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My husband and I are in a position where we both have jobs we very much enjoy, neither of us rarely work overtime, we don't have to take work home with us and we are able to be with our kids every night and take them to their activities. That said, our finances are tight and it would be good for us to make more money. My husband's previous employer has come back to him for at least the third time in 2.5 years and tried to woo him back for double the money, but he would travel almost every week, which we feel would be a detriment to our family life. Someone else from the corporate office for the franchise hew works under also recommended him for a position with corporate that would be a promotion and necessitate travel for work. Today, my old boss (who is part of the organization I work for) was feeling me out for a position with my old work group. I am not sure we should pursue any of these opportunities, but I don't want to pass up something God is offering. I pray for discernment.
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