“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6,7
I have a friend. She is 89 years old and I'm 33. We have connected in a short period. We are both born in August, days apart. She believes im Heaven sent. I don't see that. I just feel I'm being myself. We have similar experiences of suffering in life. She tripped and fell in public before I met her and her recovery has been like a roller coaster. It's almost a year and she feels like it's her time to go soon. She gets incredibly weak, numb, forgetful, etc. I know her normal. She feels like her life took a turn for the worst. Some of her family is more helpful than others. Im overwhelmed. She really depends on me to always be there. I just work weekends. I have two children, I'm living with my mom, I don't have my own car, and I'm going something difficult in my life with my marriage. Sometimes she sees it in my eyes, even though Im trying to be the listening ear, make her laugh, and be supportive. I always have the smile. I really want her to get back to life. I pray both of our situations get better. Or is that just the way it is
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Prayers Needed Today at 3pm for William and Zachariah Brice.
today at 3 they will have their second test for brain activity. yesterdays test was not what we had prayed for We know there is POWER IN PRAYER AND GOD CAN DO MIRACLES. They need MIRACLES. PLEASE EVERYONE JOIN TOGETHER AND PRAY FOR THESE 2 boys at 3.
at 3 they will have their second test for brain activity. yesterdays test was not what we had prayed for We know there is Power In PrayerAND GOD Can Do Miracles They needMiracles. Please everyone Join Together and Pray at 3 pm for these 2 precious boys
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I am praying for a family from my church who suffered greatly on Tuesday when a house fire consumed their home. Two young boys suffered severe smoke inhalation and are hospitalized. They have been unresponsive since Tuesday. Today (Sunday) they are doing a final test at 3pm. I am asking that we shower heaven with prayers for these two boys and their family. It will take a miracle but our God is a God of miracles. Please pray.
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Please pray for Sharon. She has dementia. Prayers for everything that comes w this terrible disease. Also she does not fall, faint, over all is healthy.
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My son is a freshman in college and has applied for nursing schools. He's waiting for the result. He has a lot of anxiety and could not concentrate on his study while waiting. Please help us pray that he will have good result for his applications and he will be offered admission to a good nursing school. Thank you!
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Please pray favor I get more hours in the workplace this week.
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Please pray God bring into my life my husband the one that loves me for my heart and soul.
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Please pray my position the ones I'm watching follow rules and I won't have to take steps when they don't.
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Prayers for a miracle of healing for Matthew; prayer for healing of my broken heart, allow me to be a friend, and to follow God’s will for my life
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Lord thank you for another week; you helped me make it through some tough times. I ask the WGTS family to please pray with me. This is going to be another rough week ahead. I'm sorry for my sins and cry out for a second chance miracle at life! Please help me overcome alcoholism Jesus and please keep that evil person who stalks me away; I live in fear. God my Savior I pray for my wife, marriage, health, and job! Please Jesus hear my prayers and have mercy and forgiveness on my soul!
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