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Please pray for my family who is struggling financially and a car broke down. Please guide us through this difficult time and strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ.
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From Sandra: I have several bad infections in my lungs.
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Please for the restoration of my family: Miguel Guardado and Jairy Galvan. And for our daughter, Nazareth Guardado, so she can have joy in her heart.

Thank you.

God bless you!
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Please pray about unexplained severe health issues that tests are not helping to figure out. It is getting more and more difficult to deal with these crippling signs and symptoms with all tests saying everything is supposed to be okay. Please plead Jesus' blood on our behalf. Thanks.
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I pray that I feel valued. I’m not feeling so. Father God I pray this happen. In Jesus name I pray amen.
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Please pray for our family whos facing finance difficulties and a car broke down. We are strugglling everyday working and share our love with the kids but seems there is no way out. Please strengthen our faith in Our God Almighty, Himself will guide us
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I have received a diagnosis of MS. Please pray this brings me closer to Jesus and our Father. Please pray that I trust my Jesus to hold on to me and bring me thru what is to come. Hallauah even now Father God Jehovah!
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I have a job interview next week. Please pray that God will lead me and the church I am interviewing with, that if I am right for the position things will fall into place. I am very anxious about the interview, the stress is weighing me down. Please pray for peace and God's confirmation if this is the right next step for me in my life. Thank you.
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God, I come to you in prayer on behalf of Dustin DuPree and his family. I pray God that you lift them up in this difficult time. I pray healing over Dustin’s mind and body in Jesus’ mighty + powerful name. Surround him and every extension of him and his family with comfort and peace in knowing that You are in control. My heart cries out to You, God. So many hearts are crying out to You over loved ones battling Covid. You are the ultimate healer, on Earth and in Heaven. Lord, please forgive us of all our sins and may each passing day bring glory to Your name. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done and will continue to do in our lives. I ask for these things and believe we will all receive it, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Thank you Lord for the prayers for Karen, Gary, Lori, Tom, Kim, Rick, Betty, Roberta, Rodney, Les, Darwin, Amy, Robert, Paul, Vicky, Dan and Don for health issues and for guidance. Father asking for your traveling angels follow Don each and every day to and from work even this winter for him to get there safely. Thank you Lord for guiding us to be able to have our jobs and for guidance wisdom. Lord I am asking for prayers four our nation and for our government for guidance. Thank you lord for all the moisture you have given us and continue to keep us safe. I pray for the mine collapse in Black Hawk for safety for us home owners and for guidance for our attorneys. I am asking for prayers for Bryan and Nicole and our relationship with God and with each other. Prayers for the person who put my windshield in properly to want to do the right thing and pay for what is owed of this. Prayers for this new job I'm taking as I know Satan is getting involved telling me I shouldn't do it.
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