Thank you God for everything, thank you for giving me a sound mind to keep making good choices for me and my kids. Thank you in advance for my prosperous business that will provide for us financially and help employ others.
I call it done,,,
So almost a year, my husband almost lost his job, but I came to you the prayer warriors and asked for your help in praying for us. Well, not only did he get his job back, he also got bonuses and he can work as much overtime now due to employee shortage at his job. I am saying all this because our finances was hitting the rocks. But thank God and your prayers we are doing even better than before. I also prayed for a new job as my old job was not working out for me. Now, I have a new job that is more relaxing and pays even more. I am so thankful to anyone that prayed for us and I thank God for listening to all of our prayers.
Thank you Lord! I went to my glaucoma Dr. a couple of weeks ago and he told me my eye pressure went from 20 to 17 in both eyes!
Just a shout out praise to The Lord, as I heard from my son today. I'm thankful that He is continuing to work in my son's heart and mind for healing caused by a bad divorce. In Jesus name, thank you and amen!
A couple months ago I asked for prayer that we would hear from our sponsored child since we had not heard from him since COVID hit. He lives in Peru. Today we received our first letter from him! Praise God for this answered prayer and this precious, beloved child of God.
My animals are like my children, they are my whole entire world. We just lost one of dogs yesterday and now our other dog is not doing good. I pray that God will make him better so we can have him around for a little while longer. Please God please. I cannot lost them so close to each other.
Dear Wgts family this has been going on for 8 years, tried police,FBi, scared out of money by lawyers my younger son has Add,got a 100 % oxygen at birth,please pray for favor with the Attorney General in Mississippi, I live in Dc registered Nurse, drove to Mississippi to get him and the ex sister in law want ransom money to see my son
I will not give up,The battle is the Lord's and the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. I have cried so much,but I am praising my way to vi victory Amen!

Recently I accepted Jesus And have been never more fearless at peace and happy and I went from Loving video games and youtube and things of this world to now, just loving Jesus and only finding interest in him his word and fellowship and witnessing I can't thank God Enough
Maps is showing correct location still having some issues with cell phone but new one is on the way. Got credit for old phone for the same amount I paid for it. Finally have house phone working properly. Thank you Lord. Thank you lord for the technical support people espically the ones with much patience.

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