“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6,7
Please say a prayer for my youngest sister Kenyetta, she is having surgery today. Pray for our mom whom Kenyetta normally cares for and now me and my sisters will be standing in until she recuperates.
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Prayer for our marriage that we may love and support each other as God loves us and may be have a home of peace, love and joy for our family our kids and ourselves. May we break free of argument and toxic communication and come together as husband and wife loving and supporting each other.
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Many prayers Lord reading up so when I get this baking going I can do fundraising for places close to my heart. Please help me to become better organized and planning. Please let me do well enough so I can have help it say in the read will definitely eed 2 or 3. Please place people I can trust in these positions with me. I have the desire in my heart I know I can do this lord. Let your will be done.
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My son-in-law has a job interview today. Please pray that he gets this job. Thank you.
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Please pray for me as I need to complete a graduate paper today in the midst of having a daughter home who has mental health issues. Pray for peace in the midst and clear, undistracted thinking. Please pray for her salvation as well and that the Lord would break off her relationship with an alcoholic drug addict. THANK YOU!!
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Please pray for my dad who is having prostate cancer surgery today! I wish I could be with him today, but he did not want us (the kids) to know until 2 days ago. I am praying that God guides the doctor' s hands and the remove every cancerous cell in his body.
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This is a request for my sister, Kristie. She is the POA and main contact for my dad with advanced Parkinson’s. In addition to managing his care, estate, finances etc she is navigating joining a new firm for her job (she is the only provider for her family of 5). To say she is overwhelmed would be an understatement. She needs a breakthrough in her life of direction, and things falling into place. She is a strong believer but running into a lot of opposition these past few months. Thank you for your prayers and for going into spiritual battle for my sister Kristie!
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I have something this morning I have to do that I am endeavoring NOT to be anxious or worried about, but to seek God's peace instead and BREAK the stronghold. I will have PEACE and VICTORY in JESUS NAME. Please unite with me in prayer. Thank you and God bless.
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Please pray for my parents. My dad is showing the signs of Alzheimer and he is only 80. My mom and I decided to pray for a complete cure.
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Prayer of protection, direction, clarity, wisdom

Dear Lord, I pray for peace and protection in my family. I pray that we will make good strides and we will not stumble. I pray for your guidance, direction, clarity, and wisdom in our daily life. Please help us make wise decisions as we need direction. I pray that we will have good success and that we will not fail at whatever we put our hands to do. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen
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