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Please pray for the salvation of Leslie and a reconciliation in Jesus Name, Amen.
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I was praying recently and received an answer that my kid and grandchildren need anointing by the holy spirit. So I am asking for help praying for the anointing from God to fill not only my kids and grandkids buy me and wife as well with the holy Spirit Amen
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Please pray for me as I go to court on Monday for my divorce. My ex and his family have been relentless in their personal attacks on me and it is affecting my children deeply, and me too. I pray for wisdom, clarity, peace, restful sleep, the ability to keep my food down, that my voice and concerns are heard, God's Will to be done, grace to adapt to changes that may be coming, a job to support my children and me, a roof over our heads, and to find Godly friends to come into our lives to walk with us along our journey. I pray for my kids, to have the Holy Spirit protect their minds and guide them appropriately. Lord, I love my kids dearly and want what is best for them. Please protect all of us and draw us close to you. Where two or three are gathered.... Please help me to have faith in all aspects of my life Lord. In Jesus's sweet and precious name, Amen. Thank you everyone!
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4 daughter Priscilla Safety Protection --FREE from lying’s believing false Christians!!
God surround Priscilla with True Godly Women Wise &
Priscilla --would Not Be Afraid
Would SEE & KNOW that FAMILY is NOT enemy !
Healing reunite w/ Daughter Gloria & father
Come Home Heal our relationships With family Repent, Forgiveness
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Thank you Jesus for the special blessing I received this morning. Thank you for all you do for me. Father give me the strength and energy to get through this day. Help me do a good job at work as if I'm doing it just for you. Forgive me for being so overwhelmed down and discouraged lately. You know the very heavy burdens I'm facing right now. I give it all to you. I trust you to meet all my needs. Father take special care of my little girl. Please in Jesus name restore my life now like you did for Job.
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Lord, I pray that you put a new man in TDawn paths. The man that is for her and her only. She deserves a man that will respect and love her. And someone she can respect and love. Give her peace thru her divorce and open her eyes. Please give her strength to let go of the past, including the people in her past. Give her strength to not be angry with her ex husband. Give her strength to forgive him and let him know he is forgiven. Give her strength to tell him he needs to move on, no more texting or calling unless it about their children or grand children. Give her strength and help her find the words to tell him that, yes, God doesn't like divorce, however, no one is blame for their divorce. That they may let go and see the future in front of their separate lives. IJNA
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My husband was killed last week. His "Party" is this afternoon. Smile was his favorite station. Please keep me, Jen, and his family in your prayers. I am overwhelmed. Mike was only 46.

God is in control. Thank you.
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Prayer for my marriage to be restored in Jesus name. That my wife Wendy will recomitt to her husband of 17 years. That God will put a headge of thorns between her and this guy jay willson to have no more contacts. That she will ask God to show her the way back to him to live a. Holy, Godly, And righteous life. To care for her 5 kids the right way with The Hilo of the Holy Spirit guiding her. I believe God will find a way and bring things back to were they need to be bit better than be for. Bless the name of the Lord I forever lean on for everything.
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In Jesus name deliver my wife Wendy from adulteress and open her eyes by the Grace of God. May God grant her wisdom and understanding in his will and the strength to overcome the evil desires and thoughts to cast down every thought that try's to exhalt its self higher than Gods word in Jesus name. I command all wickedness yo leave her now and her to be filled with the Holy Spirit Glory be to God my all in all Holy Spirit show her the Truth. Awake my wife Lord awake her!
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Please pray for my Grandma today she is having surgery on her carotid artery to put a stent in to give her better blood flow.
Pray that they will be able to put it in and that she make it out and has a quick recovery.
Thank you so much God Bless You
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