"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Please pray for our family friends who received this diagnosis this past Friday regarding their 20 year old son Alex. He is currently either at stage 3 or 4 and they are very scared. Please pray for complete healing. Thank you so much!
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our bosses lie to employees, promise wages that they never deliver, and treat laborers as disposable. They look down on those different than them, those who make less money. They've fired a bunch of people recently. Please pray that I work unto the Glory of God and impress my boss, but that I find better work soon.
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my friend is ten years younger than me and is under the influence of a Wiccan Priestess who is renting out a room to him. He has shown me magic books she has given him, and he is very into many, many drugs. Please pray that God break her influence over him and bring him to complete salvation. Pray for his protection from occult forces.
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Greta are you Lord!
I lift up all these things
Mom's birthday
Mom's mental health
Upcoming trip of family members with Compassion to Columbia
Upcoming Hurricane Harvey Rebuild trip
Vanity of daily life
Spiritual disciplines
The unity and purity of the church
Called to the Cross
Siblings and friends and their walks with you Lord and their studies.

In Jesus name Amen.
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May God deal with yo quickly. In the name of Jesus Christ. May you be exposed by the PG county states attorneys office .
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I'd like to ask for prayers to get rid of the cold and or the flu. I'm also having cateract surgery Tuesday morning at 8 am. All prayers are much appreciated!!
Thanks and God Bless!
Mark Lewis
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Thanking God for my husband's new job that answered all our prayers. Praying that God blesses him with success at work, good work relationships, less stress and job satisfaction. Praying that God takes care of our current and future emotional, happiness, marriage, family, health, financial and career needs. Praying that God gives us a good work/life balance.
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I made some moves at work this week. Please pray that they will be fruitful. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
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I pray or request for three unspoken anonymous addictions I have. Help me to pray Gods counsel n also repent turn 180' in God direction n claim each sin missing the goal or mark for high calling of Jesus Christ crucifixion resurrection Holy Ghost help me to say ." I BELIEVE" like song on radio station! Hallelujah what a Savior! Jesus Saves... Me
2 prayers
Self explanatory n non spoken request for three .
3 prayers

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