Need some massive prayer warriors over a serious situation for the next couple of days for my family. Specifically prayers for strength, courage, and mostly calming for what needs to be done. Thanks!
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I am overwhelmed. I'm recovering from an addiction, am in a twelve step program, and am going to trauma therapy. I have stopped seeing my unsafe family and old friends, I have some emotional support but I wish more people would call me to check on me. My health is ok but I still struggle with overeating. My wife and I are separated. I have a good job and am able to pay the bills but am heavily in debt. My wife wants to move forward with divorcing and I don't know how I'm going to survive all of this stress during the holidays. Please pray for God to have mercy on me and my child.
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Financial help my electric is about to be shut off food is very limited. Trying hard just got a new job at Chick-fil-A so I can go to church every Sunday.
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My 32 year old son Vincent needs a kidney transplant asap. He was told that a living donor is his best bet.
Please pray for his healing and for a matching donor.
Thank you. God Bless.
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Pray for Holy Spirit to lead to a church family that honors God's Word
Pray for righteous friends
Pray for passing of certification tests
Pray for promises of God and breaking of bondages, yokes and generational sins
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Pray for a healing for me to glorify God and for me and my children to help go out and "do the harvest" for the Father. The Word of God says I will live and not die and serve the Lord.

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Please pray for me. My life is a total wreck. My abuser kicked me out with nothing. He's done this before, but I just can't go back any more! I'm tired. I've been living in my car for 2 weeks now. My car is uninsured and the inspection has run out. It has so many issues I can't afford to fix. I make money with this car delivering food and don't know how long it's going to last. I've been filling out job applications. I have an interview Thursday. Please pray that I get this job so I can fix my car and get a place to live. In Jesus name💜
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Pray that God will have whoever the man of God is that I will marry someday that will be my future husband find me and introduce himself to me.

That he will be a man of God that makes Christian music, sings, writes christian and worship songs, is a worship leader, plays instruments, in a Christian band, a Christian artist,christian poet,christian painter,christian music producer, christian dj, knows how to dance.

That he will want to read the entire holy Bible with me from genesis to revelations, have deep discussions about the Scriptures we read.

And memorize Bible verses with me and for he and I to grow in our faith in God together and deepen our relationships with Jesus.

That God will bless me with this happening soon.
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Please pray for my son that has a problem with addiction. He does great for a while but keeps relapsing and I need prayers for him to finally kick this horrible addiction and live a happy successful life.
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I am stuck in an abusive marriage for far to long. I used to pray for a change. Then I prayed for protection. I now really just need deliverance and provision so I can leave this behind. Too many years, hope has died. I need to move on. Thank you for your care.
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