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Asking for prayer my husband and I are going through a difficult time. He lost his jobs almost 2 months ago and has not been able to find a new job. I am working, but my monthly net is is not enough to cover everything we need to pay. Also my husband had to have a right hip replacement almost 13 years ago and his hip has been bothering him. My job duties are do to change within 2 weeks and I am struggling with this change and the responsablity to be able to handle the work. I have not been sleeping much at night and I am feeling lost and afraid we will lose our trailer and car. We have not been able to make a car payment in a couple of months and the rent for our trailer is due in a few days and we do not have the money for both expenses as well as our other monthly bills. My husband was unable to draw unemployment. I also have type II sugar and my a1c levels have been running between 11 and 16 for about 5 years now.
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I need a miracle to get rid of carpet beetles i just found at my house today.
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My son is having difficulties sleeping tonight. I pray that the Lord would secure my son and protect him from any spiritual attack in Jesus name. Lord, I pray for my son an uninterrupted, peaceful and calm sleep every night. I pray for a miracle to be done, that he would be able to speak and be healed from Autism and seizures in the name of Jesus.
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Since December 20 most of you have seen my posts about wife's rapid fall, immorality, in November. We have the most beautiful 2.5-yr-old ever, and my step son is 17. Most have seen the details of this matter. I am asking you praying believers in Christ to join me in EARNEST prayer toward The Father that He continue to work in my wife overwhelming conviction in her being, and overwhelming revelation of His holiness and turning of our hearts and transformation of our minds. Godly sorrow leading to repentance . All ungodly soul ties broken, divorce stopped, marriage renewed. I forgive her. This is very painful. Please help me petition our Lord. Please keep believing.
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I need prayers to help trust the pastor that I work with. He is a good man and good pastor, but there have been some comments made that I know confidentiality has been broken.
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In need of prayers for a difficult time and decision to make regarding a relationship. We broke up on mutual terms but are now wondering if we made the right decision. Praying for guidance and for the lord to show us both the right path!
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Dear Lord, help me to not hoard the stinking manna of unbelief in my life. Instead, help me to begin each day with trusting in You regardless of the circumstances, knowing that You will meet all my needs according to Your riches in glory. And please Lord take the bitterness and hate from my heart that I have towards amen and amen. God bless you saints.
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My wife has a rare but deadly disease called Cushing's disease. Please pray for healing and God's favor during upcoming surgery in April. We also need prayer for financial needs as well. Thank you so much.
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Please pray for me there is this man who keeps harassing me. Please pray the enemy keeps B away from me and protect me. Amen
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PRAYER REQUEST!!! I have been battling thyroid autoimmune disease for the past 14 years and for the most part have been able to keep it's symptoms at bay using medication. However in the past couple of months my symptoms have completely come to a head. The symptoms include dry skin, depression, weight gain, digestive issues, and extreme exhaustions are just a tiny glimpse into the symptoms of this terrible disease. While my GP here is fantastic, I feel like it's time to go see a specialist in the Integrative Medicine field. I am going to the new practice Thursday at 9:30 and would appreciate your prayers that answers will be found and that I will not be dismissed but that God will give this team WISDOM into the next step to take for healing. Please feel free to share this with your friends so many prayers needed!!!
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