Thankful that the animals aren't under quarantine like here in Maryland.
The birds are chirping and the dogs are barking, like normal.
Bugs are crawling and climbing,
most in their happy tiny bands.
Plants're growing tall and (maybe) green.
The One Whom we should lean,
He is a Waymaker.
We can take this.
Praise be to God! He answered us even before we knew we would need his help. My family is dependent on 3 rental units we own to provide us enough income. Last December 2 of the 3 turned over. So we lost out on several weeks of rent plus had the added expenses for improvements. But it was all worth it. We have 3 solid tenants now. Two of the 3 paid their rent on the nose yesterday. We'll probably get the last one today. Prsise be to God! Amen!
Praise Jesus! My mom is a nurse and was in a enclosed room for hours with an exposed COVID patient without her knowledge. Her job tested her and her test came back negative. Praise God!
After five years my father in law is finally leaving his house and interacting with the family. He has been depressed since 2014 and barely leaving the house. Thank you, Jesus, for bring him out of this! Interesting timing for when we need to stay in the house, but at least it happen.
Praise God for his ever enduring faithfulness in always being with me. Thank you Lord, for revealing yourself to me at just the right time that you know that I need your wisdom and my heart is ready to accept your guidance.
On my off days, I've been driving my husband to work, this morning the car wouldn't start, thank you God for the ability to send him safely by a rideshare provider! We had a roadside assistance that came with the car, thank you God for a free jump-start and for the car starting at all! Thank you God for the mechanic stopping what he was doing to take care of my car right away! Thank you God for the blessings of what could have been a very stressful day for me & my husband! They may be little things to others but they are big to me and I am very grateful for a God who blesses us in the big and the small!
Praise to You Lord Jesus for delivering my family thus far and getting my kids home safe .
Praise to You Lord for the brave and wise folks repriotizing their lives to keep our community and country going.
Praise to you Lord for the mercies you have shown us in these turbulent times, to my coworkers and healthcare workers and police and firefighters .
Praise to your for the mercies You have shown Your people when we/they turn from our/their erroneous ways and turn to You the Creator, lover and sustainer of mankind.
Lord, THANK YOU for hearing our prayers for my Auntie. It is thru our staunch faith and your power that she is at home today. I love you!
Thank You God for allowing a game that I like to give a free two week membership code and that it is easy to apply. Just about everybody in the game yesterday was a member!
Thank you Lord for protecting & blessing us. We love you so much and God will overcome this Covid-19 virus. Be strong and faithful because prayer works. We are yours oh Lord, we are your children. Amen. Please wgts team play the song for us called: Rooftops from Jesus Culture feat Kim-Walker Smith. Blessings.

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