Need prayer for housing
Pray for comfort, we are so far from family and today my step son died of a heart attack. My husband was at his new job, which were thankful for. But he’s very sad and stressed. He need a home and comfort.
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Please pray for my mom and my great uncle, both undergoing high risk heart surgeries today.
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Will you please pray for strength, comfort, peace for my brother and his family in the passing of his wife. May God supply his every need and satisfy him with his hearts desires.🙏❤️Grateful in advance amen…
3 prayers
I had a recent car accident - the man who hit me is falsifying his account of the circumstances- now I have found out that the police report which was submitted also misrepresenting what I was doing at the time of the collision - please pray the truth would be brought to light and the officer will amend his report to reflect this .
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I need healing prayers for my mind and my body after a car wreck. The devil is trying to use my physical pain as a doorway into taking my recovery time away from me and I need God's healing hands in my life and his strength to maintain my personal recovery journey.
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My family needs prayer. Satan has attacked in a way I never thought he would. God knows the details. I just need others standing in the gap with me. And to agree with me that Satan is a liar ..and that in Jesus name he can't have this one. Not this family!! . That peace and favor of all mighty God is on me and mine. Thank you in advance
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Im selling my truck .
Pray that God sends someone to buy it .
Hope they appreciate my maintenanceof it
7 prayers
Please pray for God's healing for my earthly body, and for my heart and soul. I have received Jesus as my savior, just went through a very messed up valley and I messed up a lot. Please pray for all the help my family and I need. Thanks for praying.
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Hurricane Ian is heading right at us🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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I have a disabled adult son who lives in a RV motor home that needs the roof repaired before winter. I
don't have money to help him. So, I have spent all day looking for homeless grants, Weatherazation grants, ESG grants, Coc grants and he qualifies for them but, I don't know who gives these grants out to Access funding for him? Does anybody here know how I can help him? Where to get these grants? Please, pray 🙏 God send me to the right agency to help him fix his motorhome roof. If he doesn't get it fixed he will lose the only home he has and he'll be back on the streets homeless again. Maybe someone here has the skills to help fix it. Please, reach out to me if anyone here can help? God bless, thanks for your help and prayers!
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