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My step mom's liver and kidneys are failing. This all happened within the past 1 1/2 months. Hospice will be coming to her home starting today. I am at peace with her death because of who I am and He who lives in me. However, my biological older brother hasn't had nothing to do with her or our dad for the past 2 years. Harsh words were spoken and he has turned his back on them. I told him about her illnesses and that her time here on earth was coming to an end and he basically said he did not care. My brother has evil around him and in him to the point that I get scared and don't want to associate with him but I love him and care for him deeply. I asked him if he would like me to update him on when she passes and he said he could go either way with it. I have been praying for him and I know it's not my job to understand everything but I just don't get how he can treat someone so harshly who was in our lives for over 30 years.
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