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Please pray for my husband, he has been out work for over 2 months. He had some interviews last week and a few more this week. Please pray he will find a job soon, we have small children and he really needs to get back to work to provide for them.
Thank you for you time and prayers!
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Please pray that Livingston will surrender to God and that he will depend on God to help him and that God will help him through his challenges.
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Please pray I do not have cancer. Please pray next week when I go to the doctor the results are negative. Please pray this anxiety I feel lessens soon.
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Please pray for my son And my relationship with him. I have caught him in a couple of lies and he also drank alcohol recently. He has started deleting all his texts. I have an alarming feeling something is wrong. He hasn't been eating well. He hasn't been sleeping well. He is 14 almost 15. New girlfriend, too. His grades are off. I am just sick with an uneasy feeling. Please pray that anything he is lying about is revealed to me. Please pray for purity of his heart and a stronger relationship with God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to take over. Also pray for me to have wisdom. Also, I feel like the devil is attacking me through this too. I am overwhelmed. I need Jesus strength and power to overcome this attack.
Lord, I ask you right now in the name of Jesus, to do a Mighty work in his life! Lord show him who you are and give him a faith of his own- Lord, make him stronger in you! Lord I'm sorry for my shortcomings and failures as his mom. Forgive me and Lord, You Raise him in spite of me!
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Please pray for me that I'll able to get pregnant. Amen
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Please help me pray that I can have forgiveness and love in my heart towards my spouse. That I put my trust In God to do his will. That my spouse will find God's love and learn to love themselves.
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Please pray the Lord will send legions of his angels to protect me and my family wherever we are✨
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Please pray for a miracle I get my homework done quickly and easily and get an A on my tests coming up
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Dear Lord I pray that you are with him tonight as he reads my letter that you enter his heart and soften it , Lord please forgive him as I have and Lord restore our relationship of 9 years ,this year of separation has been long enough ,let the bond and connection still be there . Lord I pray you keep me and my son and him in the palm of your hand and restore our family that we once had, please protect our son and fill us with your unconditional love Lord I have faith in you and trusting in you ,in Jesus name I pray Amen
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Jesus fll my home with your presence. I need you lord. I’m scared. Jesus help me now. Hear my cries. Come to me father and comfort me. In Jesus name ease my burdens and take this stress from me. Amen
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