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Good morning, everyone. Please pray for my mother and father. My father has been found to have committed adultery, and this is not the first time he has been unfaithful to my mother. However, my mother, although she claims to be a Christian, often engages in lies, manipulation, power, and control. My father is frustrated with my mother and just wants to escape. The saddest part of this whole ordeal is that my father may not live very long because of his complex health issues. As for me, the Lord is telling me to spend time with my father before he passes, and this has been confirmed by many who have given me this message.

On a separate note, I met a woman named Julianne, and she lives in the Philippines. I had a dream this morning that the Lord was saying that she would divorce me because she was frustrated with me. Now, keep in mind that is not at all the case in the present; it was just a dream. But I am like, Lord, is this how you see me? Is this the end of all my relationships? I feel like every relationship I have ever had always ended in failure. All I want is to be married to someone whom I find beautiful, who loves me, and someone who is younger than I am. I feel like God keeps me from marriage like that is His plan for my life. It makes me sad and angry, actually. I’m 42, never married, and never made love outside of marriage. I just want this torment to end.
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