobs. She wants to pick up and move thousands miles away. They would move w no jobs. Her husband has a disability. He has a good job. They like him. I'm asking for prayer 5he lord closes this door. She is not thinking clearly and being selfish. It probably be hard for him to find a job. The lord needs to put on her heart how to serve where she lives. It may make her happy. Moving will not fix that.
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I pray for forgiveness and especially uplift some large mistakes of my past I’ve fully repented from. I pray for help with my distracted nature. I praise God alone for I obsticals overcome. I uplift a relationship. Build and bless us. Build our quality time spent together and the love and strength of connection we share. Build us to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Heal and build us past the things that come between us. Inspire us to grow strength, together and individually as we push one another to the next level. Help us to inspire one another spiritually and to grow together. I pray we can move past issues and problems we have encountered in the past as we haven’t always had the best circumstances surrounding us and influencing our state of being. Keep us above all negativity, ill intent, harm and distractions. Build us past these things and help us to build strength past future pitfalls. Uplift and encourage us.Encourage us to pursue another without fear, intentionally
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My niece just had a seizure and is at the E.R. Please pray that she’ll be okay and that God will help us to trust Him and not to worry
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Appetite increases. Not eating much.
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Let Your will be done if You want either of these two men back in my life. If so let something happen soon. Thank You Lord. I love You Lord. Amen. 🙏
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I have it badly. And can please use some prayer. :(
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Please help us pray to God to restore our family. My husband left us 2 weeks ago with anger in his heart. I pray to God that when time comes that he would like to talk to us,his anger will be out inside of him and I pray to God that he would stop his vices as it is tearing us part and I pray to God that my patience would stay this way as we wait for God to answer our prayers.
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