God answered me, my family, and the community's prayers for my letters of recommendation to be sent for my application. By His grace I have been contacted by a number of schools. Thank God and I pray that God will continue to bless me with additional opportunities from other schools.
Sunday morning I was praying over a site filled with intensity and frustrations. Within seconds of praying I heard a bird singing a beautiful song in that same site area. I knew it was God telling that He was Most Definitely in control and to Trust In Him! Praise God! Our God Cares About Our Concerns And Is Worthy Of Our Praise! Hallelujah (Matt 6:25-34; Phil 4:6-9)!
My friend who was suicidal told me she wants to live! She is willing to fight for her own life! I've been thanking Jesus 💃🏾
Praises for answered prayers! My son, Chris got a job promotion as a Park Ranger. He will be transferred to Independence Hall in Philadelphia in early December. He is currently working in as a Park Ranger in Georgia.
This new job will bring him closer to his kids, me and his sister and her family! Thank you, Jesus!
I thank and praise God for daily making a way for my family and I despite health concerns and other obstacles. I thank and praise God for all healings and for Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Wisdom. Praise God For His Kingdom and mighty Angels! I thank and praise God for his love for humans and His creation. Praise God! Hallelujah!
Please pray God gives me a finical miracle to take care of myself and my children
Wanted to share what God has done for us. Our family was in turmoil and my faith suffered after a year of struggling to help my depressed, anxious, hurting, teenage daughter. Her behavior, actions, choices spiraled out of control. We were afraid to leave her alone and we lost control. We didn't know what to do after she tried to end her life. She had been to several mental health facilities, where they put her on medications that made her worse and she was around others that taught her new ways to harm herself and manipulate those around her. With no other ideas and lots of prayer, God led me to Teen Challenge's website for teen girls. God changed her heart. She hasn't harmed herself in almost a year. She loves Jesus, herself and her family. She's a new person and she's a wonderful, loving, kind, person and a pleasure to be around. God can soften a hardened heart.
Praise the Lord !!!! He has answered my prayers in HIS time. I am a believer in that statement. I had asked for prayer for my daughter to give her courage to explain to management the trials her “people leader” was giving her. Well, today she had a meeting with uppercut management to explain her situation. It went very well. She is being considered for a promotion during the holidays. She is a happy camper!!!

Thanks to the WGTS community for all the prayers that were sent up. Y’all rock!!!
Thank you for the prayers.... l got a job offer. Thank you Jesus. Praying for a smooth transition and hoping the new job will be great and my manager will be great to work for. Amen
Just wanted to praise God for answered prayers. I asked for prayers on Oct. 2 regarding my husband job. It's been a battle over the last few years with a lot of company politics. I had asked for favor for my husband to be able to hire because they are very understaffed. He came home Thursday night and said it's been approved for him to hire. Thank you for the prayer and thank you Jesus.

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