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Hi to Matthew & all the family from the Emerald Isle! I’ve recently got back into Matthew’s music, having enjoyed it years ago with my sister 😄 I can’t describe how Matthew & family have been such an encouragement in this difficult season. Songs, QQT, West Love Fest all have been a steady anchor & I hope to meet you one day & thank you in person 🙏
I’m lying awake at night writing this & dunno where to start. I’m battling depression & anxiety that has got worse cos of various things inc. the pandemic. I’m 41, single, living back with parents & feeling tied due to my mother’s ill health- but also dealing with her narcissistic abuse. I desperately want to break free & move. Circumstances keep stopping me & yet I’m trying to trust God in it all. I’m so low & even facing dental work soon has heightened my anxiety when years ago I could have got thru it ok. I feel so afraid & weak. Just being honest. Would love to move on & get married & just feel ok. Thank u so much for praying 🙏 Leah
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