"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
I ask that you pray with me for my dad's health; he is having a biopsy of his prostate and I pray the results are healthy. Lord, I ask that you give my dad strength and peace during the procedure, while waiting for the results, and for what may come of the results. Lord, please bless my family that we have the strength to support my dad through this time. Lord, please bless our family with good health now and in the future. Thank you Lord so much. Thank you all for your prayers and may God bless you.
4 prayers
Fast & pray. Heavenly father forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband). Deliver us from all devil’s clutches. Father thank you for everything, have mercy-grace on my daughter touch-heal her mind-body-soul. Father shower YOUR blessings of success-knowledge-wisdom- good health -joy-peace-happiness-protection on her. No one may harm- hurt her. Help her in study-exam-guide her. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. Provide all her needs (healthy food-vitamins-minerals). Protect me-my job. No one may harm-hurt me. Heal my mind-body-soul. Heal my fingers. Deliver me from evil-unwanted-uncontrolled thoughts, forgive me-do not leave me. Remove my husband’s stony-bitter heart. No more strength. YOU are my HOPE. He may not take my increased earnings. Help me father I need finance. DESTROY all evil plans against me & my daughter. THANK YOU. In Jesus name I pray Amen
5 prayers
My brother had a seizure (also has autism) & he’s been acting like he use to very angry, distructive, and not himself. Lord you’ve done it before I believe and declare you will do it again. Give him peace and happiness like I know you do! Thank you in Jesus Name Amen
9 prayers
My daughter is a junior in high school. This year has been very hard for her with her classes, and having to prepare for the SAT. She is feeling very discouraged, hopeless, depressed because he feels she cannot focus on her studies, and is not doing well. She has not been able to step up to face the challenges. She is feeling very worthless. I am trying to pray with her and for her. Please pray for her to grow closer to God, feel hope, be encouraged, be able to focus. Pray that the holy spirit will strengthen her. Pray that her eyes are opened and she can see the miracles God is performing in her life. Please pray for her to do well in her studies.
8 prayers
God has placed on my heart His need for me to be consistent this year. So, I plan to post my prayer requests daily until my prayers are answered. I thank you all in advance for your prayers. I know the Lord will hear us & answer in His time.

My first prayer is to put the Lord first in my life & to have patience & wisdom.

Please pray that my boyfriend, Julian, & I will marry one another. God has put the desire for a Christ-centered marriage with him on my heart & I want to love him in every Godly Christian way. I want to care for my husband & I know God wants him to do the same for me. Please pray that we will put God first in our marriage & lives.

Julian's dad, Joseph, has expressed racism towards our interracial relationship. Please pray that God would change his heart.

Please pray for prosperity and health for my family & the successful completion of my Master's studies in May 2020.

Please pray for good stewardship of my finances, diet, & exercise.

Thanks! God Bless!

4 prayers
Taking my elderly dad to the ER right now because of paranoid delusions. It's been ongoing for a few years but he's been unwilling to address it. He's in his mid-eighties and has been hiding in his home almost 3 years now to protect his stuff and has no interaction with anyone but me. I know it's not God's will to keep someone alive & healthy that long just to hide in a home. Please pray for good medical guidance and God's Holy Spirit will move to set him free from this bondage and reveal His purposes in Dad's life.
7 prayers
Please pray for our family. We are in a serious financial hardship. My husband is so discouraged- He said he feels the worse he has ever felt. Please pray for me to face this battle and not lose hope. Please pray for peace through this trial. Pray for our children to have testimony of God’s grace through this.
7 prayers
I am in a very toxic work environment that not only has damaged my confidence and self-esteem but also affected my health. I’ve had difficult job situations for three years/jobs in a row so I am tired and want to give up. I am looking for an opportunity to transfer to a different department or find a different job altogether. I need His strength and wisdom to stand firm in the current job and to make the right decisions as I look for another one. I also pray that He will send helpers along the way who could provide some insights and serve as mentors.
5 prayers
I am being constantly harassed by a particular person at work. Please Pray that the Lord will give me a complete and Total Deliverance from this person. I just want to go to work and not be bothered.
5 prayers
Please pray for Jeanine that the Lord would give her favor with her job. We pray a hedge of protection around her.
4 prayers

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