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I was accused today of saying something to a hospital client (which I did not do or say). It felt the manager already made a judgement without hearing what I had to say regarding the situation. I am so scared of being fired over something that didn't happen, ( which I know there is a process towards termination and know that being fired like that is ridiculous). I feel as if my character was being assassinated, my professionalism of being a RN toward the client was in question, and my overall career practice as a RN to provide safe patient care was questioned. I still am unsure of what truly happened as I was already gone for the day. I am in tears over this situation, I have anxiety, and I truly do not know if I should continue to work there or not. My mind is racing and I can't stop to pray. I will have to give a defense for my actions and words. please help. I don't know how to pray this through.
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