Can you please pray for my Grandson Zander. He’s 19 and will not work and his Mom Adriann is so discouraged because he just wants to be lazy. Thank you so much
1 prayers
Please, pray for my siblings Tony, Aurel & Elena, parents George & Victoria for salvation, divine protection, healing, and reconciliation with God and each other and God may deal speedily with the witch neighbour Catherine and her offspring who have been doing evil witchcraft to us and stealing, killing, destroying from us and that they will be made powerless and get convicted of their sins, and may get saved, in Jesus Might Name. Thank you, Lord. All glory to God. May God bless you.
0 prayers
Please pray that I pass this test that my employer needs me to take! Thank you!!
1 prayers
Belongs to Christ Jesus for ever
Please would you keep lifting X and our contact to The Lord. That God will intervene in every aspect, do what only He Alone can do. God to take away every feeling for Him that is not right. Please also lift every valued neighbour//neighborhood to the Lord, God to bring Salvation and Restoration. Very Thankful for every prayer in Christ Jesus most Precious Holy Name, for God nothing is impossible in our lives, amen!
1 prayers
Christy Orwiler
Please pray for God's favor for the right job to come from my knocking on the right door for a Good job. Thank you!
3 prayers
Septic system to be complete before we go out of town by Sunday
3 prayers
My wife is in need of a liver transplant. Praying for a miracle and for my family during this unknowing season.
6 prayers
Daughter Cassie's white blood count has drastically increased. We are going into the doctor to discuss results in two hours. She has had cancer before so we are all very nervous.
5 prayers
Prayer for reconciliation with wife, son, and daughter. It is to the point that it's unbearable and dark.
5 prayers
Louie G.
URGENT AND FERVENT PRAYERS 🙏🙏🙏of Helps for Louie G.??? Need Income, Helps??
Pray🙏🙏 God opens doors for employment from home or Close to Home, short Travel That l can helps pay bills, Provide and Helps or my wife's pay bills and helps her Pay Rented for Apartment? Employment Close to Home or from Home , Take my son to school, in Morning to Bus stop for School and Pick after work at school bus Stop?? Pick him up??Seeking Part-time work, l am in my 60thies, my HELPS is Limited, my Body tires Quick cause of my Age??? Seeking ONLY Part-time ONLY, ONLY, Part-time, Nothing Else, Father-God HELPS, Thank You, or try to apply for Disability, my body tires Quick, cause of my Age.♥️♥️ HELPS, HELPS, HELPS Father-God and Thank You Father-God and Prayer Warriors?? ♥️♥️♥️Thank You??❤️❤️Thank You?❤️❤️
Thank You?
In Jesus Name Amen
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