"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Dear All,

Please pray for my wife at her job. The core group of people that she works with are kind and considerate, but her job requires her to travel and meet with people from many different government entities and organizations, and many times she is treated rudely or poorly simply because of the color of her skin. My wife is such a kind hearted person, and people are constantly trying to take advantage of her. Please pray for her to only come into contact with kind-hearted individuals and to not face any kind of discrimination routinely.

Thank you,
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Please pray with me that my husband continues to seek Christ and grow with him. He goes through cycles of losing faith and this time the enemy attacking him strongly. Please pray that he does not follow the ways of the world or listen to non believers. Please also pray for our marriage as this is taking a toll on us.
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My 17 year old daughter starts her new part time job today after church. Please pray for grace and that she will enjoy it.
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I work in a day program with precious adults with developmental disabilities. I love my job and my clients. The Director and the supervisor hate our staff and the clients. They both are very unhappy people who are in need of salvation. They make working at our center as miserable as possible to force staff to quit. They make conditions there so chaotic daily that it causes intensive behaviors with our clients all the while they take such delight in chaos, disunity and misery. Please pray for them and this place.
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The mother of my Muslim friend is having blood clots in her legs and we need to pray for her mother. Also that they may come to know Jesus
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I feel like I have an infection but I can’t afford to go to the doctors now. Lord I pray for protect and healing not only in my body but in my family. You are the greatest Doctor and will heal me in Jesus Name we praise, AMEN
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Pray I find a beautiful girl. I am being tormented daily seeing beautiful girls everywhere and can’t get even one of them. Pray for strength and boldness like I’ve never had before to talk to girls and find me one. I really cannot take it anymore.
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My husband and I are expecting our first child, I am 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I am asking for prayers for a healthy beautiful baby and a joyous pregnancy. I am super nervous and overwhelmed but I am trying to give it to God and just trust he is taking care of us and everything will end up beautifully and just fine! Please keep our little family in your prayers.
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Please pray that Jesus would heal three people in my life who have Chronic Kidney Disease. One is a dear friend, the other two people are people who I met at church. Please pray that Jesus would touch & heal the disease itself & also, whatever caused it in the first place. These are three believers, and please pray that their faith continues to be strong. In Jesus Precious Name, Amen.
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Please pray a beautiful dog, Gracie. She was just rushed to the animal emergency vet after uncontrollable bleeding in her stool. Thanks prayer family!
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