I dont know details but a friend asked for prayer for his marriage.
This is what Im doing. Bringing it to friends in Christ
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Feeling sad and lost and overwhelmed lately. Everything going on in the world is making me sad. And making me question where God is in the middle of all this. Lots of changes happening in my life. People leaving my life in one way or another. And just feel so sad and confused about everything lately. Asking for prayers. Thank you and God Bless.
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My son is struggling. He has trauma from seeing his father abuse me. We’ve been split up for 3 years, my son is 6. His father is absent. Hasn’t seen him in nearly 11 months then suddenly he showed up without warning Easter, stayed for 2 days, then left.
My son has trouble at school with other staff and kids, always has. Hes been in school since he was 3, and has made so many improvements. However he does still struggle. He is physical with other kids and staff and just very aggressive and angry. He’s in so much pain. Since his dad left, he’s lashed out at school for almost every day since. Which has been two weeks. He almost got expelled Thursday because of his anger. He’s been in therapy for two years but his therapists keep bailing on him. He will get upset and cry and tell me he wishes he were in Heaven. He says his dad doesn’t love him and he hates himself.
Please pray for my son to find strength, love, and confidence in himself and in Jesus to take care of him.
Thank you 🙏🏽
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Please pray for Kathy she has cpod and pray for Rossy a mission leader who is battling covid
4 prayers
Please pray for God’s grace and compassion and healing be poured out on my daughters trying to conceive.
3 prayers
I have been dealing with non stop harassment and satan is attacking me all the time. I have taken cleansing stream, and I need prayer for Gods blessing over my life.
3 prayers
pray for sisinlaw Cathy , breast cancer. That she beats it
5 prayers
Drug addiction is a deadly disease. My sister Jenifer has been smoking meth, pills, and heroin for over a decade. She has two children 10 and 13. I need a miracle to save her and her children’s lives. I’m asking for prayers that she no longer be a slave to drug addiction. I pray she surrenders to God’s able hands and begins the journey of recovery.
3 prayers
I need prayer for deliverance from anxiety and fear of going places that may cause anxiety.
4 prayers
I am an international student endeavoring to pursue MA in church ministry and leadership.
Pray for the peace of mind, good health and God's provision for Scholarship to realize my dream that will enhance ministry skills in God's vineyard.
Thank you and God bless
Geoffrey Kasero
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