Lord thank you for all your blessings you have provided to our family. They just come pouring down, small and BIG and we thank you with our whole souls.
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and thank you all for praying for me. My dog was ok for her vet visit. Her knee on her back leg is hurt but not bad enough to need surgery or to be put under, which is great. She will take a month to heal. I still pray for her emotional and mental wellbeing not being able to go play for a month. But Im so thankful she is going to be ok and that she didnt have to get put under. Also I thank you Jesus for everything going good with my relationship and that he recieved the important mail I sent. And Thank you all for your prayers!
i want too give all the glory for the rebirth christian center.
I came on this site about 2 or 3 weeks ago to ask for prayer to get a job that will help me lower my financial burden. I am here to say the Almigthy God favored me and I got a job. On top of the money , I get to work from home. God is faithful!!!! Praise his name forever
My pastor is dealing with the church bullies!!!!
Due to your prayers I was able to communicate my distaste for the tone of the conversation at work that requested effectively the desired change. The person on the line modified his tone of voice immediately without my saying anything insulting, harsh or unprofessional. I got control of the conversation due to proper communication of legitimate distaste for his tone and attitude. Thank you, Jehovah Gibbor. Continue to make me fearsome and fearless in this way.
Just got word that our loan has been approved and we will be closing soon! Thank You Jesus!
Thank you Jesus for showing your mercies and for having grace on me father God! Thank you to all of whom are praying for me! I got the job!!!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Jesus!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! I love you now and forever!!!
Lord I give thanks to your name in Jesus name. We found the Gold chain we were looking for . I am happy that God works wonderful miracles and answers prayers. God I sincerely believe you are real and able to do all things. Thank you God and thanks to all the prayer partners that take time to read and pray over our needs. May God in his infinite mercies bless each and every one of you and your families in JESUS' name. May he meet you all at your point of needs in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen PRAISE THE NAME OF GOD and JESUS
I thank and praise God for daily helping my family and I in spiritual growth, Wisdom, healing, health, protection, deliverance, provisions, Mercy, Grace, support, favor and blessings. God is Great and Worthy To Be Praised. In Jesus Name! Hallelujah!

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