Pray for Rachel as she works through a probationary period and as she looks to a new job.
God is awesome and able to do all things. In Jesus name Amen
0 prayers
Please pray for my daughter who is dealing with a difficult roommate. She has compromised for the past 6 months and is constantly under stress because this girl blames everything on her. She signed a one year lease so please pray that God will help her through the next 6 months. It is taking a toll on her health and I am afraid something serious will happen because of all the stress. Pray also for her roommate to accept responsibility for the issues she is causing and that they can resolve this conflict.
4 prayers
Dear Christian Friends, Please pray that God inspires me and directs me as to what He wants me to do for a ministry or career. Pray that God inspires my oldest son, Scott, to reconcile with me soon. Pray that God inspires my brother, Robert, to stop drinking and moves him to a renewed purpose. I am believing these prayers are answered in the name of Jesus, the name above all names. Thank you for your prayers.
6 prayers
Please pray for my husband, Victor. Reach his heart Lord! Grab ahold of it! Convict him! Open his eyes! Take off the blinders! Fight for him! Pour your love over him and surround him with Godly influences. Help him figure out who he is. Let him see himself in Your eyes! I pray all this is Jesus's name! Amen

He is in basic training for the Air Force and sounded discouraged and down.
10 prayers
Bless all who read other's prayer requests and pray for them. I just received word today that my 22 year old son has entered a treatment facility for the 5th time! He lives 1,600 miles away and I am feeling helpless, hopeless, anger, and fear. My prayer is that he will turn to the Lord for help this time and not just meetings and medications. I pray everyday for him to accept Jesus into his life and allow his power of healing. Please pray with me for this miracle for my son.
11 prayers
I suffer from mental illness, no it is not the sin in my life. I pray constantly for those who suffer silently as I do. I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression, and decided I cannot live like this anymore. I have prayed for relief from God, but to no avail. I have needed to see a doctor for some time now and have finally reached out to find one. My prayer is that God would give wisdom and discernment to this doctor as to diagnosis and medication. I have had very bad experiences with meds and am terrified of trying new ones. I have cried out to God for a direction, it seems to be, if your sick you need medication. Please, please, join me in this prayer. My hope is failing and I am drowning in this sickness, I need to know the one who holds my future is still here holding me. Much love and appreciation for your kindness.
12 prayers
I have a terrible way of thinking. It's hard to deal with every day. Thoughts come unsolicited. They are very negative thoughts and opinions. I need help with this . Please pray for me.
11 prayers
Please pray for The LORD to protect me in all things, to shield me, guide me, direct me, to heal my mind ,body, heart, soul and Spirit. Please pray that whatever wiles the devil and my enemies are plotting against me are exposed, fail, and come to nothing. Please pray for The LORD to pour out His mercy, kindness, goodness and grace upon me and to shield and preserve me from and in all things. Please pray The LORD fills me with His peace that surpasses all understanding and gives me wisdom and discernment in all things and that He supplies all of my spiritual and material needs. Please pray I grow in grace and in knowledge of The Lod Jesus Christ and please pray He draws me close to Him and that anything or anyone that hinders me from that is removed from my life. Please pray The LORD helps me in all things and protects me from my enemies. Thank you and God bless you.
10 prayers
Please pray that God will help me overcome my out of control finances. I keep trying to get out of debt but it keeps dragging me back down. I really want to get my finances on track and pay everything off and give more. Pray for freedom and a miracle from God because I can't do this.
9 prayers
I would appreciate it if you would pray for me. I am a severe backslider living deep in sin, the world, and ensnared by the devil. I'm in a deep spiritual ( and material) stupor. I know what I need to do but I haven't been doing it to return to The LORD. On one hand I know there is a deep satanic stronghold in place and on the other hand it me. Please pray for The LORD to pour out His goodness on me which leads me to repentance. Please pray He heals my backsliding and that I stop playing games with The LORD and return to him with all my heart soul and strength in humility, repentance, and faith. Please pray for my deliverance from any and all satanic strongholds in my life and for my restoration unto The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for healing of my mind, body, soul, and spirit and that The LORD protects me from the devil, my enemies, and everyone that wishes me evil. Please pray The LORD helps me and guides me in all things and delivers me from all my spiritual and temporal trouble
9 prayers

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