“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6,7
Prayer for this undisclosed subject to be blocked from mind, thoughts, and dreams. Thanks!
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Dear Jesus,
I'm in a dark terrible situation with no way out. Please hear my prayer and have mercy and grace on me! I don't want to die; please Jesus save me! Amen!
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Pray for my 2 sons who had left Church after being in it all their life …that Our Lord Savior Jesus will bring them back to him again🙏 Thank you
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Please pray for my aunt Vanessa. She is in the hospital and is in danger of loosing her leg. Please pray the good Lord works a miracle and heal her. She needs one right now. Thank you for your prayers and God bless.
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Lord, the events in the news are so upsetting. There are several specific events that happened this week that show how far we (Your children) have fallen. For those of us who believe….Lift us up Lord, so that we may help others. Lord, please forgive me if I run away from the challenge at first (I struggle with conflict). Encourage us to stand firm, be bold, and have courage to counter our dehumanized culture.
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Please pray for me having some narcissistic qualities.
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My father in law has been in the hospital nearly three weeks. He went in battling COVID-19, and his oxygen levels were very low. Today they intubated him and moments ago his blood pressure dropped and the doctors are putting a stent in his neck to administer meds. Please pray for a total turnaround around, and that he will be home very soon. thank you prayer warriors.
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Lord direct my path and show me vividly what to do. Show me my path to success in the mighty name of Jesus. According to Psalm 25:4. Direct my path O LORD and show me thy path. Help me, lord. I depend solely on you and your direction. I have tried and tried with no success with my human knowledge. Please, GOD, show me thy path so I can excel in JESUS's name. Amen
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Twenties has been difficult on me and my friends. We often feel like we are just getting by. Please help us feel connected again. Like we ate truly living and feeling joy of God. Please help us with transition into adulting. It is scary and hard and lonley.
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Please pray for anyone that is not on my list that needs it. Please be with them God and heal them. Thank you merciful God.
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