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Dear Lord your word tell us there is a season for everything. Father ABBA father I’ve been in a season of darkness, struggles, heartache, hardships & depression for nearly a decade now. Yet through all this I have faithfully served you. I love u and trust you. I believe ustill perform miracles today. In Jesus name I pray and thank u for ending this very hard season of life and rapidly bringing me into a season of light, prosperity, answered prayers and restoration. In Jesus name I pray u will indeed restore my life like u did for Job. Oh God of Israel I cry out to you! Expand my territory and bless me indeed! Be with me and keep me from evil. In Jesus name restore my life and return to me all this season of darkness has taken, the job I love, my boys, family and friends, a home. In Jesus name I claim the abundant life u have for me! I claim restoration over my life. I claim and thank u for the new home you have for me and I claim that u will again turn my ministry full time employment
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I'm from Carlsbad new Mexico and a lady from church 5 year old great nephew went missing on February 17 around 3pm from his bedroom in Wichita Kansas his name is Lucas Hernandez. Please keep his family in your prayers and pray for a safe return home.
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Lord help me to overcome this sin in my life. Lord as I have been separated for 11 months this sin has become hard to get Reid of. My life I want your desire for my life Lord it's time for me to follow you fully so I will receive your blessings. Heavenly Father strengthen me to do your will I surrender to you Jesus, Thank you for listening and all you do for me and my family. Healing for Elizabeth and her granddaughter in Jesus name.
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I am helping a homeless family of 8 that are living in a small trailer in the country. The truck they use to move their trailer and get to work is broken. The car I’ve been giving them rides in is owned by my parents. They are threatening to prevent me from helping the homeless people. Please pray that their hearts be softened.
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Father I give this day to you. Lead and guide me to your will. I pray for wisdom knowledge and guidance. Father you know the many burdens I am facing. I trust you to meet all my needs big and small. Give me the strength and energy to get through this day. Thank you lord for the many blessings I will receive this day. Amen
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Our pastor is retiring and we need a pastor to replace him. We need the pastor God wants in place.
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Dear Lord and Savoir Cassie my Daughter needs to get her wisdom teeth out please God provide Her with the means and the way to Get it Done fast in Jesus Name Amen
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Thank you almighty father for everything.
If this is your will lord, I'll continually do what you want me to do. Amen
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I am desperate for your prayers for our 7 year old daughter. My husband recently started a new job that has him working 2 weeks away and 2 weeks at home, and I can tell this hurts our girl- she misses her daddy dearly. But in the meantime, she is taking it out on me both physically and verbally. Our home life is falling apart. We homeschool, and everything I try to do with her is a struggle. Our 1 year old is starting to pick up on this dynamic, and has become extra needy and clingy.
I am burning out. My husband feels helpless. We both feel that he is where God has led him to be at this point, but we need God to intervene.
Thank you for your prayers. We so appreciate every single one.
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I feel God is calling me to be a writer and I am just in need of prayer that I just get very motivated to do so. I have so many talents like my mom says and I really wanna use them for the good and for God as will. I struggle with depression and anxiety and I believe in my heart that God is gonna use those struggles I have to help others with my writing as well as maybe my own counsel to others as well as helping to reach out to others with whatever it is He wants me to do to reach out and help others amen. God is good this I know amen. God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Blessings on you all saints and may God continue to use you all in many and mighty ways and He will this I know.
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