"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Thank you for praying for my husband. He had his meeting with his boss to let her know about his mistake. It seemed like she understood and that things were going to be okay, but she had him send her an email restating what happened, and because he is on probation, he could still be fired! Also, if the customer complains, he could be fired. Wednesday, he also had a very rough day at work and wasn't happy with his own performance. Then he made another mistake yesterday. Please pray that he doesn't get fired, that he continues to improve, and that he glorifies Christ in his job. I work for a small, struggling church/Christian school with no benefits and that hasn't been able to pay me since September, and that may be forced to close. We need my husband's salary and medical insurance to support our family and to pay for treatment of some serious medical conditions that I have. Thank you for your prayers. God is answering them!
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God of Love and Mercy, please I don't want to hurt anymore from being alone. I love W. and I know that he can fill this empty hole that I have in my heart/soul. Please God, bring him into my life. I need him to love me and care for me; for him to be my rock, my strength just as I will be those things for him. I will do anything for him, I will love him with undying devotion, care for him. Turn his heart to loving me so that the two of us together can be an inspiration to others and we can achieve many great things together. St. Valentine and St. Raphael I ask for your intercession for love. I put my life in your hands God so that you will grant this prayer. I am willing to pay any price and make any sacrifice so that this prayer is granted.
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Please pray that God will bring me a good friend. Iron to sharpen iron, and someone to pray and laugh with through life.
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Please pray that I have the courage and stubborness to be faithful to God, as He's been so faithful to me.
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I pray for continued greath health both of mind and body today and in the future. I pray for the effects from my concussion to be healed. I believe in Your healing Lord! No Pain, No Dizziness, No Memory Loss and all other negative feelings, pains, issues and effects not to exist. I also pray for my eye site to improve! I have faith in You! I will cast my cares on You!
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Praying that my husband gets this job, if your will God. Praying for patience and perseverance to let go and put all our trust in you, God.
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Please pray for me to overcome my fear and stage fright
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I've been experanceing panic attacks lately. God please help me overcome this terrible feeling
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Please pray for me that I get a job soon, I am currently waiting on response from the hiring manager, please pray that he allow me the opportunity.
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I asked for pray the other day for court , went and just agreed not to have any contact with my wife for 1 yr . When I was served the order I didn't know what the charges where . Meet with my lawyer before the hearing , kind of read over things on what she had down . It was true for the most part , I asked the lawyer to email me a copy of the charges , after reading them I was floored . I'm glad she found it so easy to stretch the truth . I still dearly love my wife and I would like to work things out . I have no hard feelings because I know I have hurt her in the past , but i had problems and I didn't know how bad . But God found me and he has me on the right path . I go to church just about every Sunday , I go to therapy I have come a long way in a year . I just pray that my wife finds the lord and God binds satin from our lives . I pray that the truth comes out and it comes out soon . I don't want a divorce , we had split before but when we got back together we never fixed things .
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