Remember as friends and family to give all the help you can. Being a parent is hard it’s even harder to be a teen parent. Show the way without being too harsh or judgmental. What’s done is done. Get this young girl to parenting classes and support groups ASAP.

She’s going to need new Mom friends as a lot of her old friends will disappear. For her and the babies safety remember she will need breaks and she should learn how to properly deal with stress. Loneliness and depression should be addressed as well.

Parenting classes as well as lamaze class are extremely important. Consider finding a Counselor as well. This young girl will need Infant cpr, parenthood preparation, A guide for first time parents, happiest baby on the block and birthing classes.

Perhaps set up a Go-Fund me page and throw a large shower as well. Support for this young mother and child is key for their success and survival. I have prayed for them and I hope everything works out.
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Please pray for Casey. She is 15 and pregnant. The father is a 16 year old who is involved in drugs and not ready for this responsibility. Pray that this could turn there hearts to God.
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A few months ago I requested prayer for healing in my marriage. I am asking for more prayer in this area. I know God has a plan and can bring healing to our marriage. It seems like every time we take a step forward, something happens and we take a few steps back. I know the easy thing to do would be just to leave, but I just can’t do that. Please pray for me, my wife, and our children. Pray that God will heal our differences and we will come through this stronger than ever.
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We lost my stepson last wednesday due to an ongoing battle with addiction. He was a sweet and caring young man who lost his way... while he was working through and had returned to God and was working at a Christian company, he let his guard down with an old "friend" and will never again return to us in the flesh. Please pray for my family as we all struggle to come to terms with the sudden loss. Thank you.
2 prayers
I'm asking anyone who reads this for prayers for my youngest daughter who has issues with drugs & alcohol. She is a good person who was raised with God. She has lost her way & desperately needs the Lord's help with her addiction. I am grateful to all who pray for her.
4 prayers
5 years ago my godly husband of 33 years left me for another woman and filed for divorce. I immediately forgave him and have been standing for my marriage. The divorce is now final and he married her. But I continue to pray for his repentance and return to our covenant marriage. Please pray with me for these 2 things. In the meantime, the songs on Word fm keep me encouraged.
3 prayers
In our home, I take care of my mother in law-82 and my mom-64. They both have health issues and beginnings of dementia, my mom has just started with hospice. I also care for out 2 sons who are 18 (works 40 hrs a week and still in school at home) and 9 (anxiety issues and home schooled but going back to public in the fall ) and then my husband (hard worker and gamer :/). When I find time, I fit myself in there :) Need prayers covering everything for everyone. God knows what is going on and what is needed. Prayers for His perfect will to be done, always! Prayers for healing, strength, wisdom, empathy, peace, love, breakthroughs, financial insight and help, etc... Thank you all :) love, hugs n prayers, always for you too!
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Prayer God guides me where He wants me in my career. If an offer is made to a job I applied for in the ER that God would give me peace and show me this is where He wants me. I do not want to make any decision apart from Him. Prayer that if the door is opened, and if this is His path for me, that He will help me to be a blessing to others, joyful, peaceful and effective in my job. That He would equip me with the strength it takes, compassion and knowledge. That He would sustain me in my efforts and help me in my training and school work, so I do not burn out. Guide me to Your will for me and protect me. Thank you and God bless you!
5 prayers
Please pray for an outcome in court that would allow my caregiving for my wife to continue uninterrupted. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
7 prayers
Update to my previous request: I finally hit my limit and was able to break free of the bondage of the emotionally abusive relationship that I mentioned. I felt good about it for a few days, but lately the depression is kicking in. The guilt. The regret. I hurt my friend's feelings. And now I miss her despite trying to remember all the anger I faced from her. I truly do not know what to do. I am trying to pray and stay strong, but what if God is telling me that she has learned from this? That we can try to be friends again? Sometimes I wish I could more easily walk away and take a stand for myself like other people do. I will take any encouragement and prayers that you may have to offer.
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