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Pray for my brother who got sick while traveling - he is struggling with many things and needs God's peace.
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I am a very responsible person, but I am in a place where I don't know what to do. I have bills I need to pay and I don't know how to pay everything and I am very troubled by this. God has provided for me many times and I see evidence of Him taking care of me often. This week in particular, I am searching for that little piece of affirmation that He is going to take care of me again and everything is going to be alright. Father God, you know my needs and I am lifting them up to you. I can't do this without You. Please provide me with the hope and help I need. Thank you!
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Hi Please pray for my two son for wisdom and knowledge to seek God in love and reverence towards God. I am looking for ministry opportunity where I can serve please pray for God leading in my life. Please pray for my husband to find right job and walk in fear of God. Thank you for all of your prayer.
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Becky has lupus and cancer, under going chemo treatments and it is making her very sick.
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Heather requested prayer for a family member who has cervical cancer and surgery to remove it was unsuccessful.
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for all law enforcement.
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School starting in Israel
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Agendas against our President.
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I have been battling with post partum depression for about 4 months now. My boyfriend, who started dating me when I was 8 months pregnant, who my son knows as his father, decided to leave after getting overwhelmed with things making everything 100x worse. Please Pray for my recovery and that he opens his heart to at least understanding why things were rough.
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