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Matthew God used you while I was struggling at an eating hospital the month of September. It was extremely difficult there learning to eat all over again plus I was also self harming. I was 7 hours away from my family. I was all alone but I wasn’t. GOD STAYED WITH ME!!! Every Friday we had music group & could pick 1-2 songs we wanted. I always picked Matthew West songs! I picked Quarantine Life song first I wanted to see them smile. It is really hard there. They LOVED it! The leader loved it so much each week she picked Quarantine Life to be played & has been sharing that song with EVERYONE!!! Then she asks us to share why we picked that song & what it means to us. I played God Who Stays, Take Heart & Hope Returns to name a few. You have me the opportunity to share God through your songs when I was at my lowest. They would come up to me afterwards & tell me thank you for sharing he words meant a lot to them. Thanks for sharing your songs with us so we can pass them to others. ❤️Lori W.

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