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I'm Lukas I'm 21 years old, I have a learning disability and pationate for teaching at the job program. As much as I love working here ( some times) it doesn't feel same. We're a job program built on helping them find a job. Now I know this last year was hard and most likely so will this year. Like I mentioned above we're s job program but we're also a coffee shop on the side. This place no longer feels like Home is because all they do is arts & crafts ( not a fan) the program was built also on educating, and I personally don't see much educating in Arts and crafts, it has nothing to with our program. I've explained multiple times to my bosses and they sweep it under the rug. I'm ready to quit. But before I joined this program I felt like God wanted me there. Now all I see on peoples faces Especially the clients is depressing and the gut feeling of hate being there and don't have a voice because they feel like getting shut down. Please help I believe strongly in the power of prayer!
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