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I married a man 4 years ago who pursued me, and lavished me with love before we were married. about a week after the honeymoon a different man emerged. He is angry, foul mouthed, someone different at home than at church. I have been verbally and emotionally abused for 4 years. about 11 months ago he decided he hated the state we live in and decided to buy a house in a different state, all the while having a lease until the end of august 2017 and waiting for my son (from a previous marriage to graduate from HS and get on his feet. My husband moved to that other state almost a year ago and we have seen each other seldomly during that time. Now he is demanding that I move there with him. He is still emotionally/verbally abusive. II do not know what to do. Please pray for wisdom from god and that he would take my bitterness away. Thank you and blessings to all of you.
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Please pray for my brother miguel he just got surgery on his back but lots of liquid from his spine is coming out and needs a second surgery pray for healing and recover please Lord help my brother so he can take care of his son in the name of Jesus Christ amen
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Please pray for my wife and I; we need God's mercy, protection, healing and provision. We need to be united in Christ and in love for our marriage and for our sons.
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Thank you, Thank you to all that pray for us!!! Lord I ask you now more than ever to shower your grace and glory on my husband while he goes away for a couple of days on a short trip. PLEASE do not let the enemy take over our marriage anymore. I love my husband so very much and can't wait for us to be as one again. Thank you Lord, Amen!!!!!
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Hi Christians. Thank God I was called to the kingdom many, many years ago. I take refuge in knowing you are out there. I'm a pretty lonely guy and often my own worst enemy. My prayer today is this - for someone being willing to engage me in email and offer me life advice about a job. I'm lost. I've wracked my brain for four months and am basically defeated. I need fresh ears and encouragement. Please pray someone with wisdom steps forward and sends me a note. I'd be very grateful! Thank you so very much and God bless everyone.
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Lord, You are good. Please heal and protect my mother. Please bring complete health to her body and bless the doctors and nurses. Please let all procedures go well. Please bless John and the whole family. Please bless my marriage and all that I care about. Thank You Lord. In Your Mighty Name, Amen.
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after our baby is born I need to get back into dental assisting. I'm not certified and it's been a while. pray I can pay for a course I need and i can re teach my self the basics. pray my husband will start selling and liking his job . his new boss is difficult and he's getting discouraged. also pray for my son to get a job at chick fil a or a place where there are no bad influences
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My son went to the gym and when he came out, his backpack was gone which had his wallet. Please pray that there will be no lasting problems with identity use and anything else that the Enemy would use to harm and steal and destroy! My son is 24 and is responsible and is enrolling into classes for a medical career- please also pray for his success and uplifting! Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ! Eternally grateful for you.
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Unspoken prayer request please
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Hello my fellow Christians. This is Clayton again. I'm looking for prayers that I receive word I passed an interview for a job that would solve a lot of my problems and get me back on track. I need a miracle. I can't express how much this job means to me. Iv been battling a lot for four months and really need the encouragement. Thank you so very much! God bless!
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