I want to praise God for getting me to the dentist. The dentist was very kind and said he could fix my teeth for under $500. I am very happy not to have to buy dentures.
Thank You for your prayers for my son who struggled with his Algebra class this semester
Thanks to everyone's prayers my son got an 85 on the final test and paseed the Algebra
Praise be to God!!!! And Thank You again!!
WGTS Family!!! I am so excited to share that my company has been awarded a contract we bid on last month. A couple of weeks ago I submitted a prayer request. I was anxious because one of my references had not responded to the issuing company's repeated attempts to get 1 last reference for our company before selecting contracting companies to provide services. Well, the reference did come through. Our company has been selected as 1 of 4 primary contracting firms to provide staffing services to this educational institution. I am so grateful for all the prayers. Now, I pray that we can service this client in such a way that we connect them with great talent, but also help job seekers create a new narrative. Thank you again WGTS Family!
I wrote a prayer request 1st week of May about me and my husband looking a house in Howard County, I am happy and thankful to say that we found a house that we like for almost 3 months of looking, its not easy made an offer for a couple houses and not accepted. But nothing is impossible with God and to all of you here, who helped us pray thank you so much. We are moving to our first new home at the end of this month. Praise God!
Prior, I submitted a prayer request that God be with the family of my friend who drowned while on vacation in Thailand. Initially, the rescue divers were unsuccessful but have since recovered my friend's body in the last couple days. I praise God for providing my friend's family closure and ask for prayers as they themselves travel to Thailand to bring the body back.
Thank you for praying for me. I prayed that my son would pass his semester and get off of academic probation; God came through he did both. I prayed that I would get a position in my office; I got the position. I asked God to help the uproar in my house and he calmed the anger in my husband. Thank you again for prayers.
Thank you Jesus for the contract we received on our house! It was your timing and the perfect timing as alway.. God never fails me! He is an awesome God!!
I can't thank God enough whenever I thought something was impossible He made a way. He heard my prayers request for my daughter. I know the only way to overcome defeat is to keep focusing on Him and not the problem. Our God is awesome all the time .
Praise God he is so good so almighty!! I posted a prayer last this afternoon about my brother. It’s almost back his old self. He’s been more calm and at peace . All praise be to God we are on the road of healing. Thank you for all your prayers
PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! I posted last week about severe anxiety, and I am happy to say that I have been anxiety-free for 24 hours!!! All glory and praise to God. His love is steadfast and truly endures FOREVER. Be encouraged, brothers and sisters! Our God will NEVER let us down!

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