"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Please pray for me. I have been in an emotionally and verbally abusive marriage for many years . I dont know why I'm still here but u not sure what to do. I also just became unemployed due to company relocating to another state. I need to be working . I feel helpless and hopeless.
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God of Love and Mercy, please I don't want to hurt anymore from being alone. I love W. and I know that he can fill this empty hole that I have in my heart/soul. Please God, bring him into my life. I need him to love me and care for me; for him to be my rock, my strength just as I will be those things for him. I will do anything for him, I will love him with undying devotion, care for him. Turn his heart to loving me so that the two of us together can be an inspiration to others and we can achieve many great things together. St. Valentine and St. Raphael I ask for your intercession for love. I put my life in your hands God so that you will grant this prayer. I am willing to pay any price and make any sacrifice so that this prayer is granted.
2 prayers
I need prayer for my Husband who has turned away from God. This was very sudden for our family and we are trying to recover. He was a man completely on fire for God and now has walked away from his calling. I need some prayer warriors to pray along side me on bringing my husband heart back to Jesus and to break the bondage, chains or ties that are holding him from a renewed relationship with God. Please pray for our children protection and for a renewal of our marriage that has taken a beating. Pray for my strength to not give up and fight for my husband and God will for our family.
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In desperate need of prayer to Keep Trusting that God love me and my family and want us to breathe and know that He got our back and He is not setting us up to fail and to order our steps and for me to take it one day at a time one breath at a time. I Need to accept that He may Not move the mountains. Help me to be happy in my present circumstance and stand in my truth
5 prayers
I need prayers for a family member, he has been battling cancer and was just admitted to the hospital in severe pain. His tumors in his stomach have doubled in size and the doctors don't know how much time he has left. Please pray for God's will and for peace and comfort in this time. Thank you so much
5 prayers
Guys, I wanted to thank you because about a month ago I asked you to help me pray for strength during my last weeks of college and also to do well on my psychopathology test! All went well! Praise the Lord, I am officially a college graduate :) <3!
6 prayers
Please help me pray to have spiritual strength in the personal circumstances that I am facing. Also, that I may find the spiritual guidance that I need in order to do the things that I ought and also remain firm in trial. Lastly, that the job door that I have knocked on may open if it is God's will.

Thank you, guys!
6 prayers
Please pray for direction for my daughter in her relationship with her boyfriend and her job search. Thank you
8 prayers
I haven't been able to find a job in any significant way (part-time temporary gigs here and there) for over 4 years. I will get the random interview every now and then but nothing pans out. I have filled out hundreds of applications. I have had 'things' in my life that would help with employment come and go several times... i.e.: No transportation, phone, home, etc. Right now I have all three, as I have been able to pay for a bare minimum pay-as-you-go phone and have a bus pass, as well as a friend who is letting me stay in the apartment they own/rent out and just pay back the rent later (aka I'm racking up even more debt but I have a roof over my head). Having all three things means I am in the best position I can be given my circumstances to get a job AND I just got a call today to set up an interview for a job I applied for this morning. I really want & need this job. Please pray it goes well! My temp weekends-only job I've had the past 3 months ends at the end of July. I NEED this
7 prayers
I work for a small Christian school that hasn't been able to pay me and may have to close. I have applied to two other Christian schools. Please pray that at least one of them will hire me. Right now I am working for a business that works me 70+ hours per week, no overtime, 6 days per week, and a low salary, just to make ends meet. I need God's help!
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