"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
I became suddenly ill last year with a multiple of illnesses and I feel at times as if God has abandoned me. All of these illnesses could mean the worst. I’ve eaten right for my entire life, a devout follower of Christ and an avid athlete. It’s been very unexpected and difficult for me and my family. I am trying to trust God in the midst of my storms as those aren’t my only storms. Please lift me up in prayer and keep me lifted. I need it. Thank you so much.
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Thanks for the prayers 🙏. I have to wait another year for the divorce. Lord please be with me and give me wisdom. Help this year go smoothly.
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Please pray for the financial miracle to come that will help me get a new car. I am so hopeless and I keep on being let down.
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Please pray that God keeps a certain guy from a girl very close to me. Pray he will not cross paths with her and she won't yield to him.
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Please pray that the events of my nightmare I had this morning will not repeat themselves. In the nightmare I was in a dangerous place five hours away and stranded.
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Please pray that God would change me and my boyfriend so that we will choose to honor God with our relationship and marriage. We want to marry one another. Please pray that we will have a Godly marriage. Thank you, God bless!
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My 17 year old daughter has been praying about being a team leader at her part time job. She works very hard, up to 6 days a week, loves to serve others and help her co-workers. Please pray for an opportunity and favor for her.
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Thank you all do much for your prayers.😊
Father God please help our family member who Is overseas to get back in touch with us, they have been having some phone problems? Help them to get a more reliable phone. Help us to hear from them soon in Jesus name Amen!!!!!!!
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Please pray for my daughter who will ne travelling to KY for the summer. Please pray for Holly protection.
Please pray for my school we will be opening back up on Monday. Please pray for a smooth transition and also for all of the staff, kids and families to stay safe and healthy on Jesus name Amen!
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My Daughter is 16 and going through so much at her age. She has no motivation to do anything. She doesn't have many friends. She seems sad all the time. This is not a result of Covid. She's been like this for the past couple of years. I am so worried and I don't know how to help her. Please pray for her and pray for me to have wisdom to comfort and support her in the way she needs!
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