Amanda Soethe
Need a mericle to save our home. We need 431000 to pay off the house or 90000 to get up to date and refinance to be able to lower monthly payments
2 prayers
Please pray for my daughter Deanna. She is turning 40 this year, and suffers with infertility. Her youngest sister has two sets of twins, and her other sister is now expecting her third. Deanna's heart is breaking and she is not emotionally able to have any type of relationship with her sisters or their children. Please pray for God to heal her mind, body, and heart.
6 prayers
Thoughts of Suicide
Please pray for my niece’s 20 year old daughter. She was admitted last night due to thoughts of suicide with a plan. They do not know the Lord. The parents are so broken by this. Please Pray,Pray,Pray.
7 prayers
Please can you pray unspoken about vacation.
2 prayers
Yeah I would need prayer for I'm disabled I'm going through a lot of pain I have rheumatoid arthritis and all my joints and the place where I'm staying I'm not having very good relationships with the people living here and the the caregivers on their bosses I live in an adult family home I live in a nice neighborhood I have really nothing complaining about I should be thanking God but this these things bother me on a regular basis I'm very much pretty much content I have everything I need I haven't been prayed for in a long time discovered your radio station a few days ago thank you in advance for praying for this old man I am very grateful thank you so much
3 prayers
Relationship guidance and protection for my kids A.C.R. and Sarah, remove hindrances, align them with Your will, bring healing, restoration and elevation to blessings for them (and my husband and I), Lord send my 2 daughters good men to marry soon and block all others, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah.
3 prayers
R. Family
Jehovah Rapha heal Ashleya fac and skin membrane and heal her on a cellular level, restore her vitamins and minerals , balance her, protect her and our whole family and me, in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.
3 prayers
Please pray my cyst/abscess pops and heals immediately and I wont need surgery, pray also all my inflammation and burning sensation and thickness goes down and away from me and my house immediately, I command this now by the Blood of Jesus and in Jesus Name, Amen.
4 prayers
Lord Jesus keep my kids and their friends safe as they go out and about for st. Patrick's day, hedge them in, now and always, surround them only with good people, let them be sober minded and drive safe, with safe people, grant them wisdom, deliver them from evil, no weapon formed against them shall prosper, in Jesus Name, Amen.
2 prayers
Sister in Law, Jeanne who is 60, has an infection or other symptom affecting her kidneys and bladder, causing pain and fever. Doctors do not know what could be causing it. Please pray for complete healing.
3 prayers

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