Prayer is a vital part of the christian life and a vital part of The Promise FM. Let's remember to pray for each other daily!
Father and 8 year old daughter (not 3 yo- typo) still need prayers for healing after serious auto accident. Please and thank you.
16 prayers
Please pray for a co-worker of my wife's. Doctors have discovered a cyst on her pancreas. Jesus is our great physician and nothing is too great for his healing hands.
20 prayers
36 year old father and his 3 year old daughter need God's healing touch. They were in a car accident and are in serious/critical condition. Please pray with us.
25 prayers
Please remember me in your prayers. A few days ago, I decided to quit work and retire. I felt that I was going to be let go and to me that would be the lowest part of my life so I got up at 5:30 am and emailed my notice. I am at the age that I can retire but a lot of things such as making payments on my car, house, etc. and now praying that God will take care of me even though I made a rash decision. I was on the up side thinking now I can go to a Bible Study, volunteer for things at church and not have the excuse that my dog is closed up all day and need to be with him during the evenings that now I will have time for better things to me. I know reading this prayer request is small compared to the ones I have read but please...

My prayers to everyone and their requests. In Jesus name.
21 prayers
I would like to request some focused prayer for my 14 year old son, Nathan. He is truly struggling. He is going through the typical young teen issues with pushing boundaries, and respect for authority. I ask that you pray that God will specifically touch His heart and light him on fire. Starting with his salvation as I am not sure he truly knows Christ.

Pray for help as a father, husband, and leader in my church and River Valley area. I need a lot more wisdom, understanding, light, revelation, clarity of vision, clear path, and direction!

Help with my fear of people, and fear in general

Help as I am working through past rejection and self-perception, confidence issues. I need help with not self-confidence as much as God confidence.

Help as I need right, pure, faith filled thinking/emotions in all areas of my life, within my family, personal thought life, and toward other people.
6 prayers
My husband and I don't get along. I try so hard to get along with him. He refuses to see his part. It has Gotten to the point i can't stand to be in same room with him. It makes me so sad. I'm not even asking for closeness just that this feeling go away and I have some peace. I also pray my heart won't be so hard and closed off. I want to feel the Holy Spirit Amen
11 prayers
Prayers for sick daughter. She is in so much pain. Prayers for relief and quick healing. Thank you.
18 prayers
Waiting for test results. Need prayers that it's not cancer if it is I pray for complete healing. I'm not afraid of dying but my family needs me so desperately it makes me so scared for them. So please I beg for prayers for Gods Grace and mercy and healing thank you
18 prayers
Hello, please pray for peace, i also need my mind to accept new information. i just the journey of college and i have not been in school in a long time. Things are different now. Also please pray about the reunification of a family member that has been away since 2009. Thank you all
11 prayers
Please pray for my husband his name is Miguel, he has strayed far from the Lord, he was a recovering alcoholic/Drug addict for 10 years and has now started using again. We have been separated for a while now as a result of this so we don't really see or hear from him. This has really affected our 5 children as they are hurt, angry and confused. Please pray that the Lord touches his heart and saves him from the enemies prison and brings him back to serving him and back home. Thank you.
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Prayer is a vital part of the christian life and a vital part of The Promise FM. Let's remember to pray for each other daily!
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