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I would like to ask for prayer to lift my sister SEFERINA STARKS in prayer for her to recover God to heal her from her health issues she's currently in ICU I asked if you could continue to keep her in prayer that she is healed she is a child of God and that all her accounts and levels for her liver function but God does a miracle amen
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Please pray for a special man from my church and i and that God please intervenes in our lives to make things right again like they used to be between him and i. I pray that God changes him and i for the better. I know i have been a bit foolish with him and kinda childish and he knows it to and i just ask that God brings the two of us together soon to talk. God knows i need to get back to church to because i have been so stressed over this situation with him and i and the guy just means so much to me and is so important to me. He and i have been through so much together and always have a good time together. Please pray for God's will to be done and pray for my patients to because that is a big test for me always is my patients. Amen. God bless you all prayer warriors.
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One of my best friend is going through some tough times. I guess her dad had some type of brain tumor but thankfully got it removed. On top of that, they are geting kicked out of their house because the owners of it placing it in a bankruptcy. I just ask you lord that you just help her and her family in their struggles and I ask that you just heal and protect them all. Please let them find a great home to live in and please bless them abundantly. Thank you lord.
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I rebuke, remove, block and destroy all skin cancer and all cancer in me and my entire family and household now and forever, Lord command removal of all issues on my left ear and side of head and neck, bind it and loose it out and away from us, protect and heal us Lord. Claiming the issue on my left ear gone now and forever and nothing serious, praying all this in Jesus Name, Amen. Hallelujah.
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The summer after my eighth grade year we had to move because of a bankruptcy, we had to rent. As we were looking for places to rent, our realtor drove us through a beautiful goregeous neighborhood. I thought to myself, "wow, if only we could live here!" We kept driving and entered a different neighborhood and I couldn't get the neighborhood out of my head, the houses were beautiful and perfect. The very next week after the realtor told us about a house that was for rent. We went to go look at it and it was in the same exact neighborhood that I fell in love with. I knew and now know that God heard me in the car that moment. We are currently living in the house and I am a now a junior in high school. I ask whoever reads this to pray for my family and pray that we get offered to buy the house for a price we can afford. I claim it in Jesus name that we will be the owners of this home. I know how powerful God is. This home is truly a blessing and I know and pray it will be ours. God bless
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Please pray that I will be healed from diabetes,and bad headaches,and stop smoking
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Pls pray my daughter gets done what needs to be done for her Acromegaly , , surgery , etc, etc. so she can move on and have a healty normal life . Have a bless day !!
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I have still having issues with the employees and managers, supervisors and lead on my floor, my lead does not explain things in a way for me to understand or give a time frame of when she needs the work completed by and then she get huffy when I have not been able to complete the work because of my other daily work that I do. Also my husband's Father is is the hospital and is not doing very well, he does not tell me how he is doing but get upset and yells and brings up things about my Dad when he passed away, my parents passed away in 1990 and 1997 (it was just my parents and all the other family members had already passed way) I am not good about showing my feelings and he takes it that I don't care about his Father. I do not know what to do we are unable to commucate at all and he keeps bring things up from the past to hurl at me. Also prayer for a few Christain women friends to be able to talk to. I have not family of my own and I find it differicult to make true friends. Thank you
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I just started a new job after being unemployed for a long time. Please pray that the Lord will give me Great Success on this new job.
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Dear Heavenly Father please bless me to get a good paying job, and a good working vehicle and permanent home for my family.
Lord forgive my husband for his sins and please save him from his smoking, drinking and unfaithful ways, lord help him be a faithful husband to me and faithful to u God, help him to love me like u love the church
lord u know were it went wrong in my marriage, lord fix it lord, restore, renew, deliver, save my marriage, lord u know my husband left me 9 months ago and he not talking to me I love my husband and miss him
please bring us back to speaking again each other, put back together, u said what u put together let no man put asunder, lord u joint us together and please kept us together, touch his heart and make him talk back to me

let us sit down talk about where we went wrong in marriage and help us to find a way to fix the problems, please bring my husband back home to me as a save change and faithful husband , lord I claim it and I believe it, these thin
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