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You know, I was just reminded as to why I stopped using and deleted this app so many time before. I know theres at least one person on here who openly admitted to deleting someones prayers, now here I am, with another prayer deleted. Second time in 2-3 weeks and it's not like it was anything inappropriate either.

How about next time, if you feel like deleting a prayer that makes you get so bent out of shape, you either skip over it or pray for God to help you not be so easily offended. You're not holier than anyone nor are you God and have the right to decide who's prayer is more important or worthy than your own or someone elses'.

Stuff like this along with other things is a big reason why people don't like going to church or really being around Christ followers, because they feel like they're always judged or condemned. If you love Christ so much, how about you show it in action and truth. Pretty sure the bible does call for us to not be so easily offended.
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