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Prodigal son here, Please pray for me. Thank you.
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I work at a dept. store, basically they give me 20 to 30 hours which is fine, but the environment is terrible! It has gotten better through prayer. There are two people that really poison others and do witchcraft of all things openly. Please a lot of prayer for this to be exposed stopped and cleanse the area with the Blood of ChristJesus! Literally request prayer for a washing with the Blood as I cover myself with the Blood in this challenge, as I pray and do when I am there, seeing a difference slowly after 6 months. Most of all, secure this specific much needed employment even though it is not full time, secure it firmly, I grew up in the area and want to work where I grew up also while concurrently looking for a full time near by while opening a small business from a friend from high school who I once again crossed last month after so so so many years, I turned 50. She asked me back then but I was not ready and said now, now I would like a reincheck on that if she is willing and God
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