“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6,7
Please pray for my 17 month old son to not have or develop autism. Please pray that he does not have any developmental delays. Please pray that he excels academically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, mentally. Please pray that he reached milestones. Please pray a prayer of blessing over him. Pray that we will be able to do less screen time.
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Pray for me please and my husband and children. My husband is discouraged by humanity as he is a school counselor and bad things are happening in the school where we teach. Pray for strength to walk the road we are walking as educators and parents.
Pray that my marriage will not disintegrate.

Pray for my son that he would be able to have a remedy for his feet as I have taken him to 4 doctors and he still has blisters on his toes and his shoe inserts are still allowing him to have blisters and foot peeling.
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Good evening. Please pray for my nephew BJ. Awesome 21 YO young man, 3rd year in college, respectful, big brother, good person. Getting MRI for pain in his legs due to cancer & may need surgery. Pray God will heal. Prayers for his parents. Pray if surgery is needed it’s successful & all will be well. Thk you and may continue to bless!
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Lord, Lord, Lord
Have mercy on me and take pity on me.
Take my habits with me
It's not that I can't do it, it's that I don't do it. My neighbor reported me to the police every time I was slamming the door, and even though I was reported, it's still there.
Forgive me for not coming to my senses.
Please fix my bad habit of slamming the door early in the morning, during the day, in the afternoon, or late at night.
Be considerate of my roommate who lives right across the front door. And second floor roommate
next door think and be considerate of my neighbors and front door and specially next door neighbors.
When I'm angry, please find another way to relieve stress rather than venting my anger at the door. Slam the door and show my anger, stress, whatever reason Don't take my anger out on me at the door. Lord please help me control my anger and
Fix my bad bad bad old habits
SLAM THE DOOR every single time
I pray in Jesus name, Amen
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I ask for prayers as I am scheduled for CT-scan for a nodule.I ask the Lord to heal me both spiritually and physically even before I get the scan done, in Jesus name.
I also ask for prayers for my entire family to seek the Lord and attend church regularly.
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Requesting prayer for a young father of 4 who was found guilty of a misdemeanor that he did not do that the judge would reconsider and vacate the guilty verdict. He has already lost his job because of the charge. He needs a miracle.
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I am asking for prayers of favor, mercy and grace from God in my new job
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My car needs work. More work than it’s worth. Praying for some big God solutions.
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Please pray for CeCe Camp. She's a 42 year old mother of four facing cancer. She's terrified and assuming the worst.
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God please give salvation to my daughter's father. Let him come to know you as his own. Let him come to love Jesus with all his heart. Bring correction and order to his mind, his actions and his decisions. Guide him as a Father. Let him by sacrificial in his relationship with his daughter and prioritize and invest in things for her good, her health and her development first over any desires or preferences that he has that are not aligned with God's word and that negatively effect his daughter. Remove the noise of distraction that brings confusion, disruption or instability to our family. Remove his focus on worldly and carnal things. Focus his attention on things that are eternal, full of love, devotion and sacrifice for his family. Let him love his family the way Christ loves the church. Send a multitude of people to speak your word into his life. In Jesus name, amen.
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