Thank you Lord and thank you for all your prayers on Prayer Works that my mom is cancer free and my husband is in good health too. I was so scared but praying each day helped me get through these past few weeks and having hope and faith that all will be OK.
I praise God for delivering my mom. She has been diagnosed with a mental disorder that causes her to experience paranoia and be very hostile. For over a year she was not taking her medication. All of this while I was planning my wedding. I eventually moved out. I started my marriage with more than the usual amount of stress and uncertainty. She disappeared and no one knew where she was other than her saying she was in another state. Several months went by and my husband and I found her sitting in front of her house. She later told us that she had locked herself out however we found out that she had her key in her bag. God put us there at the right moment to help her get the treatment she needed. We were able to convince her that she needed to go to the hospital and get treatment. She's out and now is back on medications and is working again. Praise God!
God has truly been with me through a difficult transition with work. He has opened doors for me and given me what I need to be strong where I am right now. He doesn’t break his promises. He has reminded me of how great His love is and how He wants us to rely on Him.
God is so good. He will always be with us when we call to him. Singing praises to Him today and always!
Please pray for healing and forgiveness for my mom. It will be 1 year of her passing on Feb. 20th.
Praise God that I my former supervisor who I have been praying for her attitude adjustment decided to transfer to another store in the company 🙂
Her last day was last week Friday 😊
Praise the Lord, Amen 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
About a month ago, I asked prayer for my cousin and her unborn baby. She wanted to do an abortion. a lot happened for her not to do it, she is super excited because she is having a baby boy. She already has two girls. It’s unbelievable how God works.
I had been asking for prayers for "Continued prayers for unhappy marriage" over the last couple of day. Just want to say God is working at softening hearts. I don't know what the out come will be at this point, but God is definitely softening hearts. Thanks you for your prayers
The surgery went well without any problems. He is at home recovering. Thanks for all the prayers.

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