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I pray that God's will is going to be done in my life, and that it will be good. I pray that God's will is gong to bring me peace and closure. I pray that God's will is goign to change my life in positive wAYS. I pray that God;s will is going to unveil prosperity, security and health in my life. I pray for the life of my enemy to have peace as well, but that God will touch his life in positive ways that will also change his to be a better man,. I pray that God's hand will move in my divorce to enable the powers and tools to be used to better my settlement in ways that Weill help me and my family. I pray that God is going to move in this soon and I will be happy with the outcome. I pray for patience and strength during this time. I would love any notes of encouragement. In Jesus name I pray. amen.
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