for my new apartment and my depression. love mr. jay turner.
In my frustration, I attempted to place a large prayer request. The system would not allowed me to send it. I tried to change the wording several times finally giving up. I left a few words. Just two thoughts: Clarity and direction. I was surprise to find out how many people responded and prayed for me and my simple request. The next day, I received clarity about the situation. I am believing God for his direction in all things.
Thank you!
Good evening WGTS family 🙂
Praise Report from one of my current prayer requests :
Praise ye the Lord 😃
I finally bought a new car 🚙 this morning 🌞
Just want to praise He who has seen tomorrow!! He knows us best, the future is His thank you Heavenly Father for today, tomorrow and the days you give us!!! Our lives are yours!!
I love You Lord. Thank You so much for your mercy, forgiveness, faithfulness and love. I just want to say thank you all for prayers! The Lord knows I struggle with debilitating anxiety and I just wanted to thank and praise Him for helping me and guiding me through it! Praise God and thank You Lord Jesus.
Thank you for prayers for my mother and visiting family on Easter Sunday. She was able to enjoy the day and spend one on one time with several family members. God is good! Thank you praying community!!
Join me in praising God for his grace, mercy, and constant reassurance that he hears and see me; that he remembers me and I am not alone.

Heavenly Father,

-With a heart overflowing with gratitude and praise, I come before you today. I lift my voice in thanksgiving for the blessings you have bestowed upon me, especially for the journey of my beloved son.
-Thank you, Lord, for guiding and nurturing my son's faith, for walking beside him as he seeks to know you more deeply and follow in your footsteps. I praise you for his diligence in his studies, for the perseverance he exhibits in his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. It fills my heart with joy to see him thriving, experiencing success in his endeavors, and embracing the challenges before him with courage and determination.
-I thank you, Lord, for the growth I witness in my son, for his openness to communication, and his willingness to learn and grow in maturity. Your hand is evident in his life, guiding him along the path of righteousness and blessing him with discernment and understanding.
-Father, I also praise you for the restful Easter break you have granted to me. Thank you for the moments of rejuvenation and peace, for the opportunity to recharge and reflect on your goodness. I am grateful for the progress of challenging tasks at work, for your grace that sustains me through every obstacle and trial.
-Thank you, Lord, for reducing the stress and fears about my son's future, for reassuring me that your mighty hand is fighting for him and protecting him. Your unwavering love and power bring peace to my heart amidst uncertainty.
-Above all, I thank you for the solace and comfort you provide when loneliness weighs heavy upon me. Thank you for lifting my spirits, for being my constant companion and confidant, even when I have no one else to turn to. Your presence is my greatest comfort, and for that, I give you all the praise and glory.
-In your boundless love and mercy, I offer this prayer of gratitude and praise, knowing that you are worthy of all honor and adoration. Amen.
Good evening my WGTS family 😎
One of my Uncles on my mother's side of the family; him and his wife/my Aunt in-law(one of my Mother's sister in-laws) are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year 🎉🥳

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