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On reading some of these stories, mine doesn't seem that important, but I know all requests are important to God. I have a thyroid disease and chronic lyme disease. I had my hip replaced in August of this year and woke up about 3 weeks ago with ringing in my ear, dizziness and losing my hearing in that ear. Awaiting the results of MRI to see if brain tumor, etc. Im supposed to go back to work in 2 weeks but with this dizziness etc that won't be possible. Afraid I will get fired. It seems its always something with me. Im just tired of being sick. I try to pray to help alleviate some of my anxiety but its hard not to be anxious. I keep praying for my ability to be able to deal with whatever happens. I also have a mentally ill and physically ill son who is always a stressor that I pray for. I keep thinking that I need to be closer to God and then I would not be so afraid, I just ask him to be with me and give me peace and to trust him with my life.
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