I take my FE exam today and I’m really nervous. I know that no matter what happens it’s a part of Gods plan, but I really want to pass.
2 prayers
Please prayer for me l had a Mir today on my knee
2 prayers
Please that my Phillip Adams Jr dept card gets unlocked today Thursday February 29 2024 so we want be home less and please pray that my husband and I continue to get alone super great with our friends angel and Chris and josh .
2 prayers
My wife had Breast Cancer a few years ago. All of her scans have been clear since until yesterday. One scan showed some concerning spots. She has lost a lot of family members from Cancer. Please pray with us that God's will be done and that we understand what it is and not question him. We felt his presence through the first battle and knows he is with us this time. I know my wife is scared. We all are.
4 prayers
Can you please pray for my Grandson Zander he’s 19 and seems so depressed. He doesn’t want to look for a job or do anything. So please pray for him and thank you so much.
7 prayers
pls pray for me for me too pass my gcse and for Jesus to help me too teach the lords words to kids
5 prayers
I went to the emergency room with dangerously high blood pressure a week ago, something I have never had a history of before this incident. My blood pressure is now remaining high snd they have me on a prescription, but it's causing me anxiety and elevated pulse rate/shakes. I just ask for prayer for healing and relief from this intense anxiety. God is good and a healer, I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you
7 prayers
Please pray for my son Gregory. He has suffered most of his life with depression and isolation, but God delivered him from this about a year and a half ago. I have seen what can only be the wonderous work of God's deliverance in my sons life! But he is not experiencing set backs that is taking him to that dark place causing him extreme anxiety and he is afraid. He is newly married and working but this is hurting is abilty to work. Please cover him in prayer. I don't have the space here to tell you how bad and how long he was isolated and the blessing that God pured out by reaching down and pulling him out of the pit! Please pray that God not let him go back into depression. Gregory is praying but says its not helping. Please help him by praying with him!
7 prayers
Please pray for me. I been diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis since 2007. I also been diagnosed with neuropathy, arthritis in knee. I got Covid year ago and ended up with 2 blood clots. I believing for healing. Please pray my doctor to send referral to rehab center. Urgent 🙏
10 prayers
Hello, my youngest daughter is almost 20 and has been interested in new age/witchcraft for a couple of years. we are a bible believing, Jesus following family and she grew up in church. My older children are saved and know Jesus. My prayer is first that Jesus will capture her heart and second that she will see believing in earthly religion is fruitless and powerless and cannot help her or save her. Only Jesus saves. She's a fear driven, running type of girl and I believe the control of these new age belief's gives her a feeling of power. Thank you all so much in advance! This is the biggest weight on my heart
9 prayers

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