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Eternal God-
Thank U,
4 given Ma peace & A place 2 stay!
Hold us fast
Pls continue 2 surround her w/
UR peace,grace, & mercies
Mightily use our lives
Send us UR love,Spirit,& Joy
Love us us(unlovables)w/out limits
Bless us w/UR great bless'n,
b'yond blessed
I need UR heal'n mind,body,& soul
UR Knowledge,Understand'n,
& Wisdom n all things
UR Protection,Provision,& Presence w/me
UR Will,Word,& Ways(Always)done by me
UR Promises,Plans,& Purposes come 2 me
'Coz(all)our hearts & minds 2b stayed on U,
So we may have UR perfect peace;
N the midst of our Spiritual warfare
We'd b saved
We'd b Urs
We' d b Changed
We'd b daily Spirit filled,led,& fed
B our heart,hope,hero,happiness,holiness,
healer,helper,& heavenly home
Satify our hunger & thirst 4 God
Give us victory over 2nd death,Satan,our besett'n sins,God's righteous anger,
This old sinful world system,& our wicked selves
SamJonesBowSkitaShubbiPeggiRachR ubi
JaniDaleJoJonesBG GoobiTinaTomcat DennisMikeAnni EstelDukeBobbyJasmineSteve daughters
Kareem daughter,Yoseph daugter,Pages
Jim Nan Jada FefeLelePapMariKimKaleel
CurtisKaylaQuinnMarcelInfantResee KevAntRobKaylaKaleahKamonteRobEbLexieEthanRavenTerenceTerronValJanineMiangelEricLouEjEli
Give us-
Patience,love,faith,obedience 2 God
*'Coz me ,melvin,& other;2 fully understand,Hi spd trains
Safely maintain,trouble shoot,inspect,
operate,Service,recover,& make repairs as needful
We'd b given/ allowed thumb drives & very detailed drawings,schematics/pictorials/block & flow diagrams
Cathy's eye sight restored
Mariann find a house
Woodi delivered from drugs/alcohol addiction
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