I lost my job recently and need to start working again as I take care of my parents and since I am also single and have to do everything myself. Please pray for me to get a job and start working within this month. And please let it be a place where I can fit in and add value with the correct salary I am looking for. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ ♥️🙏
1 prayers
Pray my son will have a relationship with me . Soften his heart . Reconcile us . Remove stress. Fill him with joy peace , to seek the lord. Give him promotion. Favor with his coworkers. Remove burdens from me break yokes. God answer prayers today
2 prayers
Shereese Clark
Please pray for me God would heal my whole body all over my head my cough my stomach my feet and my dizzy ness
2 prayers
God answers prayer. Thank you for the previous prayers. My son and his wife are back in the same house after a bit of time separated. Lots of work to do…marriage is work….but with God’s guidance and direction they will succeed. Pray that they keep God center and listen to the Holy Spirit.
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The last 7 months has been a battle with some mental health issues and while I am beginning to win this battle, praise Jesus, it seems that when progress is made something else happens to pull me down. Just yesterday I threw my back out which is very painful and next steps are always unknown. Although, in this small storm I felt an odd sense of peace… the peace was because I have been traveling for work for the past 7 days and if this injury was to happen then it would have been much much worse. So while this is a prayer request for healing for my back and to fully rebound mentally, it is also a Praise report that the injury was timed where I could take some time to heal. ❤️
3 prayers
Please pray for my marriage and for my husband's and my health, please pray for our protection and joy, for us and our kids, now that our children have moved out and/or are never home, please help us strengthen our marriage and have more fun together, please remove the spirit of boredom from us and deliver us, and our kids, families, Jesus, from every evil, place Your Hedge of protection around us, and both of our kids and our future son-in-laws and grandkids, and even our pets, please Lord help us do things together that are fun, please financially help us get out of debt and fix our car or get a new one, as we are broke right now, but God will make a way, in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.
4 prayers
Sarah jr
Thank you Jesus for breaking the singleness curse off of sarah, please remove from her whatever is hindering her from progressing in relationships, in Jesus mighty name father God let her continue to walk in the Kingdom of god, Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah, Lord Jesus keep her healthy and whole physically emotionally and spiritually always, let her life be long and healthy and free and happy and prosperous coming may she have a good healthy happy family of her own soon and if it is God's will to please bless her relationship with Sammy, please continue to pray for Sammy's salvation, please bless and protect Sarah and her entire life enter entire surroundings, strengthen and protect her hips and knees and keep her happy and healthy and whole and sane and sound, deliver her and Sammy from every evil, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.
3 prayers
Dale Blackford
Suffering with chronic stomach pain and depression.
7 prayers
A young woman named Pam has kidney failure. Her kidneys are only functioning at 10%. Please pray for healing!
8 prayers
Pray for the breakthrough my son will call me today have a relationship with mom . Fill him with joy peace . Remove stress. Favor him with promotion, with his co workers. Remove lift of burdens from me . God will answer prayers
5 prayers

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