"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Please pray for my daughter Annie. She is struggling with someone or something and she doesn't lean on the people who care for her the most, her family. She keeps things in and will not seek help. Please help her and put a hedge of protection over her everywhere she goes. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
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Please pray for my job and work place. I feel like there is always someone watching what you do. I work hard and I love my job very much. Please pray for my job and my supervisors and soften their hearts. I thank you for answered prayer.
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My mind is busy hoping for the best future. But I am not sure what the best step is. I need wisdom , understanding, a plan and God's timing.
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Our daughter is sick with a stomach virus. Please pray for healing. Thank you.
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I really need some peace with myself and between me and a girl. Please pray for miracles between us because I care so much for her and people are convincing her to avoid me. Pray that we be reconciled and our relationship be restored because she means so much to me.
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i broke my leg. no one at my school likes me and these guys at my school like kicking my broken leg and pushing my wheelchair in the walls because r they think it’s funny. this girl at my school has turned all my “friends” against me, assaulted me multiple times, is really mean, and spreading rumors that are REALLY bad about me. and no one likes me at my school and when i talk everyone ignores me. It’s lead me to have depression and i just don’t know what to do and i want it to stop! i even went to the principal and he thought i was lying and the worst part is it’s a private “CHRISTIAN” school!
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Please pray for me, I am really struggling so badly right now.
Basic actions such as lifting up a pencil, eating, sleeping, reading, breathing are so hard. I'm in high school, and grades are due in three days and I am over 100 pages behind in my textbook because of my undiagnosed mental illness that no one sees. Reading puts me in a dangerous place of mind. I'm hiding so much from my family and everyone.
I just need Jesus.
Please give me the courage to ask for help.
Lord, I need You.
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Please pray for me and my significant other (we are not yet married) that he has a desire to be more engaging and helpful... and that I have a desire to be more engaged in activities he likes.

He prefers to watch TV instead of activities together (which I enjoy). He often he mentions he’s tired and wants to relax. I understand but I’m different in that I want to do more than watch sports. Also, I have a mild medical issue and sometimes need help with small tasks, like picking up groceries. He will do it but it’s like pulling teeth. He doesn’t seem to understand why I can’t just do it as he’s been blessed with impeccable health!

Please pray that we learn to love and serve each other better. We are both established and a bit stuck in our own ways.
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Seeking prayers for my vision be restored and that this blurriness is temporary. I am scared that the seemingly rapid vision loss in one eye may be permanent or a sign of something bigger. I am In a waiting period and my next follow up isn’t for another 10 days. Please encourage me to be faithful and thankful throughout this issue.
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give the selling of my children's book, my first book success!!
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