"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at WGTS!I remember when I first got saved many years ago and was reading the bible for the first time and came to the part of scripture that tells of the fruits of the spirit I was so happy to read love joy peace gentleness meekness you know them until I got to longsuffering and then I would read that one real fast hoping it was not for me and I continued like that for many years until recently the LORD spoke to me and said Dan you are reading that one wrong no one could suffer long unless I pour my spirit into them to ease their pain and immediately I said O.k if necessary then let it be longsuffering because his precious anointing is worth it!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/17/18 p.s my prayer request is for a miracle to get through this
1 prayers
Hello- I'm beyond thankful that I have a steady job, but my boss's wife has really been taking advantage of the fact that I'm here and have free time every now and again to do her real estate work for free. Hours of work and driving around the DMV. I've told both of them that it can be very laborious and I feel that I should be compensated financially for it, but nothing's improved. I've been praying, crying, asking God to give me a vision/show me the path He has for me to be used in a work environment where I can bless others and be valued more, ideally with a higher salary because I'll be getting married next year and starting a new journey with my husband. I have very little idea of which career path even to look towards. I ask for prayer for me to open my ears, heart, eyes to what God is going to communicate with me. Thank you all and God Bless.
2 prayers
Please pray for my husband's job situation so that he can find a better paying job. Pray for my family that we will stay together and also for me to find a job I will love.
3 prayers
Thanking God for my husband's job. Praying that my husband will do God's will in his career and that God will bless him with a successful career. Praying that God will connect me to the right job when school starts.
3 prayers
Thanking God for another day to spend with my husband and kids. I have been so bogged down with fear and anxiety that I have not been embracing this beautiful life. Praying that God will walk with me and my family to embrace all the joys in the life. God, help me to drop all the thing that weigh me down and that are not from you and instead give me, my husband and kids joy, laughter and fun as we go through his life.
4 prayers
In the name of Jesus Christ remove the feelings of anger and discord in my heart for the people of authority involved in this case involving a child. May your will be done God in me and them.
4 prayers
I have a discrimination case with my employer over my temporary disability. As a result I lost 860 leave hours of which my boss is willing to restore 440 on conditions that I give up my rights under the ADA by signing a settlement agreement.

I cannot decide whether or not I should sign the agreement. The fact that I hesitate tells me I need to pray so that God can direct me. Please help me pray for wisdom and guidance.

I claim God's directive in my every decision. In Jesus Name.

4 prayers
on the verge of a meltdown every day praying I agreed to let my son live with his father and now certain things have come to light and I fear it is too late and the damage is done. The court order is in place and there are so many details but it was not the right thing to do. I gave in I was weak and deceived I need the immediate reversal of this order I need my son's heart to be returned t the Lord and me. I have found out there are unholy ungodly things taking place at his fathers and girlfriends residence which I did not know please I am begging God to fix this I am desperate. I am sorry I will probably pray every day please Lord please help
5 prayers
My husband has a job interview today. Please pray that God will intervene. Thank you.
7 prayers
I am a mom of 2 handsome boys, wife to a wonderful loving husband, coworker to a great friend and a daughter to a household of brothers, a dad and mom. Its hard to split into so many roles and at times I see myself exhausted and frustrated. Here is when the irritation turns into yelling, crying and guilt. I know the Lord has blessed me immensely and he will continue to do so. I'm just wanting prayer to help me walk through these roles. Thanks
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