I want to give all the credit to God for bringing me through the last 4 hours of not giving in to my addiction. I cried out to God for help, admitted I was in trouble and needed HELP. He gave me distance and perspective so that I could breathe instead of react. I had time to pray and read scripture instead of giving in and I saw for the first time that all things are possible. I'm feeling blessed and peaceful right now.
Thank you to those who prayed for me! I had an abnormal stress test and needed a CT angiogram. The results showed just minimal calcification in one artery and the others were all clear. I am thankful for your prayers and to God for the good results.
I've realized that there is a lot more prayers than praises. but we should be praising God for everything that He's done for us, even through the hard times. I just want to praise God for my family. I'm 13 years old. in 2016, my parents decided to foster kids. if you don't know what that means it means, that sometimes kids get abused and not taken care of by their parents so, a caseworker will take the kids away and try to find a safer home for the kids. so, one time we got a call about these kids who just came into foster care and needed a home, my parents decided to let them come live with us. so, these three kids came to live with us for almost 2 years. and everybody was talking about how we could adopt them and make them officially our family. but then they had to leave. they went back with their mom. it was a really hard time for our family, but I took it the hardest. after that we had about 20 different kids come to live with us but, the same thing happened. they all had to leave. about 3 years ago we had another family of 3 come to live with us. but, up until august of 2023 we didn't know if they would stay with us. it was really hard with the kids in our house. the 2 boys we had wouldn't eat their food and have eating disorders. and the girl had major anger problems. she had to go to the hospital a couple of times. and we've had to deal with the police a couple of times. but I was still praying that God would help them all to heal and that we could adopt them. because they already couldn't go back to their parents which was really sad. and finally, we got an adoption date! we were so excited! it was in August. we adopted them August 2nd, 2023. we had a big party. and then in September, our now family of 8 went on a 2-week vacation out west to celebrate! it was a once in a lifetime experience. we got to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Sequoia, Arches, Zion, dinosaur valley, mesa Verde, badlands, mount Rushmore, and the Pacific Ocean! it was really awesome! so, I would like to thank God for helping my new siblings with their struggles and letting us all become a family.

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