"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
I'm asking that you pray with me I have been waiting for almost 5yrs for a decision to me made about something I'm dealing with. It has caused me to become very depressed over it just praying for an answer so that I can pick up the pieces to myself put this in the rear view mirror so to speak and look ahead on how to handle my life to see a future were I no longer have to think about this and I can focus on me and smile again. I ask that you just say a small but simple prayer for me. To all who do I thank you
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Lord, I am heartsick because I see my dream slipping away from me. Please tell me what happened. I don't know how to function at work anymore. And, that worries me, too, because I am my family's only support. Please help me. In your Holy Name I pray, dear Jesus. Amen.
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If you are saved by Jesus, and not good works. I just type a list, but can't find it. Please pray Jesus does His will in those 14 prayer request. Everyone please feel free to check out www dot chick dot com
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Please pray for God to help me change because life as it is now seems to be going nowhere or at least nowhere good. I feel like I'm stuck in the same issues.
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I heard a funny line in a country music song today. I went something like this.

"It's okay if your life falls apart. Tacos fall apart all the time. But, we still love them!"

Ain't that the truth? Yup. It is. I thought it was a funny way to reinforce various Bible verses like being patient in affliction, God loves us even when we don't feel loved, etc.

This gave me a much-needed laugh today. Thought I would share. God bless!
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Please pray for my wife to come home and leave this affair with this man.
9 prayers
Lord, please guide me in my relationship with JR. lately, it’s seems I’m an annoyance to him. Sometimes his comments feel like tiny jabs as if something is wrong with me or I’m not good enough. Lord, guide my actions so that I am obedience to you so that the best will come out.
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prayer that the anemia i have is just iron deficiency and can easily ve treated with medication and diet and nothing serious .
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Lord, you know how I have been peppering you with prayer requests today. I am pouring out my grief. But, I am having a hard time letting go and trusting you. Help me to do that. Please grant me peace even though it means being unconscious or something. I am consumed with grief. In your Holy Name I pray, dear Jesus. Amen.
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It has been brought to the forefront of my mind a bitter thing that I said to a colleague. I regret it. I think it was interpreted in the worst possible way. I don't know to fix it the trouble it caused me. Dear Lord, please help me clear the air and fix it for me. In your Holy Name, dear Jesus. Amen.
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