THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! My grandson came out of surgery at 6:20 and is back in his hospital room. It was a quick Laparoscopic surgery once they got him in (after 5:00 pm). It all went smoothly, no complications. He is awake, drinking fluids, and a lot calmer. He should be released from the hospital tomorrow and back to being an energetic, happy boy in a few days.

I am thankful, like Solomon in 2 Chronicles 6:40, that “God chose to open his eyes and ears and was attentive to the prayers offered in each place.” I treasure the thought that each of you took the time to hold up our family, the medical team, and especially my grandson!
Thank you sweet Jesus for giving me strength and hope for the future .
Many of you prayed for my daughter and her college classes. Praise God she is doing much better.
My son passed the exam. Thank you so much for lifting him up to God!
Heavenly Father I asked for help in selling our house and it sold before going on market! Thank You Jesus!
I asked for prayer to pass my CDA exam and I did, also I asked for prayer for a friend of mine to find a nice reasonable car and she did! Thank you, God for hearing and answering our prayers. You do love and care for your children, We know that your answers are yes, Not now, and No, because I have something better in store! Thanks to all of you fellow believers for praying! God bless you!
Around Thanksgiving/Christmas last year, I asked for prayers for a friend who was in a terrible car accident. I just saw her yesterday and she is well. Thank you to all who prayed for her here and praise to God for his grace and mercy!
By faith, I give God praise for blessing me with all of the blessings I see and those I cannot see. I give God praise for helping me when I asked for help. I give God praise for saving me from the path I was on and have given me a chance to live a life that is pleasing to Him (i pray I am). He saved me, restored my health, and is healing my broken heart. I thank God for teaching me how to forgive myself and others. I give God praise for blessing me with a home I can share with my family members. I give God praise and lift up prayers of Worship to Him because He Loves Me.
All Glory to God. At WGTSFEST, a WGTS member prayed for me not to lose custody of my 5-mo. old son. Sunday night, I found out the hearing was Monday afternoon. My son’s mother and I came to an (court-ordered) agreement. Joint custody Please continue to pray for me as I pray for you. Thank you.
For the entouragement notes I got from my body shame prayers post; thank you. Especially the this one note I got that reminded me “God loves me I love me”. I am so happy, content and feel God’s love. It’s amazing to see how God works his angels to remind you of his goodness. God bless! 💕

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