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I pray for my personal, family and spiritual life. May I overcome my fears and fulfill my dreams and help me in my day to day. May I be strong when the pain overwhelms me.
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Allison Dickey, my cousins daughter in Texas went missing July 23, 2017. Pray for her safety and return home.
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I realize that in comparison, this is minor to others posting. But my sweet pet is sick this morning. I stayed with her as long as I could, but I have to get to my job. Neighbor is going to check on her today, but I am just sick and worried. Tired of being sick and worried. Thank you
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Father give me the strength and energy to get through this day. The physical pain is great today. My heart hurts lord. Clear my mind and organize my thoughts. I feel like I'm losing my mind. You know the many burdens I am facing right now. Father I lay them all at your feet. Abba father in Jesus name lift these burdens from me. Thank you for always being there and right on time. Thank you for the many blessings I will receive this day. Amen
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My daughter has a baby and her current living situation is very stressful. I am praying for Him to open doors and help her to submit everything to Him. She needs to find daycare for the baby and that is adding anxiety for her. Thank you for your prayers.
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Please pray for my impulsive spending. I realize I do this on occasion and would like to take control of that bad habit. In addition, I would like to use that money towards Gods work by giving it back. Please pray with me on this. Thank You and Bless You!!
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Please pray for me as I am having a tooth pulled tomorrow, and that this goes well. Thank you prayer warriors!
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I need your help in prayer: Divorce is final, criminal trial is over, and I am evicting her from my one house in which she has been living as she pleases, committing adultery while I was restricted by the courts.
It is adolescent, but painful nonetheless, to hear thst she still is bearing false witness against me, by telling new young crowd half her age that I am evicting her from her home (it is *my* home), that I gave her 10 days, (it has been 85 days since she was first notified) , that I accused her of adulteries with scores of men (no, just 2, half her age, within a three-week time window in Nov, that I *know* of, as well as heavy drinking , emulating that crowd)
Heartbreaking to see this severe denial of her own immorality, false witness, the 17yrs youner boyfriend , & gauge where her mind is. Not good. The mother of my toddler has regressed to 20 yr old party girl. At this point I am casting her out, praying for God to break my soul ties w/her & all her ungodly bonds
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Brothers and Sisters pray for Maria she has an appointment with her Director this morning. that God will help her tell the story and kim will understand if she has to move from the floor that she Will find another job pray for better positions she accept responsibility and try to make a difference but theres some people that they say they know God But there way tell difference kudt pray for us and dont forget mandy to be save and my to others girls and family to stay close to God a.f myself to lets pray for all of us that when we make a mistake take responsibility accept that we are sinners I thank you father you are the only one that cares just hold me in you arms is where I want to be In Jesus name Amen
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Dear Beloved,

Please pray to solve all differences in between my blood line, my family, friends, relatives and acquaintances both internally and externally & blessings to us and please solve all my, my family and our belongings problems & obstacles with good solutions for us with out an evil eye on us with powerful protective shields guarding us forever permanently at all times.

Yours loving brother,
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