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FB group page asking for prayers for Brooklen born at 23 weeks, at 9 oz..
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Last September my husband had a three month affair with a much younger colleague. We continue to work through the effects of the adultery and would much appreciate prayers of protection for our marriage to be guarded against temptation, healed from hurt and for both of us to rebuild trust and fully recommit to one another as husband and wife. Thank you for reading
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Dear Lord.

please take care of A and me..
please help us guard each other physically
and bring us into a happy blissful and holy marriage..
help us commit and let no man tear apart what God has put together..
we are planning to get married next May
please take care of us Lord.. and lead us.
Lord.. please provide my every need including my living expense,, rent,, school.. and the car...

Lord as i usually i lay my request before you.
Lord i am praying that I graduate by december with good marks.
Lord I am praying that you bless me with good grades
Lord I am praying for a fruitful marriage with A
Lord I am praying for my future job.
Lord protect my parents all the time.
Let our parents welcome me and A.
protect us from the evil and the harms.. send angels..
in Jesus name i pray Amen.
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Thank you almighty father for everything.
I want to continue ask my familyLifeRadio to continue praying for me and K so we won't get in any trouble.
Please bless my familys, friends with love, happy and care each other's.
In Jesus name. Amen
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Please pray our house sells and that God leads us to the place He would have us to rent for a family of 5
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My husband lost his job last week. Can you please pray that my husband will get another job real soon and God will provide for us
Thank you
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Pray my marriage will be protected from adultery. My husband is moving out and wanting another. Help God.
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Please pray that God will heal her emotionally and that my house sells
3 prayers
Help him make good choices and give this home some
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I am praying that God will reunite my former boss Gloria and me. I pray He will open a door for me to work for her again. Thank you Almighty God. Amen.
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