Thank you for the recovery of my friend, who was in the ICU.
Thank you for opening my eyes to change the way I was being with my children.
Thank you for keeping me healthy. I thought the chest pain was something bad. But everything is good.
Thank you for our ability to assist(a little) those less fortunate. Although nothing is perfect, we count our blessings and there are many.
Thank you God. My boyfriend got into a really bad car accident the other day. Everyone was surprised at how he was barely touched and they all said "someone is watching you from above" Yes thank you Lord. Prayer works!!! He was left with a couple bumps and scratches but nothing major. Car is totaled but that can be replaced but a life can't!
Praise to you for all you have given us and continue to provide for us on a daily basis.
Thank you for our health. For our food. For our education. The needs are many still, but we thank you because you are with us. You listen to us. You help us stay n your path.
Praise be the Lord and blessed be those who believe!
I have been praying and have submitted prayers on Prayer Works for 3 years to find the right job for me, that will help me to be there for my family and do more in church. I had some positions that were not where I should be and God had to take me out. The last prayer request I had I asked to find the right position that will not cause me harm. The position that I was in and had applied for to be my permanent role, the hiring manager, who was most times very condescending and who lacked empathy, decided to hire someone else, even though I had been in the position for the past 6 months. But it was ok, because if I had been hired, I would have been looking to leave, because it was emotionally draining.
Yesterday, one week after I was told I didn't get that position, I accepted a hire paying job, which allows me to work from home. Hallelujah, now I can drop my kids to school, pick them up and will be able to have more time to do work at church. Thank you all for your prayers.
When I thought it was over he turned it around. Waiting for my test results but I still want to say thinks God. Though I have fear and anxiety but I still want to peace you in the mist of my storm. Thank you 🙏 Lord.
I am so Glad the Sun is Shining and that is Friday and I am Loved by God!
Thank you for your prayers , God is always good and Faithful. Happy to see 15 people who don’t even know me have my hearts deepest needs in their prayers. So thank you!
Thank you for all of your prayers! I have gotten into the habit of asking the Lord for His grace in my relationship with Julian and He has been faithful! Every day I am blessed to see the favor that God has blessed us with. I know that we will have a Godly Christian marriage because that is the desire that has been placed on our hearts. I found out that while his father's heart still has a way to go in order to accept our interracial relationship, he is warming up in a way that can only be an exhibit of God's love and approval. I know that God is working for us and that His loving hand is one our relationship!
Thank you all of the people who prayed for me. I thank you, Lord, for keeping me safe all my life.
I just want to first thank God for His good and mercy He always has for me. He's always good to all of us. I was on a shaky ground two weeks about to lose my job and I requested a prayer. God made a way for the new company to offer me a job with a new position and I also had a surgery and the result came back normal.
I want to thank everyone who prayed for me.

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