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God my nerves are rattled. Please protect my job and grant me peace of mind. Father, please help me to improve in the career you blessed me with and to be a better asset to my company and to the people I am serving. I know its anxiety but it creeped in all of the sudden. Please bless me and watch over me. Please watch over my family and bring peace of all of the members of our family without others trying to take each other down. Father, please let there be forgiveness for things said that shouldn't have been said and restore harmony to our home. I pray that your would tear down every strategy seen and unseen that would has bad and harmful intentions. I pray that those intentions are plans not prosper. In Jesus name. Amen.
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Please pray that my best friend and I reconcile. I have been hurting without him and unable to let go. I truly feel that God had us separate for a reason but I also feel He hasn't allowed me to let go for a reason. I truly love him. Please pray we get our second chance.
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I have been asking for prayer for protection at a hostile work place for almost 3 years and that Jesus would provide the perfect job. The new job, with a great company, has been provided and I have limited time left in the bad situation. THANK YOU!!! for praying with me. Please also pray for continued protection as I wrap up and that I would deal with these folks with the right words, maturity, wisdom and grace. Thank you, again!
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Just me.
Though both of us need prayer, the bigger sin issue as of this day is in my estranged wife's life. Most of you have seen the story here. For those of you who haven't, wife changed from 40 year old christian entrepreneur into 20 year old party girl, over a VERY short time. Suspect more than alcohol. I understand- could not handle turning 40, could not endure marital adverdity, tasted the world,, and found it DELICIOUS. Lies, false witness, and everything in Gal 5:19-21. After all this , I still love her, and would rather not divorce, and I pray that God brings about consequences leading to repentance.
I am of course hurt & humiliated, and I ask your fervent intercession. The pain and fear of losing her is insane, especially at awakening in morning.
Please pray warfare against the enemy 's part in this, and for the Divine turning of my wife back to fear of The Lord
For her, join me praying Eph 1:17-19,
Eph 3:14-19, and Phil 1:9-11. Thks all of you
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My church may or may not be breaking the terms of its Christian Copyright Licencing International license, either deliberately, through ignorance, through error or they may not be breaking it, I'm unsure. Please pray that God will make the true situation known to me, together with His will; and also that He will make both very clear to me.
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I have a muscle disease which causes me to be very weak. I have a 4
month old son and it's hard to care for him when my husband isn't home. It breaks my heart that I can't always hold him when he's crying because I'm too weak. Please pray for physical strength and that my medications start to work. I am very worried to go to work tomorrow as I have to walk a lot and could hardly do my job on Friday. This is a new job that I need to pay medical bills. Please pray that I'm able to walk at my job tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Please pray that my strength would be restored and that my medications would work once again.
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I went to church today and left there thinking maybe this is not for me but maybe it is where I am supposed to be. I left there back in November and took a 4 month break and then went back in March and that was a bad day for me and so I took another month off and went back last weekend for Easter Sunday and that was a good day then today I went back and came home feeling like everyone there hates me so bad. I feel like people are gossiping about me because I have been gone so long and they can be pretty petty at my church to. I volunteer with my church's food pantry on Saturday;s giving food out to the community and I have been with this ministry for about 13 years and this church for close to 13 years as well. There is an elder gentlemen named Ray and he volunteers there to and he was the one whom talked me into coming back to my home church and he keeps telling me to come back weekly and I just don't know why God wants me there. God help me and heal me. Bless you prayer saints.
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I'm still living in the same house that my x husband Dale Green lives I n we don't talk we don't sleep together he is seeing someone else too its very awkward and depressing our son Tristan is going to school in Artesia. I am so proud of him please pray the precious LORD will direct my footsteps. I walk everywhere too I also don't have a vehicle I live on a fixed income I have to have cataract surgery pretty soon too please pray I can meet a godly gentle Christian man to have as a friend I get so lonesome thank you
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I just ended a relationship that has been going on for off and on of 6 years. He is married to his job and I have realized I'm not ever going to be a priority in his life. This is so devastating to me because I am now alone with no prospects.
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I humble myselfy before you in prayer and petition that you please pray over our financial needs to be able to obtain the help we need to bring our family together!! My fiance is currently in a family court matter where he is requesting joint custody of our daughter. However due to the difficulty of the case we need to retain the help of a Family law attorney. We have Faith that with our family, friends, and the help of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ we can be blessed with the help needed to be able to Love and raise our little family in the word of Christ and to love Faithfully and unconditionally as our heavenly father Loves us all! I ask that you please Pray so that God may pour his love into his ex's heart and soften her heart to see that this is only hurting our beautiful baby girl! That you pray over our Princess Emma so that she may know that we Love her and miss her!! God Bless you all
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