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Father, my anxiety is up and I'm struggling to control it. My brother is homeless again and its because he keeps quitting his jobs and moving in with different women and wants my mother and I to pick up the pieces and its too much now. I don't want him homeless but we're already over crowded. We just had two kids move back in and my brother creates chaos and then the family starts fighting and the heated arguments get out of control. Please Lord, make him stand up on his own two feet and get a place of his own. Help him to stop jumping into relationships with women he does know and moving in with them within a week of seeing them. He has a great job Lord and its the first one he says he loves and please don't let him throw it away. Please help him to know he is loved but its time for him to take care of him. He is over 40 years old and not once in his life has he ever had his own place. Help him to find an apartment he will love and take pride in. In Jesus name. Amen
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