Please pray that my children will return to following JESUS as they once did.
59 prayers
Hi please help me pray that a bite bug looking in my lower front leg will be healed right away. That nothing serious on this. Thank you. Im karen .
47 prayers
Can you please pray for my Grandson Cameron.
I got a message from my Daughter.
Hey mom, can you pray for Cameron. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with him but he’s in a storm right now.
Thank you so much.
41 prayers
Please pray for the Moogerah Passion Play. We've had 2 performances canceled due to the rain. Please pray that all hindrances are moved out of the way and that we can go ahead with our remaining performances.
24 prayers
Please pray for me. Pray God restores my worrying spirit and heart and anchors me in faith. Please pray for an increase in all the virtues especially charity and that I may follow and love God's will more ever day. That I may get a healthy sleep schedule.
32 prayers
911, Please keep me in your prayers because I feel dizzy, lightheaded, and nauseated, and it feels like a seizure is trying to attack my body. I'm sick and tired of my health and body being attached to sickness, diseases, and problems. It's time for a season of healing, favor, deliverance, and protection. Satan is really attacking my body right now but he’s a liar. PLEASE PRAY!
28 prayers
Chuck M
Please pray that my son and his family find housing soon. They have been staying with us since Nov., in violation of our lease.
17 prayers
Voglio superare l'omosessualità
Translates from Italian to: I want to overcome homosexuality
24 prayers
Please pray for the Moogerah Passion Play that we are able to perform this weekend and next weekend. We are an outside event and rain is forecast across the lot of our performances.
6 prayers
Please pray with me for:
1. Angelo- our family friend young kid who is serving in the military, for healing and stability of his seizures.
2.Please continue to pray for approval of my Florida Nursing License and Illinois
3. Please co time to pray for God’s blessings and guidance as I start my own consulting company.

Praise Hod for a job offer, but also Hods guidance as I oversee 18 nursing homes. Asking for God’s guidance and clarity of mind. Be humble and all glory to God
15 prayers

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