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Please pray for us who are going through the betrayal of adultery and divorce.
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lord I pray that you heal my mother who fell off our front steps due to sciatica and she broker her right wrist she had surgery and is going to have therepy to help her move her hand again due to that our financial situation has been very bad she been out of work for 3 months n march we now have our light bills loans we owe and dr bills now and we have no money to pay for them my father will not help us we are alone lord I pray that you give him compassion to let him know were struggling in our life and that we get our income soon to pay for these bills and loans to give us financial peace as well as healing her wrist and leg in Jesus name I pray amen
2 prayers
Please pray for me as i have at least 10000 in debt because SSDI paid me too much and i didnt realize it at the time. I also have debt from health care companies because SSDI quit paying them so it came back on me without me realizing early enough. Please pray that God gives me the strength to do what He would have me do and have everything i need.
2 prayers
Please pray for Nicole. She has been in the hospital for almost a month now fighting this cancer. She has a 3 1/2 year old, a 1 1/2 year old and a 4 week old at home. Thank you!
4 prayers
this is an addtion to prayer listed as Job change ,My wife has worked for this company for ninetee years and now do to switching to machines jobs are in jeperady in many positions are in for a change she also is of the age that a floor job will have its toll on her body may be in the loss of the job and the income she makes is very imporant to our wellfare! thank you for your prays in advance of this problem.
3 prayers
Whenever I look in the mirror, I don't see myself. I feel tired, bloated, and far away from Christ. No matter what I do, I feel it's not getting any better. Please pray for a cleansing of my soul and for the renewing of my mind. I can really use prayer for me to feel rejuvenated and happy again, and not depressed and alone. Thank you ✝️
3 prayers
Please pray for my family today.
4 prayers
Please pray for Starr to be healed.
5 prayers
My second cousin lost his wife the other day unexpectedly from a reaction to medicine. She was 47. They have a daughter who is 17 and a son in the 8th grade. Second cousin is a pastor. Viewing is Sunday and funeral on Monday. They know she is in heaven but of course the sudden loss hurts.

Thank you.
6 prayers
Please pray that Gods will be done in my wifes job place and that His will be done , give my wife the right words to deal with management and for them to see that the right way to make the right decisons for all envoled in this internal shuffle.
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