I praise God for my current work and the ability to buy a home.
I praise God for the health of me and my family.
After two long months, my husband has regained consciousness! After he was put in a medically induced coma, the doctors told me I should withdraw care because he was "someone who cannot be helped." The doctors said if he regained consciousness, he would have severe brain damage and have no cognitive function. Well, after two months of prayer, he has regained consciousness with zero cognitive impairments! He is able to follow commands, speak, read and communicate! He will need to regain his fine motor skills but that's it, and I know God will continue healing him. Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent me words of encouragement each time I posted a prayer request. May God bless you all tremendously! God is good and faithful!
Please pray for my brother Jose Guevara who's been 3 weeks in his room with conv -19. He is having chest pain and hard time breathing now. God please heal his body and lugs. Jesus in your name i ask you for mercy. To take away that sickness with your precious blood. He has 4 kids. I'm asking for all prayer. That can help him with the Faith of God. That God be with him and heal him. Please pray him. I would like to thank everyone in advance who is praying for him. Only God can heal. I will trust in him.
Praise God, my brother who had a brain hemorrhage on Thursday is eating talking and moving both sides today. He is still tired, but I SEE God’s hand in his recovery and I am more than grateful. Thank you to all that took the time to beseech God on his behalf.
Father God, I’m worshiping you, I’m glorifying you for what you been and for what you are for us as your children in the earth. Father, this’s the fourth time my brother and his wife trying to get a baby and I can say finally you bless them and that baby is a few hours to be born in your name. I’m praying you to facilitate his future mother with less pain during the delivery and bless this couple with a new born very soon. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen!
Wanted to thank everyone for the prayers. I started asking for prayers since May and it has been an ordeal. After all medical tests I was diagnosed with colon cancer and I prayed that it had not spread and was contained. Today God answered all prayers. Cancer has not spread and doctors are confident that I will be cured. While waiting in this storm I held on to HIM and even when I lost hope he filled me with peace. Thank you and just praying for successful surgery.
His latest heart surgery went okay he is now home .Thanks so much for all the prayers god is good !
I exalt God Almighty in the name of Jesus for all his wonderful work of glory. I took an exam this morning and I passed in flying colors like I had requested from God almighty. Thank you God for all your great works of mercy. I give praise to your name and give praise to Jesus Christ. I Also worship the holy spirit with all my might and strength. Thank you Father Lord.
I want to thank the many people in this amazing community that prayed for me after I submitted my prayer request on June 12th. I want everyone to know how great our God is! He made it known to all of you that prayed exactly when I needed the prayers the most. He answered them! He heard all of you and me and my family that was praying along with us for intervention. Yesterday that prayer was answered at 6pm. The person that had been causing so much distress in our home left peacefully without anger, my husband avoided altercations with him and had the self-control that only God can provide to avoid making our situation worse, and peace has been restored. There was no need to go to court or to extend the conflict further as I had thought was inevitable. He gave me peace and allowed me to rest a few days after I submitted the request and I felt all was in His hands. He took control and spoke to me through the music on WGTS and his word. Praise and glory be to our living God!!!
God opened the doors and I found a new job this past Jan. Even with all that has been going on in the world, my job has been steady. It’s not perfect, but I do know God has been with me the whole time. Very very thankful. Prayer does work! Keep praying believing and have faith.

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