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God husband is not willing to work with me wants a divorce told me it’s done. God I’m hurting really bad right now. God I’m not sure what to say or do I messed up on some rants I have online. God he’s talking about someone else being with him I’m crushed and don’t know how to make this right. He said therapy but I don’t know now he said even then no. I don’t want to go theaphy for nothing. God please fix somehow. I don’t what you want me to do God I’m very crushed and weary. I apologized but I think damage is done God. Please help. I did get a phone call not sure if your trying to say something God. Please help me God I’m really nervous about a lot of things and I have no idea what to do about this I’m at work all day. He broke to me last night when we got home from me picking him up. God please try to talk with him I know shot in the dark please help my anxiety really bad please help.
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