"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
First off, I want to praise God for blessing me with a job. I have been praying for so long to have work, and I finally have a job. I have been working for a month now, and I'm still having a hard time adjusting to the new environment. I have been making a lot of mistakes and I feel very anxious when I'm in the office. I know I can do better, but there's something holding me back. I constantly doubt myself and feel inadequate. Please pray for me as I am experiencing some growing pains at my new job. Please pray that my confidence grows and that I can be the worker I know I can be. Please pray that God will humble me. Please pray that God will change my perspective and the way I handle stress. Thank you.
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Please pray that I have the grace to let go and trust my greatest desires to God.
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Father, I look to You for the strength and healing that Tony needs to be healthy again. I trust in You to bless his fiancee and his friends. Help them not to give up but to stay faithful, that You are a great healer. You will provide healing, restoration, joy and happiness for them in the morning. In Jesus' name. Amen.
2 prayers
Prayers phone interview goes great tomorrow and I move to the next step
2 prayers
Prayers that my interview goes very well tomorrow on the phone. I'm very nervous this is a large company and I have always wanted to work for them but doubted that would ever happen.
2 prayers
Family Please pray as hard as you can for my love Jake.
Pray he releases control over his work situation
Pray he forgives himself
Pray he sleeps peacefully
Pray he surrenders (he's a strong Christian man but battling surrender)
Pray he can forgive others

Pray as hard as you can as he is almost at his rock bottom and ready to come back.
3 prayers
I come in desperate need. I have been in a battle for almost 5 years now. I not being a Christian at the time 5 years ago called psychics and did what they told me to open myself up. Immediate I was attacked with vivid dreams/strange events. I started seeking God with all my heart. Things are much better but its not over and I am so tired. I started to believe some of the dreams were from God because they seemed like warnings and had scriptures. I beg God daily to make it stop all these years and continue to experience bad things and non stop dreams/other attacks. I have finally come to the point that none of the dreams were from God or sent by him. I have repented for my involvement and all I seem to be able to do is understand when I wake the dreams must be ignored, are not from God and I have to try and go through the day regardless if they come true or not. Please help me, please pray God will take this away. All the spirits of occult, divination, etc. Please Help Me
5 prayers
Confess I have a carnal. Superficial side to me. I am prideful I lust m I am in need of Jesuses help. Holy S help Almighty God love for me again Amin
4 prayers
Prayers for guidance in my career path and strength during this time of singleness. Let my focus be of His will and my life be for His glory.
6 prayers
Pray for my aunt to be saved and her marriage. Also her children. Please God save these kids and may you bless them. God keep this family together amen. Please help them to communicate and love each other. Help her husband G come to Christ. May my uncle know Christ too. Bring him back home to you- he is bitter. Amen
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