"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
I have been offered a new job that will start in September. Please pray for me that everything should go smoothly for me. My family has been going through a lot lately. We're praying for God's favor and blessings. No weapon formed against us shall prosper in Jesus Name. Amen.
2 prayers
Thank you God that you can help me with this intense confusion, anxiety, sorrow and loneliness I've felt today since returning home. I don't know what to do with myself and I feel distraught. Please do everything you can to lift me up out of this terror and pain and fear. Amen.
2 prayers
Girlfriend broke up with me one week ago.
I'm really having a hard time getting over her. Feels like it is the end of the world. I know God has a plan for me but sometimes I feel like I cant anymore.
3 prayers
My son died from complications of mental health issues by suicide 1 month ago. My husband, daughter and I are shattered. I feel bad all the time. We had believed God had given us these 2 children we adopted from Russia, and I had prayed daily for them and through Moms in Touch for many years. Why would God allow this? Please ask God to help us. It’s behinning to feel like we’ll never feel good for any length of time again. Thank you.
4 prayers
*Thank u 2 my Wgts91.9fm family 4 pray'n w/4 me,
(i pass'd da mechanical aptitude portion)
allow'n me 2 take da industrial electronics test.
While i think i fail'd it,
(there've been other tests i was sure I'd failed also)
& l8r learn'd i'd pass'd 'em!
Dear God & my Lord:
May this result b like those,
(i'm gonna move 4ward n faith)
althro i know every test i've ever pass'd was just God
do'n it 4/thro me!!
I'm nam'n & claim'n it as another great delivery
He's wrought 4 me/my family.
Eternal,Sovereign,& Everlasting God:
Pls do it 4 me/my family,
(like U did it 4 Joseph)
so he could provide 4 himself/his family.
& I'll be sure 2 share my faith as i go.
1 prayers
I asking for prayers for my interview tomorrow and I have a two more interviews next week for a job and I ask prayers for the application that I put for apartment that God can help me to be able to get the apartment because I really need to move thanks so much for your prayers
3 prayers
Please pray for my brother Brad in Texas, diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. We are praying for wisdom for his doctors, an effective treatment plan, and that God will remove every cancer cell from his body. There is power in prayer and we thank you in advance for your prayers.
7 prayers
Please pray for my mother's friend's grandson who fell asleep at the wheel last Sunday. He was visiting his father's grave who committed suicide 4 years ago and fell asleep on the way home. A little girl died in the accident. Please pray for her family as well and prayers that this young man who will have to live with this horrible tragedy for the rest of his life does not get brought up on charges and face jail time. My heart is breaking for both families.
4 prayers
Please pray for my husband and I that we will have our own biological child this year/ next year.
5 prayers
Please pray that the school board approves my principal position without any issues and fully support my leadership as I embark on this new journey to continue making positive changes in the lives of children and adults. Blessings
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