I am giving God Glory and Praise for a answer prayer, my company that has terminated me from my job after 40 years, were trying to stop me from getting unemployment benefits, I received a letter this week from unemployment stating that they had insufficient information for terminating me from my job. I will now get my benefits, Praise God for answer prayer. Amen
My son struggles with conditions of mental illness. Recently, he was told that his probation would be revoked and he'd be detained at the detention center for 30 days even though he'd had no conflict with police in more than a year. I prepared myself for a long 30 days afraid that he would deteriorate at the detention center, but the same evening, he came home. he was detained for a few hours and then released because of time previously served.
Thank you all so much for praying for my Promotional Process! I feel like I did very well. I will keep you informed of my results once I receive them! God Bless everyone reading this message. 💜
Thank you for praying for my son’s very important exam. He passed and I want to praise the Lord for his guidance and mercy toward him.
Back on 1/15/18 I asked for prayer for the broken hard-drive to be repaired and files I needed to continue to do business be found and be able to be restored to my program. I am self-employed. Last Friday, the IT forensic person was able to repair and restore what I needed. Consequently, I am back in business and I thank the Lord for this and since I am now able to have an income I am sponsoring a child through Compassion to thank Him for his mercies. God Bless you all for all that you do at WGTS.
I submitted a prayer request a while ago about my daughter finding a lump in her breast. Praise God it was nothing serious! We were so worried. Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement!
Praising God for sending my family a retired Mom who can teach me how to raise kingdom kids and trusting that He knows better than I, He knows the way because He is THE WAY
I thank the Lord for the affliction my family is going through right now for I know it's an opportunity to witness Gods Devine power and mercy. I'm trusting Jesus to take care of me and my family as he always has. Thank you Lord!

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