I'm in desperate need of prayer.
Not only just for me but for my husband and our marriage as well.
I'm not the type of person to ask for a whole lot of things but I just want to be happy and I just want peace and comfort in my heart and mind and as well for our marriage to be whole again.
I don't believe in divorce but I know marriage is hard but not so easy.
My husband had lost his mother to cancer back in 2019. I know he miss her and I know he will never get over her. I have been a great wife to him and I'm always here to comfort him and lift him up. My mother in law was like a mother to me and she was always knew what kind of advice and wisdom to give him and me. Our marriage was a bit shaky a few months ago because my husband was doing things that hurted me and our marriage and he wasn't being the man I married at the time. Please pray for us and that my husband learn how to be a great husband to me and that he will stop hurting me&our marriage and that he will lean to God
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God bless us with positivity no nagging and nothing bad God thank you for your amazing grace and love for us in Jesus name amen. Thank you God for opening up the door to a relationship w my brother i ask for prayers for him that our relationship is reconciliation and all things made new in Jesus name amen
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Please pray for me. My heart seems to skip a beat. Idk how to really explain. But I’m worried. Please pray for me
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Please pray for my husband and I. We are struggling
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Please pray i can get project done with no mistakes. Thank you God bless you all
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Gary W struggling with his memory. Asking for prayer the medication starts to help.
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Please pray for my unspoken need. Thank you God bless you all
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Pray for Jan's husband, Eddie. Pray for healing.
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Pray that he will come to a saving grace of our savior Jesus. Take away his anger, bitterness, hurt and addiction. My heart is very heavy for him. I thank all you wonderful men and women for your prayers. The Lord is able to heal everyone of us and are hearts cries to Him. Bring your Holy Fire to us Jesus. Amen.
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I just got married and my husband and I want to use our apartment to serve God in our college neighborhood where many people are in need of hope. Pray we would serve God and God would use our home to bring his message of Jesus to many people.
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