“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6,7
Please say a prayer for my husband. He is in a property deal with his brother and now his brother is trying to back out of the deal. Please pray that everything goes well at the meeting today.
2 prayers
Please say a prayer for my friend Sidney, her husband Tom, and their baby Cleo. Cleo was recently admitted to the hospital with sepsis. The doctors have worked to get her temperature up from 93 to 98 degrees. All types of tests are being performed. They currently think it may be a heart or metabolic issue, but need more test results to determine the true cause. They have medically paralyzed her to keep her calm. Tom and Sidney can't touch her much, because she responds to their touch and her numbers increase too much. This little girl is fighting so hard! Please pray for Cleo!
3 prayers
Today as always I went out to sleep and came back from the hotel
I went out yesterday and today is Sunday
Today is Sunday my son comes home I pretend to be at home because he doesn't know I go to hotel with my boyfriend every weekend
I had to go to church with him
I ve been on this offense for over 3 years
Its something only I can do but I CAN NOT DO IT ALONE .
On Saturday I go to the hotel go out to sleep comeback go to church because its Sunday or if
I go out on Saturday and don't sleep
I take my son home after the service on Sunday
Go out sleep on Monday come home late Monday evening
Please pray for me help me not to go to a hotel
Every single weekend and BREAK UP with my boyfriend who wants to have. a relationship only at hotel on the weekend
Today as always I slept in the hotel yesterday
And came back because its Sunday
I worship sitting in the chapel
Please lord forgive me my sins and punish me
Please pray for me to repent of the sins
I have committed for 3 years as soon as possible
And to BREAK UP with my boyfriend

I pray Jesus Name
24 prayers
Dear Lord Please protect me against my unscrupulous MAs employer and all protected who are being exploited by their employers. Protected by the blood of Jesus, Amen.
21 prayers
It stars again
8316 H Crossing Ct
Manassas VA 20109
Neighbors start again He listen to music From basement to 2nd floor
The whole house are ECHOES
The whole house rings from Music
Please pray for Neighbors town house & condo Mananassas VA
His going seventh days Adventist church every Saturday
Please pray for him lead to church on Sunday with his son and grand daughter
He listen music like this
Dawn, morning, afternoon, evening time every single days
It worse when someone comes to the house to play with him
The sound of the music is loud
Even outside the windows of the house
I pray Jesus Name
13 prayers
I need you Jesus and the WGTS family to pray with me. I'm in a very dark terrible place with no way out. My sins are too great to bear; I'm so sorry for what I've done. I can't take it anymore. Christ have mercy! Jesus please keep that evil person who stalks me away. Please Jesus help me overcome alcoholism. I pray Heavenly Father for your mercy and forgiveness on my soul; save me! Jesus I pray for your love and grace for a second chance miracle at life! I want to live to love and serve you my God and Savior! Amen! 🙏 🙏 🙏!
14 prayers
Please prayer for my cousin who’s doing hard drugs that God Protect him. I saw him tonight and he looked bad.
23 prayers
I am asking for prayers as I seek new employment and peace of mind. Thanks!
21 prayers
Hello there’s a couple particular things God is asking me to do that I am having trouble with. Please pray God help me to obey Him, with the faith and strength to do the right thing. Please pray God help me be patient. And please pray God help my marriage and bless my son and full healing for our family, as we were sick and not getting great sleep at night . Also that we would feel Gods presence peace and protection when we sleep at night, as I’ve been getting lot of warfare. Husband and i got into an argument and need help in our communication and conflict resolution. My husband wants to argue when heated and is mean and accusatory. I want to give it a break and cool down and talk later. Help us Jesus!Thank you very much!!!
16 prayers
So I have been praying for doors to open for a new job and Praise God he opened a door. I have just been nervous now about starting all over agian after been at my current job for 17 years. I dont like having these feelings of anxiety and what ifs. I also have had issues sleeping and I dont want that to effect me. Please keep me in prayer
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