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My elderly mother and I always do sanitizing, masking up, spacing out, when others won't cooperate. Due to strong reservations regarding the current types available and the methods of implementation, we have not received the jab. The other day, we hired a young man to drive us in his car to her eye doctor, wanting to avoid careless crowds on public transportation. He waited for us, and when we returned to the car, it was inexplicably locked up tight, with him inside, in the heat. When asked why, he said nothing. A few days after, we both developed flu-like symptoms, with hers being worse, due to her asthma. We have been on garlic, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, vitamins D and C, zinc, etc., all along [plus NEW START for years], being more used to flu-like illnesses over the years than the average person, and for prevention. We increased the use of these, plus steam inhalation and hot foot baths. We are almost better in less than a week, Hallelujah! Pray for us to continue improving. Thanks

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