"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
Please pray for peace between me and my in laws. Our current relationship is rocky and I would love true forgiveness and peace between us all
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Bed bugs have invaded my rental home for believers and are destroying our peace of mind and creating conflict. Please pray for permanent elimination after treatment of these pests and shalom in my home. Praises to our Lord and Source of help in time of need. Thank you!
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I have been feeding two stray cats one with only three legs and the other looks like he might be blind in one eye. I've made several attempts to catch them in a cage. I have talked to an organization who said they would take both the cats. But I am having trouble catching them because they are very afraid of the cages and dont trust people. They will eat the food I put out but not if I put it in the cage. Please pray that I can catch them in the cage so that I can bring them to a safe and loving environment and get them the medical attention they need.
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Please pray for my 6 year old grand-daughter who all of the sudden started misbehaving. She is talking back to her mom, not telling the truth even for small stuff, and saying inappropriate things. My daughter is a single parent and my granddaughter father is not in her life due to her being the result of an assault (needed to say that so you don’t pray for him to come into her life). My daughter has a 7 month old and her dad come over on Saturday. When he is around she try to get his attention which is not good since my daughter and him are not together. Please pray for my daughter to pray to god for wisdom; her health is not doing well which it takes from her to have to talk to my granddaughter all the time. Please pray that god will touch my granddaughter heart and although she is just 6 she will stop the misbehaving. Please pray that god will show me, my daughter my husband and son how to give her the attention she need. It breaks my heart that she try so hard to fit in with everyon
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Jesus please fill me with the Holy Spirit and soften my heart . Fill all of us calling out to you.
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My husband mom passed this month it would make four year and he discussed with me that he feel stuck and lost because she is all he had. He is holding me up to the standards to fill the void that only his mom and god can do. He has allowed his mourning of her to turn into bitterness and anger towards everyone. He will allow his anger and frustration of what he is dealing with trying to get over her lost to allow him to get upset and often have what I call tantrums over just about everything. He makes decisions and get these view points about people and things that’s not right. I have been praying for him and I don’t know what more to do. I can’t talk to him to be honest about the situation because he will play the victim and don’t take ownership of his wrong. He is know thinking that we are married and we need to spend 24/7 with each other and he has all of these viewpoints about what marriage is supposed to be but failing to realize we never had that foundationHe is stuck in grieving
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I work in a center with adults with developmental disabilities. I enjoy my job and my clients. The Director promoted supervisors who hate our staff and the clients. They make working in our center as miserable as possible to force staff to leave. They target me daily and now I am seeking the Lord for wisdom if I should seek employment elsewhere.
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Please pray for the healing of a cold sore that I developed while on a stressful trip this past week. It’s painful and embarrassing. Please lord deliver me. In Jesus name amen.
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There is this eveil trying all kinds of things on kids so that he can prove his strength......... Pleas pray for us.
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Please pray that my husband and I end our separation and unite to work on our marriage together. Please pray that we find the joy and fun we once had with each other.
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