Chicago, IL
Asking for serious prayer over Kompas Productions, a company that is producing content that is keeping men, women, and children in bondage to pornographic cartoon content. A man who named himself DarkCookie is a man who is overcome with the spirit of lust and continues to develop content in order to keep people engaged with his content for decades, and he is being used by the enemy. Pray that the Lord would shut down this production, or that the staff would get saved and turn the content into a deliverance ministry, or whatever other creative solution the Lord has in store for that business. We need to repent and turn from our sin and pray so thar God can heal the land!!
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Prayer request we need our pickup fixed or replaced. We need guidance.
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My daughter’s wedding is coming, her brother and family desire to attend, and we need resources in order to pay for the travel expenses for her brother. Asking for God to send us resources for his need. Thank you
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Prayer Warriors, I wrote La Z Boy to see if they can either find my mother a recliner or donate one that is nice but used,(she has been along labor customer ,)because we don't know how much time is left!She will be 96 Next week, heart is going,legs swelling,ribs healing from a fall and last week we found out she now has breast cancer! And all she wants is a new recliner with electric button, she has a hard time pulling the wood handle . I gave Lazboy the dimensions she needs. She is going through so much all at once and just wants to go to heaven to be with her husband,my dad died 4 years ago from cancer. out
So just pray for an answer from them.

We are also losing my brother in law to stage 4 cancer, he is ready though to leave this earth and go up to his heavenly father.
Blessing, Elaine
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Please let's all pray for the host Danielle!! Every morning, in my God time, she is with me. She is a true conduit of the Lords loving grace and there are many things He has prepared for her to continue to do. Prayers for her healing and peace for her and her family through this trying time... to God we give ALL the glory!
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Please pray for my family's freedom from the lies of the enemy, prayers for freedom from any areas of sin in our lives, prayers for us to fully live for our Savior Jesus Christ again, prayers for our relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ to be fully restored and our relationships with each other, prayers for God's peace in our lives.
Thank you for praying.🕊️✝️🕊️🙏🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️God bless.
Please pray for God's will to be done in our lives and here on earth as it is in heaven.🕊️✝️🕊️🙏🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️
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Pray request for all the children in my family. For their children as well. That we may break the chains of family generational curses. Removing any plans to steal, kill or destroy us. Removing any preset mentalities that we were given from trama and examples. That all will come to the Father to find refuge. May we repent and find hope in Jesus. May the His light shine bright in the darkness so we can find our way out. Having eyes to see and ears to hear his call and hand. We have lost one, let it not be in vain. Praising the Father for his love and forgiveness. Hallelujah and Glory to Our Father who is in heaven. Who sent His son, not to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved. (John 3:17) Amen
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I wanted to start reaching out for prayer, but our God put it on my heart to plead with you to hold up my sister Ashley in an overflowing amount. Until recently I was homeless and Ash was one of the young women down there in the midst of what seems lately like a war zone. Ashley got a tooth infection that made it into her bloodstream and throughout her body. I don't know if she has asked Christ into her life, but I have witnessed the pain and tears in her eyes that makes me feel she is his. Please please pray for her. She will be hospitalized for some time before hopefully treatment. God Bless you all and thanks W24/7
Broken but His
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I’m leaving on a 3 day business trip and my wife is ar home sick with Covid and four kids ages 10 and under with no help or support available in town while I’m away.
Please pray for her strength and fast healing!
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I'm asking for prayer for my marriage of 4 1/2 years. My husband and I feel alone and we are without solid Christian friends and caring church community. My husband grew up in our church and it's really just full of selfish, judgmental, bitter aging people who have no grace and seem to have never needed to be saved from anything. My husband and I have turned on each other and have had very, VERY difficult moments in our marriage, including losing our baby this past weekend, and there is no support for us. We are even uncomfortable at home since there is tension. I don't trust him because of past cheating and him verbally saying he doesn't want to be married and cursing at me every time he's frustrated. He doesn't trust me because I go through his phone and find out the things he's doing. I hate it here. I hate this life I'm living. I hate that my baby died. I hate that I feel alone every day and my husband thinks I'm boring and doesn't want to sleep with me. I feel worthless...
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