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On Dec. 22nd I posted a prayer request called “hopeless”. 2020 was an extremely hard year, went through some very difficult circumstances & experienced a lot of loss this past year. The last of which was the loss of a friendship. A friendship I thought would never end. When that happened I became distraught & contemplated on taking my life. Instead of trying to take my life which I have done in the past, this time I reached out for help. i reached out for prayer through popwe & reached out to my pastor, my counselor & others I am pleased to report I am doing much better! instead of focusing on all my loss this year, I am focusing on all the awesome things that are in my life like: my wonderful 3 kids, a family that loves me, an awesome church family, the cutest little 6 year old "nephew" that i am so close too & most importantly a God who never leaves me & loves me no matter how many times I fail him. thank you for your ministry & QQT's you touch the heart. You've touched mine. Lori

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