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I had just gotten out of the eating hospital was only home for 3 days. A situation happen which caused me to self harm. I took myself To the hospital the next day was there 9 days but wasn’t ready to be discharged. Doctor was discharging me anyway. Even though I told staff I was going to slit my wrist when I left. They still let me leave. I was planning on ending my life that day. I felt the hospital & staff didn’t care. I didn’t matter. I had been suffering nearly everyday. No one stopping me, no one talking to me no one cared. But one person did... GOD. He had a plan! He intervened. The hospital gave me a med I shouldn’t have been given because I would be driving. It made me impaired on the road & I totaled my car. I never made it to the store to buy the razors blades. I say it was GOD who stayed with me that day. It was His plan & He saved my life!!! He was with me in the car that day. & gave me a 2nd chance @ life. Time to change! Time to trust God & Rely on Him!!!❤️ Lori W.

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