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There was this TV and movie star I was in love with for a long time but I finally met him and I didn't like him anymore. I realized that he was not what I expected, and in fact, he wasn't right for me. I wanted to be an actress, I wanted to be a Hollywood celebrity with this guy I liked in the 9th grade, and then I wanted to date someone humble, a future teacher, in college, or was it that I wanted to marry a grunge singer in the 90's. I think back about every boy I liked throughout my life, and my life would have followed a different direction for each one. The right one happens to be the one God chooses for me, after I realize that each and every quality I saw in each man reflected the character of Jesus. So when I gift him my dowry, he heals my broken heart (which was broken over and over, by the way), by matching me with the husband God intended for me. Finding him is not supposed to be a game of roulette. It takes time.

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