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Long story short I’m 54, 2015 while my kids were excelling in College and my husband and I were making our bucket list, I tried to take my life. I failed. I’ve had over 25 surgeries several on my joints, my pain over took my beautiful life. I’ve struggled with depression my whole life, still do. Pain is still my friend, I’ve been trying to learn about God, as that wasn’t my upbringing m. My husband and my children have been brought up in Christian Schools, and I’m still learning. I know God is in my life, I’ve accepted him into my life. I’m so thankful for my kids and my husband, who brought God into my life. If it wasn’t for them and their love for me, and Their forgiveness I wouldn’t be here.
Like I said the pain in my body is my friend, it’s never ending. Please pray for it to become tolerable. I want to be there for my family. As they were for me.
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