Not sure what is going on with our kitty, all we know is our baby has been sick for a bit now, we don't have the means to get him to a vet, due to a job loss and trying to get on our feet after a year, we believe in Jesus healing power, and know full well that by faith he can be made well, I stand in His promises. I claim our fur baby's healing in Jesus name!!
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Turning the other cheek so many times I feel like I have whiplash. Please pray that I have peace and forgiveness and I can let go of this anger that keeps trying to creep up. Completely free of the anger.

I need to let go and and be at peace that I won’t get an apology or even have my side heard or be justified.

I want to be free of the baggage that people will never admit their wrong or apologize for blaming me for their wrongs.

I really just want to be free and at peace and be overwhelmed with joy.
1 prayers
My husband, our Service Dog and me are living in a motel room for the winter and it runs $1,100.00 a month. We are both disabled and I am currently the only one receiving SSI. My husband will begin on Feb. 19, 2020. I only bring in $1,391.00 a month and we must pay $75 for a storage garage and $94 for our cell phones. That leaves very little for all of our meds and laundry and anything such as personal items let alone gas for our truck. Please pray for us that we can receive God's Blessings and find a way to pay for what we need for the rest of the months until February. $200 each month would allow us to purchase what we need. Thank you and God Bless.
1 prayers
Hello. My husband and I have been working through Dave Ramsey's baby steps and have been trying to pay off our car loan. Last week, my husband went for an oil change and the place that did it didn't do it correctly, and ruined his engine. Thankfully insurance is giving us the money that the car is worth to pay off the loan. Praise Jesus! but now we are in need of a car and we have no money to buy one. We really don't want to finance another car and go back into debt. we're believing for somebody to give us a car or for us to be able to buy a car for only $500 that's not going to break down. please agree with us in prayer as this whole process has been a total blessing from God. He is allowed for us to pay off this debt and I really don't believe he wants us to go back into debt. We only have a rental until November 3rd so we need an answer by then!! Praising Jesus for his provision!!

Sharal and Nick Snyder
1 prayers
Alice Visionary Foundation Project (AVFP) is a christian ministry in Kisumu County, Kenya that works to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable. We do this through educating orphans & vulnerable children as well as empowering woman and girls through many types of programs. As with many nonprofits here in the US and abroad, there has been a significant drop in funding over the last 2 years. As we transition through many changes due to funding cuts, we ask prayers for our staff and participants. We also request prayers for funding opportunities so we may continue to reach more people and be able to share God's love and give hope for the future.
6 prayers
I'm asking prayer for a steady, full-time job at this time as I pursue opportunities of serving in the mission field. I have student loans that need to be paid off and am seeking organizations to serve with. I have a love for photography and a heart for the world. Please pray for God to direct me and make a way when it is hard to see a way.
2 prayers
My name is Jesu and I'm from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.
3 prayers
I have a prayer request for a fulltime medical secretary job. I was in a car accident and have not been able to find full time employment. One of my injury's is visible. I also need prayer for my struggle with grieving the loss of my daughter. I need prayer for my granddaughter who now have no mother to lean on. I need prayer for knowing how to help my granddaughters. I need prayer with knowing how to go on with all these bad things that keep happening.
4 prayers
Hello, Please pray for my son's marriage. He is 25 and told his wife that he wants a divorce. She is devastated, as we all are. She is like a daughter to my husband and I, and a sister to our own daughter. She's trying to make it work, he isn't sure what he wants to do. She moved out today, (praying that it's temporary.) Untreated anxiety and depression are one factor, but he's going to the doctor's this week!! Pray that the enemy will leave my family alone. Thank you!!
3 prayers
For years, I have been praying for my fiancé’s salvation. I believe that God has promised me that he will come to know Him, and the entire process has been a very humbling experience on my part. I’ve been seeking “reinforcements” in any resource I can to bring him before God. If any of you could pray for Dan’s salvation, I would be so grateful. God is faithful and I know things are done in His timing, not mine.
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