"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
That God almighty,should hold us together as one family as long as we live,we should be each others,keeper,my third child prayer for God to use him for his own glory.i told God he give me five kids and I'm giving our life back to him to use for his glory, and lastly a job for my daughter anita,amen
3 prayers
Please Pray for a home situation that will be occurring from Thursday night through Saturday. Thank you so much!
3 prayers
Please pray for me to have the wisdom to at least get a B on my physics test so my grade stays afloat
3 prayers
Allow me to trust in you. Do not let my worries take over my actions. Bring serenity and peace to my mind.
In Jesus name I pray.

4 prayers
Pray for God to send me a full time job soon and be able to gain financial stability and relief. I pray for the resources and financial help to get through this time as well.
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Lord, I pray for our situation with the lady who got hit in the head from a bathroom door works out. I pray that she remains healthy. I pray that for all parties involved that this situation comes to an positive close without any issues because children were involved. Please pray for everyone involved.
7 prayers
Please pray for me. I interviewed for two jobs and am trying to wait and trust God. I suffer from anxiety and the unknown is very hard for me. Thank you.
10 prayers
On Monday I was surprised by receiving a phone call from the owner of the company that I worked at telling me they were letting me go. I work in social media and it's a very small community of companies that do the work that I do so I'm not sure what direction to go in. I've worked from home the past 6 years and it's been such a blessing. I'm disappointed and losing the job but I'm even more concerned about the financial loss. Please pray that God would show me what direction to go in and that he would bring the right job and I would have wisdom to know what one to take. Thank you and God bless.
10 prayers
Please pray for my brother. He is 45 years old and has battled mental illness for over half of his life. He took a trip to Amsterdam a week ago. We haven’t heard from him since he left. He’s not responding to calls or texts. I’m very worried.
12 prayers
For my sister- she is struggling with issues with her ex husband- he makes her life harder. She also struggles with depression. The combined stress has got her down and she needs some help. Please lift her up in prayer.
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