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I humble my self at your feet my lord. I ask that you please open the doors to the new employment opportunity I have recently applied for. I praise you lord for you know my heart and know that while seeking this position I am open to the pouring of your Love, Blessings, Mercy, and Grace. Lord I just seek an opportunity that will give me the balance so that I may be able to give my children the time and understanding that they need. I ask that you may open the eye's of the employer to see the potential that I hold within me if given the opportunity to prove myself. Thank you Lord for all you've given me today and always. In Jesus name I Pray! Amen
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Dear Beloved,
Please pray for me for a new good, stable & great job urgently with utmost job satisfaction with out any problems at all times and my life and career to be blessed for me permanently.
Yours loving Brother,
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Please pray for me have magistrate court in the morning thank you
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I just really need some prayers right now because I am so stressed out. God help me please. I also want a personal matter in my life to finally come to a closure if need be or something new in this situation, I am just waiting on the other person to finally tell me what they want if anything. God bless you prayer warriors.
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Please pray for my son who is experiencing debilitating anxiety and anger. Please put people and resources in his path to help heal this mental illness and help all of us that guide him know the right way to give him support. We ask this in Jesus' name.
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They are both growing up, having to make adult choices. Please pray God guides them and keeps them safe. I am praying for a miracle concerning my youngest future!
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please keep my grandson in prayer. he is going to be taking test all week in English and he has a hard time reading . Please help him to concentrate. God Bless
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Our father in Heaven, how precious is your name. Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us our trust passes as we forgive our trustpassers. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for yours is the kingdom power and glory forever and ever.
I love you lord. Abba father I pray you will indeed break the curse and stronghold of satans attack against your servant lord. In Jesus name remove the evil spirits from my home work and life. In Jesus name restore all Satan has stolen from me over the past 7 years. Jesus I don't want to live like this anymore. I can't. In Jesus name rescue me this mess. I confess my part. Jesus I am the prodigal son. Father I want to come home. Jesus abba father I love you and I thank you for restoring my life. Return me to the profession I love. Amen
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My fiancé has bipolar disorder and has been struggling bad, please pray for him. He also lost his job this morning and in very afraid he's going to go into a deep depression :(
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Lord i am praying that I graduate by december with good marks.
Lord I am praying that you bless me with good grades
Lord I am praying for a fruitful marriage with A
Lord I am praying for my future job.
Lord you know my needs i need a car and living expense
Lord protect my parents all the time.
Let our parents welcome me and A.
in Jesus name i pray Amen.
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