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Not sure where to begin. Our son in college involved in a car wreck recently. We need to be able to financially help him obtain a new vehicle. So grateful no one injured. Our daughter involved in sports, but not getting any playing time. Coach seems very biased in this way & she is very discouraged & confused as to why. Her spirit is crushed & it breaks my heart to see her so down about the game she loves. I have to testify in a court case coming up. I do not want any part of this but have no choice in the matter. Our family is under tremendous financial stress. It seems like the enemy is hitting my family on so many fronts. Please join me in prayer. Pray for courage, wisdom, favor & for God's peace to rule in my heart & home. The enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy. No weapon formed against us be allowed to prosper. Father, in Jesus' name, I claim the blessings You promise as Your child. I claim these over my family. Amen.
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The prayer request previous to this one, titled, "Marriage"?

Ditto. Please pray for my marriage too. Thank you all
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In need of prayers for the restoration of my marriage. To bring true forgiveness and repentance. I need prayers for strength to do the right thing and to hold onto God's promise.
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hi to all on the prayer wall. I have a FREND that is in the Hospital and is in need of prayer her name is Missy Woodward and she lives in Lansing michigan. Now here what's going on with her. Her shunt had a clogged tube back a munth ago and I am asking for prayer for her thanks your FREND
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I would like prayers for God's will in my family's life to be what God wants us to be and to become everything God wants us to become thank u for your prayers thank u My prayers is that God blesses you in all u do Amen.
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I am one of the four or five people posting daily regarding our marriages.
God DOES turn hearts. God DOES enlighten the eyes of the understanding. God DOES draw people just like water is DRAWN out of a well or like Stephen was DRAWN out of the city.
Lord God Almighty, and father, I beg you, earnestly, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to do whatever it takes to pull my wife out of the snares she gave herself over to. Transform her by the renewing of her mind. Heal her heart, thwart evil plans, restore our love, godliness, and marriage, and family. Destroy the strongholds and works and desires of evil. You CAN, Father. Be tenderhearted to me, us, and grant resurrection of our marriage, and the marriages of those others who post on here every day, may we praise You in tears of joy. Amen
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Please pray that I would no longer conform to the pattern of this world but that I would be transformed by the renewing of my mind. I need God to renew my mind and thoughts and set me back on His path.
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Please pray for my husband and I. We are at crossroads in our marriage. A lot of hurt, baggage, and mistrust is keeping us from reconciliation. My husband and I are both born again but we have gone far from God's ways and we are paying the consequences of doing life our way. Thank you for your prayers. Candy
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Working a part-time job. My car is taking a dump. Needs major work. In need of new wheels. May this prayer be asked soon. Dont like driving a dangerous car. Funny thing is, my dad has mega money; dont want to ask him to help me. Prayer works! Amen
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The company has a job opening where I work and I really want it. It is my husband is going through the motions for a border patrol job in another state we don't know if he has it or not. My prayer is that we will hear from the border patrol eather way about if he has the job or not. So I know what I am doing.
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