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Please pray for Charlie Gard, the 10 month old baby fighting for his life in Great Britain and for his parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard. You may have seen this on the news. Thank you.
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Please pray for my fiancé. I'm afraid he is going to leave. He has lost his focus and over worked. I want God's will for our relationship.
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Please pray for peace, joy, guidance, and protection (both physical and spiritual) for myself, as well as for my family and friends, as I prepare for a yearlong mission trip in inner-city Houston this September. If you would also pray for God's providence and a generous spirit in others as I work to fund-raise a large amount of money for the mission, which has been somewhat stressful the last few months, that would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!
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I wish I wasn't being treated this way by my job . Supervisors, manager and HR not working with my regarding my schedule . I really want to go to school . It's not fair . Our schedules are based on our performance, but there is someone who was only here for a week of training which was in March and she has no performance at all yet her schedule is 9AM and mine is 11:30AM and they will not give me the schedule . That is so not fair .. I feel like if I continue to request and complain they will fire me . I am truly praying for a miracle just so I can start school . This program is t even promised to be here very long from what it seems like so my education should matter . I feel like this is so wrong . Please pray for me . Please pray for a miracle . God please I repent of my sins please God forgive me for my sins known and unknown
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In need prayers for my daughter. She left the house during the night and is not back home. She has a history of seizures. I as the Holy Spirit guide her back home very soon.
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I pray for my personal, family and spiritual life. May I overcome my fears and fulfill my dreams and help me in my day to day. May I be strong when the pain overwhelms me.
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Allison Dickey, my cousins daughter in Texas went missing July 23, 2017. Pray for her safety and return home.
7 prayers
I realize that in comparison, this is minor to others posting. But my sweet pet is sick this morning. I stayed with her as long as I could, but I have to get to my job. Neighbor is going to check on her today, but I am just sick and worried. Tired of being sick and worried. Thank you
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Father give me the strength and energy to get through this day. The physical pain is great today. My heart hurts lord. Clear my mind and organize my thoughts. I feel like I'm losing my mind. You know the many burdens I am facing right now. Father I lay them all at your feet. Abba father in Jesus name lift these burdens from me. Thank you for always being there and right on time. Thank you for the many blessings I will receive this day. Amen
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My daughter has a baby and her current living situation is very stressful. I am praying for Him to open doors and help her to submit everything to Him. She needs to find daycare for the baby and that is adding anxiety for her. Thank you for your prayers.
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