Husband is doing well after having lumps removed. Prayers he will continue to heal.
You are all so generous with your prayers and GOD IS SO GOOD! I asked for prayers last week because we thought we were losing a loving caregiver who stays with my 82 year old Dad who has Alzheimer's. Well, that same day, she found someone who is able to watch her children, so she can stay Dad's caregiver! PLUS, she found another friend, lovely young lady, who can help us with a 4-8pm shift. We're doing all we can to keep Dad in his own home. Every time I received an email that said one of you prayed for me, I got a chill, tears filled my eyes, just knowing someone out there was taking time out of their day to pray for my family, my heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thank you all and thank you God from the bottom of my heart.
Praise to the Almighty God who has given me direction in my career. He told me exactly what my next step is and I am stepping out on faith and being obedient to Him and His will for my life. Thank you for your prayers. Have a blessed and Spirit filled day and week.
Thank you lord for the USA where we have freedom of religion.
I asked for prayers after my house was burglarized. I absolutely have felt myself being lifted up, and peace is returning. Thank you and praise God!
Thanks to all those who remember us in prayers, regarding my niece accident last Monday, she doing better. To God be the glory. Amen
I have posted a prayer request for my son for years so that he could open the door tomGod. He is away at school and gave his life to Christ. He is reading the Bible and no longer questioning Gods existence or what the Bible says. Thank you for praying and continue to pray for him.
Back in the early fall I asked for prayer for a mysterious growth on my tibia. After several visits to different doctors and diagnostics, and MRI revealed that there was nothing besides interstitial fluid, and I had shin splints. This was an amazing outcome for something that looked so scary to me and other medical professionals. Thank you for the prayers that carried me along on this journey. While this didn't have to be the outcome, and God would still be good, I am deeply thankful to God that I am able to keep doing my normal job on my feet as a unit nurse.
my marriage please pray for comfort until god knows what goint to happen i need lots of prayers
I wanted to thank everyone who prayed for me, my marriage and my husband. Back in November I put a prayer request here because my husband of 33 years was talking to to HS Sweetheart and didn't know what he wanted. Didn't know if he wanted to be married anymore. We were separating for 6 months. This was the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with in my life.

Praise he moved back in before Christmas and our relationship has improved on so many levels. God heard your prayers and I appreciate you so much. God has a plan and he never left my side during this difficult time.

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