Thank You Lord for allowing me to wake up another day. healthy. I am grateful for Your continued Grace, Mercy, and Favor in my life and family's life. I thank You for continuing to protect and cover me, my family and loved ones. I give You All the honor and the glory.
I always realize the tremendous blessing to make time to pray for the request that people post here. These needs of others take me outside of myself and encourage me to endeavor for the others who are asking for prayer. Thank you WGTS for this prayer chain.
Thank you for all of the prayers regarding my certification test. I passed it earlier today. After every answer I gave thanks to God and multiple times throughout the test I paused and took strength in all of they prayers. God bless and have a wonderful day!
Thank You, Lord; my brother's results came back fine and stable as he just spoke with one of his doctors. He is dealing with high blood pressure, renal, and other health issues. Thank You, Lord, for continuing to bless my brother Johnnie with Your Grace, Mercy, and Favor.
We thank you, Lord, for your continued Grace, Mercy, and Favor, as my brother Jerome's full body scan showed that cancer has not spread throughout his body. The scan did show a spot of uncertainty, so they are testing him with a CT scan now. We pray for this test, Lord, to also show that the uncertainty area is cancer-free, as You are his Healer and Doctor. We thank You, Lord, for guiding his doctors and everyone involved. Lord, thank You for Your continuing healing hands over my brother's life from head to toe. Lord, we thank You and Praise You! Thank you WTGS prayer warriors for praying for my bother Jerome; as we continue to pray for your needs.
Lord, Thank you for healing my bladder. You are the God of Possibilities. My bladder is showing improvement in the past few days. It is all due to you Lord and the many prayers of the WGTS family. Thanks so much! I know I am HEALED in Jesus name!!!
the afters concert was wonderfull and great we had a great time in the lord. i also loved meeting the wgts91.9 dee jays all of them were there and all of the deejays were present at the concert. love mr jay robbert turner.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and those of others for my friend. She is cancer free!!
The Lord is the....I AM! As my brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few weeks ago, he also needed to take a full body scan last Friday to make sure that no other cancer spread throughout his body. We received wonderful news that my brother Jerome's full body scan was negative, so no cancer spread throughout his body. However, they did see a spot of uncertainty, so he has to take another test for more understanding. However, with this spot of uncertainty, we pray for it to be still cancer free, as You Lord our Jerome's Healer and Doctor. Please continue prayer warriors to pray for my brother, as we are praying for your needs! ~With Great Respect to All!!!
I praise Your powerful Name Lord Jesus in every ways and seasons ! Truly You are the God of possible!
I have been anxious about my planned move as I don’t want to overcrowd my aunt’s place and privacy. I received a call from her about house sitting for someone which is an answered prayer as I need a place for the rest of my stay here. I only need to pay for water and power bill. Thank You for taking me out of the darkness, for these better days I have been living and experiencing!!! Thank You for Your miracles, Lord! Thank You for the provision! I am thriving because of Your love, grace, protection, mercies, and compassion! Amen! Amen! Amen!

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