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My mom's car broke down and we need a reliable car prayers that we are safe and God provides us with reliable transportation soon and my mom accepts a new car from her friend also need to get my medicine praying jeff will get it for me and have a great day ty Jesus
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Father God I pray that you restore my soul. Father I ask that all the place with in me that are damaged and broken be healed and restored. In Jesus name I pray amen.
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Please pray for my son. He is looking for a job Ask God to open up an opportunity very soon he is desperate for work thank you
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Please pray for my family ask God to help us with our finances we have a big bill to pay soon and no way to pay it please pray that he will show us what to do
Very soon. We would like to open a business Thank you
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I received a certified disturbing letter ,I need to talk to these people soon please pray for God's protection that nothing will come to harm me or keep me from my family in Jesus name
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Dear Lord be with me in church today. Its a special occasion. I am not feeling well.
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My friend has been struggling to sleep for a couple years now. She is struggling very much with her mental health right now. ♥️
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Please pray that God saves her life from this drowning accident. She is being kept alive by machines. Lord You are the Great Healer. Please save this little girl. We pray in Jesus’ name.
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Please pray my father-in-law will smoke less around us we live with him and he refuses to quit or smoke outside my husband is on an inhaler now and my doctor told me I have envizima to I had surgery last month and the smell of smoke makes me sick please pray God will help.
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My husband is leaving me for a woman 23 years younger than me. She is not a christian and has blinded him. We have 3 children and have been married 32 years. There was no signs of problems, and I feel like I am going to just fall over and die. I need a miracle soon. Please pray that God softens his heart, and helps him see the truth about the other woman. Please God make my husband realize the love we have for each other. Please God draw my husband back to You, closer than ever.
Thank you for your prayers.
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